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Cactus Log: 2013


Final update
April, 2014

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This forum is a collection of email from sacredcactus.com, trichocereus.com, sanpedrocactus1.com, as well as Amazon.com and eBay customers. Being a rural farmer prevents me from frequently updating the page. I save your correspondence until there is time to post stuff.

Need cactus identification? cactiguide.com �Daiv is very knowledgeable with a helpful site. He offers an identification guide, and active blogs for cactus hobbiests.

Send a few photos! I'll try to post what I can.
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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2013 / Subject: Cacti Seeds / From: Joey <ssssssssssss@gmail.com>

Hello,  I have spent quite a bit of time now examining your website and the various cacti you grow. I must say, I am quite envious of them. They really are beautiful! I am writing this email to see if you would be willing to sell some seeds from a San Pedro, instead of a cutting. I feel like growing them from seeds would be much more rewarding than growing them from a cutting. I am hoping you sell seeds, as I do not trust the various online vendors that sell seeds from whatever cactus they happen to get them from. You seem to have good experience identifying and propagating cacti, so I would consider you to be a reputable source. I am afraid of investing my time and money just to find out I received some bogus Karel Knize seeds that are not worth their salt. Thank you, Kind regards, -Joe

You did not purchase from me. I am not "Sandman Sacred Cactus" -- that is some other seller. Please direct your complaints to him or her.

Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 / From: max goldberg <max.goldberg@gmail.com>

Hi there! I purchased this planning to root it. The picture shows tops so I assumed they would be tops but I got three midsections instead. Is there any way I could send them back and get a couple tops in exchange?

The cut surface provides a greater platform for new growth. One or two new tips will grow right out of the flat surface. Plant in a mix of soil, sand, and perlite. Dont water for two weeks. 5 gal. Container, clay. Any questions call 559-760-8640, Sandman

I followed the guides on http://www.sacredcactus.com/propagation.htm around 10 days ago and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Just wanted to check if it would work in winter-time. I planted one of the column chunks like you mentioned on Amazon. I have it on a radiator here in NYC, but I'm worried it is too cold/not getting enough light. How long might it take for pups to pop out in the wintertime? Cheers, -Max

You did not purchase from me. I am not "Sandman"...But really - 10 days? These are not radish seeds that germinate overnight and you can harvest in 25 days. It can take months to root cuttings out of season (winter)...and I would NEVER tell you to put any cactus on a radiator! You bought these cuttings from this "Sandman" seller on Amazon --not from me, and you're quoting me his instructions, and his phone number?

FOLLOW UP July 2015
The "Sandman Sacred Cactus" seller name used the name of my eBay website (Sacred Cactus) which confused many people. Eventually his feedback on Amazon sunk so low he had to change to another seller name.

Date Saturday, November 30, 2013 / From: Roy Strauss [mailto:rstrauss@cedarinteractive.com]
Subject: Roting in winter

Hi � I read the articles on your site and thought they were great! I have a question about rooting, and while I know you specialize in San Pedro cactus I was hoping you might have an answer to share� I live in Chicago and am trying to root Acanthocereus tetragonus, and I live in Chicago. According to your article, it is futile to try to root cactus in the winter, because they need heat and light. My question is � obviously I keep my cactus inside at this time of year, so the temps are in the upper 60s, lower 70s. Also I have my cactus in a west facing window, that at this time of year gets about 4-5 hours of direct sun.  Is this not warm enough and light enough to root?  Any thoughts you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks much, Roy 
Sorry, the subject was supposed to be �Rooting�� not �Roting�!
I cannot give advice about things I do not do -- have not done.  My winter rooting of my species is discussed here:
http://www.sanpedrocactus1.com/winter_rooting.htm The excellent website cactiguide has a discussion about your Acanthocereus tetragonus I googled here: http://cactiguide.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23192

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 / From: David Leger <davidleger01@gmail.com>

Hey, I was wondering if you still had the 10lb portions of Peruvian torch? if so how old are the cactus they are cut from (ballpark) and will you ship to Canada? Thanks a lot, Dave

Cannot ship internationally due to customs declarations. All fruit, vegetables, animals, and plants have to be inspected, quarantined, and require importation certificates.

Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 / From: nnnnnnnn@verizon.net

Hello Verne, I just wanted to say thank you. The cacti I've bought from you have easily put on 4-5 inches worth of growth in the short time I've had them. Ifound great success following the advice on your website relating to ferts and soil. Thanks again.  -Andrew

 Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013

Wow!!! This is one amazingly gorgeous cactus! Thanks a million! Im sure I'll be back for more. Joe
Sent from my iPhone

Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 / From: Ryan ..@gmail.com>

Thanks Verne! I appreciate the communication and was excited to find you on Ebay. I've been following your website for a while to learn about San Pedro, so I am very happy to be receiving some specimens from your garden.

Much appreciated -Ryan 

Dear zircon6, Hi, I was hoping if you could tell me if you add lots of lime to your soil mix? Trying to find info on the ideal PH..I am growing these in hydroton drip and they dont like 5.8 acidic mix to much and all my soil (same clone) with lime topdressing ones are blue and fast growing under 4k of mixed spectrum. Thanks- bluejay
Don't add lime. That is a myth.
PH is best discussed by Elton Roberts in this article: Cactus and Alkalinity
Elton lives about 5 miles from me and we suffer the same aquifer of well water in the Central Valley of California. Its alkaline and the mineral salts are becoming increasingly concentrated as the drought continues. We have to acidify our water for plants. I use a water distiller for my drinking water and for cactus seedlings (first year after germination).

Fortunately I have a flood irrigated pasture for my sheep�water by the acre foot. I store enough in tanks between allotments (times when they let me flood the fields) to water the cactus with relatively pure mountain water.

Elton's articles about acidifying your water. This really works. I know from experience.

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 / From: Daniel B...<b...@yahoo.com>

Thanks so much for the beautiful cuttings. That was the first of many orders. Shipping was quick , they were packed great, the cactus was in perfect condition upon arrival. I couldnt be happier with the order. I have a few small San Pedros I've been growing for a good while now. I found them growing in a neighbors yard in south florida. I thought they looked good until I got these cuttings from you. Wow ! I really have to read more into your info on compost. You really know what your doing. Thanks so much for sharing.
I love you, too. I guess. Sort of.


German potting soil
Hello sanpedrocactus1.com, my name is Denny and i need a little bit help about my soil mixture for my containers (20 gallon). Can i use for my pedros a mix of pure 50% earthworm casing and 50% pumice ? Your cacti website is absolutely awesome. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much. Best regards from Germany . 

thank you for the answer . I trust you and go with your soilmix. Thank you for that. Well, since 1971 many thing have change in the fatherland in a positive way. In my opinion you have to come to germany for a long holyday trip , german americans are always welcome here. Best wishes from lower saxony,

Steinhuder Meer
Dear Dennis, Germany is cool. I was treated nicely when a tourist there in 1971. My mother was pure German, making me 1/2 of the fatherland. Regarding your formula...I cannot tell you anything that I do not do myself.
Kate used crushed rock instead of perlite - 1/2" to 3/4" feldspar, granite, etc.

Be careful with the worm castings: that is an unknown source of microrganisms that could be good or bad depending on all the factors in making it.

Trichocereus live in mountains with mineral rich soils. I give mine a lot of peat moss or coir along with the humus source (compost in my case - worm castings in yours). The roots need the threads of peat/coir to spread. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/pottingsoil.htm

Here is another collector's soil mix http://cactiguide.com/article/?article=article8.php

Re: Daiv at Cactiguide.com
I read his update and my jaw fell open. He's a bible thumping creationist?
Oh, well....anyway he has some useful cacti info. Good website.


Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2013

you don't have to worry about customs and inspections, because I'm crossing it my self, I have done this in the past and there's no problem for crossing two cactuses by myself, to the mexican custom border patrols there is no difference between a plant or cactus and another, as long is not strictly legal, which is not the case here, it's entirely safe to cross trichocereus cactus to Mexico, then again, I'm doin it myself, don't worry

2013/11/9 Oskar O..<os..@gmail.com>
I recently won an auction on ebay, where you were selling two peruvian torches, the thing is that, I own a non-US paypal account, but I do local pickaups at my mailing address in California,US, I cross over to to the US all the time, just accept my international paypal and you send the cactuses to CA 92231 and we are all set. 
Sounds complicated.

Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 / From: Ashley  <c..@gmail.com>

Just curious about your specimens. I ordered from you this morning. I am very, very excited to receive my order! I live in Georgia, and would like to know what I need to grow them over the winter. What type of lighting would you recommend? You can link me a page if you like. How much would a 12 inch cutting grow in a year under optimal conditions? Thanks!
Don't know anything about growing with lights in the winter. My stuff grows outside in California. 

Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 / Subject: San Pedro Pimple / From: "d....@gmail.com"

...one of them had a pimple
Hi there, I have two San Pedros potted and indoors, next to a sliding glass door for sunlight. I planted these cuttings two months ago and they have already grown 5�.

I came home this evening and noticed one of them had a pimple-like bump on the new growth (near the tip). It looked mostly clear with maybe a grayish center. the �pimple� was about 3/8� long by 1/8� wide.

Now I know I should not have popped it, but I went against my better judgment and did it anyway. About half an hour later I checked it and the whole area is a blackish grey color. I was wondering if you have ever experienced anything like this and do you know what it is or what caused it?

Thank you for your time and I anticipate your reply.
My Doctoral Thesis was on this subject. You must know of my essay� "Don't pop cactus pimples?"

Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013  / From: Jim Jones <...9@live.com>

Thanks Verne! The San Pedro cuttings I bought from you are doing well and the bridgesii grew over 14'' . It grew a 7'' pup since I received it too. Looking forward to trying to root the new cuttings over the winter. I want them to be ready to grow in the spring. Thanks again, John 
Thank you!

Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 / From: <robertnixon@cox.net>
Subject: Free Cacti - Oklahoma City OK
Free to a good home in Oklahoma 
I know your business is to sell cactus, I have collected san pedro, and other varieties and I am just sick of having to bring the cacti inside my very small house in the winter time...in Oklahoma City...Any suggestions on how to give away these cactus... do you know anyone in my area that would want these... ? Robert 

Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 / From: P�ter  <l@gmail.com>

Im from Hungary, sorry if my english is not the best
Hi! ( I have tried to send you an email, but the delivery system dropped it back, i hope i can send it to you without pictures, maybe that was the problem, and send you them later, somehow. )

Im from Hungary, sorry if my english is not the best. I have some questions, maybe you can help me. Ive started growing cacti 1,5 years ago, and your site helped me a lot, so i thank you for it. Ive ordered seeds from Koehres, becouse you mentioned it in your site, and its in europe, and it looked like a good vendor. Ive bought peruvianus and pachanoi seeds from them. I have found somewhere in forums, that koehres sold some mislabeled seeds, cuzcoensis instead of peruvianus. Maybe can you help me identify these 1-1,5 years old seedlings? Or its too early, maybe they will change their shape a bit later? Im confused, becouse some of them have too long spines, or different coloured spines, or too many ribs, etc.

Those smaller cactis in the pictures maybe come from a hungarian source, they have nine ribs, they look strange to me, im not sure if they are pachanoi or peruvianus.

I have tried almost everything to identify them, asked in forums, checked some pictures, guides, etc, but i havent found a good answer. And i dont want to grow them for more years, and then found out, they arent what they should be. I hope you can help me identify them, or compare with your seedlings.

No photos came through. Sorry.

Hi, I bought these on your ebay store: San Pedro cactus relatives 2-Trichocereus Peruvianus KK242, 6.5 lbs #10-23E
Buyer: ozuna83 (3)

I tried to pay you but doesn't allow me to do it so, because you have an option that you cannot admit payments from non- US PAYPAL, the thing is that I live crossing the border in Baja California, MEX, I have a paypal account linked to my bank account where I make my deposits, I had not a single complain by any seller in the past, everything has gone pretty well, it's the same basically the only difference is that it costs me more due the foreign money exchange, but that's OK with me, I can pay an extra cost for that, either way, this is one of the only ways I can pay you by you accepting my non-US PAYPAL payment, the other option would be if I send you a money order payable to you, I have an address in the US in Calexico,CA where you can send the shipment, I hope either of these option can be fine with you, I really need to have those cactuses. Please,Thank You.
Dear zircon6, Hi, I won these cactuses so I will pay you today after I get a money from work, but is done man, I will try to pay you before 3 pm PST, the thing is I need to make a bank deposit so that my debit card have some founds, I need to do it but I only can after work, Im at work, so I will try to do it today but if by any reason I cannot I will do it then monday morning, hope this is fine with you. thank you - ozuna83 

Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 / From: Kimberly  <k@gmail.com>

Carl had started to lean...
Hello, I have a cactus, or it may be a "Euphorbia" since it does have milky white fluid when poked. I have had "Carl" for about 5 years and he has grown a lot! I would hate to lose him!!!

