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San Pedro House 1987�2004
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The greedy old landlord (age 74) sold this property to a developer and I had to dig up all my plants to move them.
Interestingly the developer gave up on the project and sold the land to another developer. As of 1-year later it was
abandoned and overgrown with weeds...NO TRESPASSING SIGNS posted...greed...greed destroys and greed kills.
Finally a new developer built 20 town homes just in time for the collapse of the California real estate market. Many
of the homes are unsold as of 2008. Asking prices is $925,000.00 for only 1800 square foot (including the garage).
(Scroll down to see the nightmare it is in 2008)
How time changes everything�Above is my cottage with San Pedro back in 2003.
Today, in 2008, there is a $900,000 town house built exactly where the San Pedro once lived.
The entire property today contains 20 such town homes.

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