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Containers & Mulching
Container plants do best with living soil that is well aerated. You can assure this by first using a mix of half perlite screen with half organic garden soil. Then you need to mulch the top every spring. First I remove the old top layer of compacted soil. In this photo below I took out 2 wheelbarrow loads of old soil. This is then dumped into this years compost pile. Then a thick layer of rich, black compost replaces the old soil. Worms from the worm composting bin are added. Water the plants with fish emulsion fertilizer at the rate of 2 oz./gallon. This will help feed the worms who will in turn aerate the soil.
The round blue tubs are $4.99 at WalMart, Target, etc. They are 19 gallon size�perfect for large San Pedro specimens. Drill about 8 holes, 1/2" diameter, in the bottom for drainage. Fill with potting soil described on the Soil Mix page. Then you can move your specimens outdoors for summer and inside to protect them in winter.
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