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Billy's San Pedro
Trichocereus Pachanoi will grow perfectly fine without any attention. In that respect it is like planting a tree. It grows, spreads, all without attention year after year.

These were grown from cuttings sold many years back by Watsonville's Cactus Kate (deceased).

Some of the column bases are massive; weighing up to 7 pounds/foot of length.

Larger view
This stand was so thick that we had to take a pickup truck load of columns from here.
The fence is 6 feet tall so you can see these are over 10 high. When they grow much above that they may break off during a wind storm.
Wherever you cut off a column it will sprout offsets
This can be used to advantage in the pruning of a stand. If you thin out columns leave some in between cut a few feet tall. These will fill in with multiple new tips/column.
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