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Fall varieties of rooted specimens
� September, 2012: Plants rooted from cuttings are at least 1-year old (rooted summer 2011)
� Wild Andes seedlings are in their 5th year (germinated 2007)

There is only one of each item (a Google Checkout deficit they should fix). I try to remove sold items ASAP to avoid disappointment.

36" Bridgesii
19.5 lbs.
$124.95 + shipping

No bare root plants! 

Your cactus ships in its container with all soil; just unpack carefully. Let it sit for a few days away from direct sun. After a couple days give it some water. After five days gradually introduce to brighter light and increase watering, etc. This allows any fine root hairs broken by shipping & handling to heal and re-grow.

Bare rooting kills the delicate roots, dries & shrivels them up
requiring months to nurse back to health before they grow again. I will never ship "bare root". Just because "Everyone else bare roots" doesn't mean I do it.
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