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Terri had a little lamb � January 9, 2013 / Then Katahdin had hers Jan. 13
When I obtained Collie she had such a strong instinct to herd that I bought her some sheep. That little hobby led to getting a livestock guardian dog who lives with the flock. Her dog house is in the sheep enclosure. Such guardian dogs will fight off predators; there have been bred from an ancient line of Anatolian Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, and the Akbash. Our dog, Angel, is learning the basics of sheep etiquette.
Collie (the sable rough collie) does the initial sniff exam while livestock guardian dog Angel sneaks in. At only 6 months Angel is too inexperienced and excited to be trusted�the ram and ewe kept shoving her away.

Collie sets an example for Angel to follow.
Dogs live in a world of smell. To them it is like reading the newspaper is to a human.
Wonderful nature!
Today my sheep Terri had a lamb all by herself. Looked out the window to see the livestock guardian dog, Angel, hovering around momma and baby. Interestingly a young ram, of the Katahdin breed, was guarding the mother even though it is not his baby. He is just a 9 month old kid himself?but now guards Terrri & baby constantly.

The ram is the only male with testicles. He's just a kid. Terri's lamb is not his offspring. But he stepped up to the plate to be her guardian/protector as soon as that lamb was born. That little ram sticks by Terri's side shoving off Angel to keep back. What amazing instincts!

That little katahdin ram nudges little lamby towards momma's udder ? instinctively knowing to do that.

My Collie was allowed to lick & examine Terri?s lamb because they know and trust her?but not the 6 month old livestock guardian who was too excited. The ram nudged Angel away. It is a remarkable thing to see this small ram suddenly become a serious guard sheep for the ewe.

Collie taught Angel about lambs today. How cool is that?
Collie tells the momma ewe "You have a healthy lamb here, Terri. Good job!"

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