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Life at Cat & Cactus Heaven
September 2008

I kill black widows but not this cool guy!
Black widows have to be hunted at night with a flashlight. It has to be done to control them so neither I nor the cats get bitten.

But its important not to get carried away by spraying insecticides all over. That would poison everything and anything.

I kill black widows by dropping flower pots on them or smashing them with a 2" square stick.

I never harm cool guys like this spider! Wow, he is so beautiful.

Insects are part of the life force just as cats, people and cactus are.

Its OK to pull weeds, or control poisonous black widows.

Knowing when "enough is enough" means you will always have enough. Knowing when to stop is essential.

I grew up as a "dog person"
But then something changed me.

Back in 1986 a cat, a neighborhood stray named Spot, adopted me. Spot taught me something that changed my life. He made it obvious that he was a person. Not "a little cat person" but a regular guy. He just had fur and didn't speak English.

Spot accepted a second stray, Rusty, who became his best friend next to me. Spot died of old age, and eventually so did Rusty.

Rusty was so intelligent that the stories about him strike people as either fictitious, or amazing. The stories are not fictitious, Rusty was an enlightened being. He was an Angel sent to share part of my life with me.

I always thought of Rusty as my son. Not my "little cat son" but simply as my son.

Spot and Rusty taught me that nature is alive with intelligence; connected by spirit, love, and stuff we can't fathom. All of us are souls passing through eternity together.

What I'm saying is that they are not "cute little kitties" anymore than you are a "cute little human." They are people, just like us. Only with fur and they don't speak English.
Bobcat is so intelligent...well, it was hard to believe. It's sad that people think of cats as "kitties" because that is a demeaning euphemism.

Cats are sentient beings. I am grateful everyday to give mine clean water, clean bedding, fresh food, and respect. One of my favorite shows is National Geographics "Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Millan. I've learned from him to be the cat pack leader, to maintain calm assertive energy, to simply say "SSSTTT!" for no.

And to never reward an unstable state of mind. "Loving" bad behavior amplifies it. Don't go there.
San Pedro specimens newly repotted
Those pots are too small
Or we could say the San Pedro grew too big.

The soil is old. It gets tired, worn out.

If these could talk they'd say "Hey! How about a bigger pot with fresh soil for me?"
Root bound
Let's break up that tight root ball.
That brush is called a "bench brush". They sell them at hardware stores to brush debris off your work bench.

I do that but also use it to beat the root ball so the soil falls out. That lets the roots free up.
The soil that fell off is in the round dish.
See how much larger the new container is? This San Pedro came out of the pot it rooted in. Now it needs a big one to develop a huge root system so it will grow rapidly.

Big containers = big root systems = big plants.
Pack down the soil. I use this short 2" x 4". But don't get carried away. Just settle the soil.
"Hey this feels great! My roots can stretch out...oh, the soil is nice and fresh. Thank you so much!"


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