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Photographs � June, 2015

Hi Millie! How's a good girl?

We're doing a tour of the garden to take pictures � for Trichocereus collectors who visit on the Internet.

"Aw-wah- WOOF!" said Millie, which means "Sounds like a good idea"

The sun was starting to set, so there would not be much time left to get some shots.
(above and right) peruvianus x san pedro = hybrid. Seed that used to be sold by the German supplier.
(above) an unusual variation from some Karel Knize seed. (above) Standard Trichocereus peruvianus, what I refer to as "spikey" AKA Peruvian Torch because the top vertical yellow spines give the appearance of a flame (ie. a torch).
(above) Trichocereus peruvianus var. glaucus
(right) Trichocereus peruvianus var. Rimac Valley
(above) and right�variations that grew from the "wild Andes"
seed collected in remote areas of Peru. Of the thousands of plants that germinated I kept the most unusal ones for my collection. On occaison I have a few cuttings to sell.
(above) Juul's Giant, a Trichocereus of unknown origin in Peru since it only appeared in a private collection in San Francisco.
(above) the classic peruvianus of Britton & Rose "official Peruvianus", AKA KK242 � the Karel Knize collection site number. From Matucana, Peru.
(above and right) Genetic variations from wild Andes sourced seeds.
(above and right) a distinctive rib & spination of this always catches my eye. From 2006 Karel Knize seed.
(above and right) Trichocereus macrogonis is one of the meatiest, most vigorous of all Trichocereus. Its like serious trichocereus.
(above) short spine peruvianus. Obtained from Norm, who gave me a cutting in 2004. Have seen it growing around Watsonville, California. The spines get longer on the sunny side. It grows so fast I dubbed it "fastest" when one grew 42" taller in one year.
(right) Wow! T. macrogonis
That is all the pictures we had time to take this month. There are still many more fascinating variations to show you... Maybe later this summer...

Thanks for visiting! Hope you enjoyed these images as much as we love to share them.

Verne & all the Furry Angels

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BELOW: Legacy photos from 10 years back....  
Yellow tips
One person on ebay had trouble selling these premium columns. Buyers complained that they looked yellow. So he covered them with 70% shade cloth to let them turn dark green again. Then people bid them up to 2 and 3 times the previous selling price. Silly rabbits.
Slow but steady
Raising cacti from seeds is difficult for amateurs unless you have a serious commitment to the requirements of time and materials.
Peruvianus is a beautiful plant. But there are so many varieties!
Expose Crooks!
Never be afraid to leave negative feedback on eBay. Sellers who victimize buyers with garbage should be exposed! Warn others...
Free info on propagation
Logs, chunks, tips and other tips & techniques about how to multiply your cacti.
Flower collage 640 pixel width
Print it yourself. You're welcome for the free gift.

1024 pixel width version

Can be converted to 200 dpi and printed as a high resolution tif. If you have Photoshop, a color printer, and know what you are doing.
Miracle Flower
Section at left was stored in a dark room yet had the energy to flower. One at right was in shade but also flowered after being cut.
New Mexico
A friend near Taos is growing San Pedro with great success�from seed!
Why you should not grow San Pedro in a flower pot
One plant in 15 years became a house sized forest.
Ever see a crested San Pedro?
Click to see the monster!
Ed has this tree size specimen of Cereus
What a monster!
Want to see other Cereus specimens and other "blue cactus"?


Moving to the mountains.
Trichocereus is Greek for "hairy"
See why? This tip is setting out hairy buds that are going to form flower stalks. This is March, 2004�it is going to flower.
Trichocereus Peruvians
The thorny cousin of pachanoi is no fun to work with. Pachanoi rarely bites, and then mildly. But Peruvians is a serious biter. The length will go right through leather gloves.



Logs root, too
This is a nice log found in the weeds with a healthy branch growing up. The main length was cut, the end allowed to heal. The shortened specimen has now rooted and is being repotted into a 50/50 Perlite & soil mix.

Will make an interesting potted specimen.
The other section from the piece above, that was cut off, is also being rooted. Here you can see both fine root hairs and the tougher buds that sprout. This section is also being potted even though it does not have a bud. But since it is living (as shown by roots) it will eventually bud a vertical growing tip.

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