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Veggie Cats & Nepeta Cataria
This has to be one of the best ever names for an herb. It contains both "pet" and "cat" in it. Cute.

Organic tomatoes
Tomatoes are the #1 best thing to grow. Then bell peppers and basil.

Oh, and nepeta cataria for the cat pack.
Real tomato cages
A 50' roll of 6" concrete reinforcing wire will make about 7 cages:

Diameter of 25 gallon pot = 24" = 2'

Circumference = ∏ X 2" = 6'

Loss = 6" per cage cut & fold over wire to make circle

Therefore each cage requires = 6' 6" wire.

I made all 7-cages from one 50' roll of wire.

Cougar and Raccoony waited for the catnip. They knew that Verne would give them some after he picked his veggies.
Caged Catnip
Once I didn't cage catnip and found a pack of cats had destroyed the bush. They were lying around like students drunk at a beer bash. It looked like a saloon.

So always grow catnip in a protective cage.
Flowering catnip
I pick off the flowers to keep the plants from seeding. That makes them continue to grow all season.

"Hey Cougar...uh...can I have the catnip Verne just dumped on your back?"
Cougar weighs 14 pounds.
Little Raccoony is forever smallest; don't know what she weighs.


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