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Varieties of Trichocereus Peruvianus
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(above) my stock plants used for propagation by cuttings
(right) various field growing specimens used for propagation
Some of my Peruvianus have this distinct appearance that seems to match up with one from Peru's Rimac Valley.

But since I have no seed source my opinion/observation is only speculation. Nevertheless, it is a spectacular variety that gets big & fat & blue. I love it!
(left) Photo from: Columnar-cacti.org

T. peruvianus form from Rimac Valley Paul Hutchinson 548
(right) Tricocereus Peruvianus v. Glaucus is one of my favorites for its big, fat, blue skinned vigor. She's a monster.

(far right) close up of the spines.
(right) the Peruvianus X San Pedro hybrid is vigorous and fat with spines that grow longest in bright light.

Do not know what "Peruvianus" was crossed with what "San Pedro". Only obtained a cutting years back that I propagated into my stock.
(right) In 2004 I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Central Valley to begin my cactus farm. A friend gave me a cutting - just a section of a column - in a paper bag. It sprouted what turned out to be one of my most prized specimens. No seed source or collection site is known.

It is like San Pedro on steroids; a short spined, fast growing Peruvianus. One rooted tip made the all time growth record of 42" in a season. That is why I called it "fastest".

More photos...

(far right) a tub of field grown "fastest" tips.

(right and below) Peruvianus KK242 is the official Peruvianus of Britton & Rose identified in 1920. It is one of my most prolific, beautiful and fast growing Trichocereus. It wants to become tree size and has flowers virtually identical to San Pedro with the same rich perfume fragrance.

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