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The biggest & best cuttings I have
Price includes shipping to 48 continental states only as FedEx Ground cannot drive to Hawaii or Alaska - they have to get it there by air which makes the shipping cost way too high. Sorry, Google buy it now buttons can't do that kind of special shipping calculation yet. California sales tax is added at Google checkout only if you are in California.
October 9, 2009 harvest from an authentic old California mother plant.
Info sheet, rooting guide included.
Pay today�ships out the next business day (Mon-Fri) via FedEx GroundHome Delivery
Weights stated are fresh cut; allow for some water loss as they dry-perhaps 10%
SOLD OUT. Thank you!

Combined shipping?
Sure. Just a bit complicated to do with Google software right now, but if you buy 2 or three and you live on the West Coast you'll be paying some excess shipping cost so I'll manually refund. East coast varies, so I have to pack first and make the actual shipping label to find out how much the shipping is. If you paid too much I'll do a partial refund to your credit card. You can trust me to be fair. The life force would never have let me get this far if I wasn't in the light.

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Actual San Pedro from which I take cuttings. This plant is over 45 years old. It constantly grows new clusters of columns as thick as your leg. White "puff balls" are the hairy things that precede flower stalks.
NOTE: There is one and only one of each item
But the Goo-Goo children at Googly do not make a Buy-it-now button stop after one sale. This forces me to be on my toes to delete each item as soon after the sale as I can. Given my small customer base this is rarely an issue; if an item is double sold your credit card will not be charged so that's like one less thing to worry about. Would be nice if Goo-Goo kids would catch on, but alas they only speak Asian geek and have no idea why anyone would go to all this effort to only sell one of a thing.

They think there should be an endless supply of items popping off an assembly line. Of course they do...

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