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Special cuttings temporarily sold out...

SOLD OUT (August, 2012)
Spring Peruvian Torch cuttings
June 27th�new items listed

This is the only time of year when I have these large Peruvianus cuttings available. They cannot be harvested during the winter rainy season, and have all been set aside for rooting into plants by summer.


There are KK242, T. Glaucus, Bridgesii, standard Peruvian Torches, and a variety of variations from Karel Knize (Peruvian) sourced seed from back in 2006. Those plants are now large enough to harvest these cuttings.

Keep in mind these will shortly be sold out. I cannot help that as my supply is limited. Nature only produces so much each year.

By the way, my dog is a 3 year old Service Dog who is a joy to live with. He's big fun!
Trichocereus Peruvianus cuttingsvarieties
Photos of my most popular Peruvianus varieties
June 27, 2012� Newly harvested cuttings. Rooting a cutting is for experienced collectors because it requires skill and patience. Literature is enclosed with your order, and this site has propagation information�but I cannot guarantee your results will succeed. If you are not sure you can root a cutting try one of my rooted specimens.
Expert packing with professional materials ensures your cutting will arrive in perfect shape. ~Verne
There is only one of each item. Please allow me time to delete yours after you purchase (so someone else doesn't try to buy it). Google hasn't figured out how to offer quantity=1 in their "buy it now" yet. Oh, well...
Varieties comparison:
Double Happy Dog Brand Trichocereus
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