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Class of 2008 Rooting House Graduates

Hi guys! How is everyone today? Mind if I take some photos?
"Photos! Oh, boy! Please! We all want to be on the Internet" said the group of Bridgesii.
(above) These columns with buds, on the left, are left over from 2007. They did not root in 2007, had to be given a second year. Now, after working hard, they are graduating with the 2008 class.
Rooting test
When you can pick them up and the soil & pot stays on, then it has lots of fine root development.

"Hey! Put me down! I'm scared!"


Aren't you a big boy! And with 2-heads.

Oh poor geometrizans...you rotted. I'm so sorry.

"Hey said the little one, I'm OK. Only those two big guys got sick--you can replant me because I'm fine" said little geometrizans.

Those guys crumpled under the pressure to "root, root, root" all the time and "grow, grow, grow". They just couldn't keep up. It was too much stress on them"
said little geometrizans.

Ok, said Verne, I'll put you in a new pot with fresh soil.
Good job! You look great.

Very nice, all of you.

"Thank you, Verne, for all the love and excellent care."

Verne nodded. Yes, he thought to himself, love is the secret. Things we love shine with light.
I'm so proud of you.
Hey there big boy.
Bridgesii monstrose

"Hey! Let go of me! This isn't funny, stop saying I look like a fish. And stop calling me a penis plant�I'm bigger than yours is anyway!"
"Goodbye! said the class of 2008. Give our love to the folks back home in Peru."


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