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First let the cut sections dry out and heal. In dry climates where there is no rain in the summer (California) you can do this in any outdoor, shady place. Like under my potting table. If it is rainy/humid where you are do it indoors with an electric fan blowing over the cutting to make sure it dehydrates without molding over. Let them rest 2-3 weeks. This prevents infection of the cut area. The round guy is my favorite prickly pear--a super abundant producer of edible cactus fruit. Like a cross between kiwi and strawberry.
Never direct sun!
While rooting there are no roots. The poor little puppy cutting is vulnerable to overheat, because it cannot drink water.

Protect your rooting specimens. Give them a warm shady place to rest while roots develop.

This space is made from tyvek row cover, translucent tarp, and polyethylene film. The roof tarp is pulled over a frame of 3/4" PVC pipes 20 feet long.

Improvise a shade nursery
White bed sheets can also be used, or buy 70% shade net fabric from a garden store

Warm and bright, but not direct sunlight. Rooting needs a warm environment.


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