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October, 2012 � Varieties of Trichocereus Peruvianus cuttings
Photos of some popular Peruvianus varieties
NOTE: There is only one of each item. Allow time for me to delete your purchase after checkout (so someone else doesn't try to buy it). Google hasn't figured out yet how to offer quantity=1 in their "buy it now" buttons. Can you believe that?!

Whoops! Running low on these cuttings...will see id I can post some more in the next week (Its October 21 today)
Newly harvested cuttings. Rooting a cutting is for experienced collectors because it requires skill and patience. Literature is enclosed with your order, and this site has propagation information�but I cannot guarantee your results will succeed. If you are not sure you can root a cutting try one of my rooted specimens.
Expert packing with professional materials ensures your cutting will arrive in perfect shape.
Varieties comparison:
Double Happy Dog Brand Trichocereus
"Evil Spirits don't stand a chance"

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