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New kitten Bobcat

I found Bobcat on Craigslist
He cost $0.00.

For the first 24 hours he was like "Hey! Who are you? Where is that nice lady who let me sit on her shoulder like a parrot?" even though Bobcat didn't know what a parrot was.

The next 24 hours he was like "Oh, so you're the new human? OK!"

From day one Bobcat was calm, friendly, and amazingly intelligent. Within a week he had the run of the house, and could play outside on the farm.

He is the most remarkable cat I've ever had.

Thankfully he is compatible with the two girls. Raccoony is already playing "ambush I tackle you" with him. When Dustball raises her striking paw he drops on his back in submission, she relaxes.

Bobcat knows his name and comes to me when I call it.

He has already learned the 2 most important of all cat commands: "Watch out!" which means Verne is moving look out for his feet, and "Ssssttt!" which means do not step on the keyboard while I'm typing.
Wise cat teachers
Someone had to watch over the kitten, to protect it from hawks or evil spirits. Dustball, age 3 and Raccoony, age 1 were Bobcat's teachers. They looked over him. They stood guard as he ran around the compost pile, sprinted through the greenhouses.

Dustball had raised two kittens before Bobcat. But Raccoony had always been the youngest cat. She'd never seen a kitten before!
Everything tasted good!
Bobcat liked Verne's cooking. Eggs were good. So was roast chicken.

...and Mexican food, too.
Yummy chicken burrito!
"Hey little buddy. You're doing a great job of learning to be a farm cat. I think the girls like you."
Bobcat looked like a bobcat.
What's a kitten?!
As the youngest cat Raccoony had never raised a kitten. She didn't understand that big cats came from kittens. Now she was learning to be a teacher, a friend to a new member of the pack.

It challenged her, brought out the best in her.
Dustball had raised Cougar, Raccoony and now had Bobcat as her kitten charge.

It was easy to tell right away that Bobcat was respectful. She liked that. Dustball quickly warmed up to this new kid on the farm.
Raccoony taught Bobcat about catnip
The key thing was to lay down near the cage where it grew while Verne was doing farm chores. That made him pick a handful to drop for the eager cats.

"Meow-chew-it!" instructed the older cat. Bobcat liked the enticing smell of catnip that soon transported him to cat bliss.

Raccoony found Bobcat to be the playmate she needed. As the next to last kitten she'd never had a younger cat pal. Soon these two were chasing each other or staging "cat ambush".

They wrestled. Raccoony held Bobcat down with a gentle throat hold to teach him how cats kill. Bobcat enjoyed sparring with big, powerful but ultimately benevolent Raccoony.

When Verne saw her training Bobcat, letting him lick her--he'd call out "Good girl, Raccoony!" That made her feel proud to be an important cat teacher for the cat pack.
Bobcat told Verne a joke about Raccoony.


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