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Peruvian Torch cuttings
Many people think cactus grow slowly. The actual growth rate of organically grown San Pedro and Peruvian Torches is astonishing.

At right is a old chunk that I found at an abandoned nursery 1-year ago this month. It was in such bad shape I didn't really know what it was.

A year later you can see it is a beautiful brown spined Peruvianus. Look at that growth spurt!
There is not simply "one true torch." Instead there are many variations from Peru. Here are just a few that you may enjoy viewing.
(above) Standard Peruvianus cutting
(above) The standard Peruvian Torch that may be the old Britton & Rose T. Peruvianus.
(left) notice the brown/gold/orange colors of the top most spines. These can appear like the flames of a torch, which is why I believe these are called Peruvian Torches.
These San Pedro stumps are from plants I have tended since 1989.
(Above) Very fat, moderate blue color, short spines. Very vigorous with exceptional annual growth.
(Below) The cutting--
(Above) Very fat, intense blue color, medium length spines that easily detach. Very vigorous with exceptional annual growth. (Below) The cutting--

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