Recently the stem was getting light colored and soft...Carl had started to lean and couldn't stand on his own. Can I cut the bottom off where it is rotting? I took a few pictures to see if you can identify anything other than root rot. The roots seem to be fine to me?? Also, can you tell by the photos what type Carl is??

Thank you, Kimberly~ 

Probably root rot (looks like). Keep it shady while roots dry out for a few days. Repot in fresh soil, gradually water and re-introduce to light.

This is common -- from old soil/too wet, etc. Potted plants need regular repotting. Water thoroughly, then let the soil dry out before rewatering. Use distilled water.

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 / From: hhhh@hide_me_design.com

Verne, Thank you once again for an amazing cactus! It arrived this afternoon, and I was delighted to find all the care and love that went into the packing! I am looking forward to repotting it, and watching it grow! I will most definitely purchase from you again. Cactus Kate's Pachanoi look incredible!

Much love, and all the best!

Chris Hide Me
Motion / VFX / Graphic, hide_me_design.com, nnn@hide_me_design.com, (000) 555-6486 

10/30/2013 � Seth, again
Re: seems to have some problems. It seems to be infected with a fungus. It looks like mildew, leaving a beige skin with small black dots and the skin is left brittle. I worry at this point my only hope is to get a good cutting that isn't infected. I topped it a couple months ago, but the tip looks like it may have it too. It had a bad case of scale. I pulled all the scale off and rubbed the wounds with alcohol. They have turned a brown color. It's pupping, but it will likely catch it before I can get it rooted? Do you have any advice? Is there any hope of saving it? Can it live with the infection or will it eventually overtake it? It is such a beautiful specimen, I'd hate to lose it. My torch and bridgesii are doing just fine...
Seth -- Cacti have an immune system analogous to humans. Healthy people, healthy plants fight disease & infections. All of my literature and web info is directed towards creating healthy conditions for plants as outlined in the 3- page guide I shipped with your orders. That information is the best advice I can give.

There is no quick fix or solution for fixing symptoms because the underlying conditions such as soil, watering, light, etc. determine the health of any plant.

Fixing the plant is really about fixing ourselves. What we do for the plant is something we do for our lives. Everything we do can be done with quality or without quality. The outcome is the feedback nature provides to us.

Keep in mind that these plants live in the wild without human intervention. All of your cactus sickness is the result of unhealthy conditions (light/water/soil, etc). They don't need chemical, surgery, etc. Potted plants need fresh soil almost every year.


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 / From: "Tom" <nnnnnnnnn@shentel.net>

San Pedro cactus at Lowes
The other week, I found a large container of San Pedro (2 cactus) at Lowe�s in my hometown!! I have been convinced for years that they can be found. They are fat cuttings one taller than the other about 6 inches or so high.

Should I separate them? I�m not sure if they are from the same roots. I have them under lights and plan to run the lights all winter. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to find them! they scanned at $9.92 plus tax. when I got home and looked at the price it was $19.95!! which of course would still be worth the cost for this find!

thanks for the website info so much!! Do they really grow so rapidly? I would like to find some more...

Thanks for sharing! Tom

Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 / From: Seth  <sssssss@live.com>

After some contemplation I think I may need to add more drainage in that plant's container. It has holes, they just may not be sufficient. I'm attaching an action shot of the boys from September last summer 2012. You can really see the growth in the torch.
Hello, I asked about a sickly wild andes. I have attached a bunch of pictures to aid you in hopefully diagnosing my situation. The background on the Wild Andes is:
1) Two summers ago the plant stayed outside in a heavy summer rain common in the south. I emerged one morning and found a hole in the base. I didn't know if it was water weight that broke it or if a critter had gotten to it. I debated cutting it off above the hole and rooting, but instead i jammed the hole full of a homemade garlic paste and prayed. It seemed fine after that. The hole is now rock hard.
2) The trunk seems to have a mildew/mold infecting the skin. I think the first I noticed it was this summer. At first I thought it might just be corking. When I topped it though, the mid section cut began to look much worse than the trunk photos show. The affected skin is brittle and I see black dots like fungus. The infection does not seem to feed on the inner tissue. There may be mycelium growth under the skin. It does appear to be maybe a bit white.
3) The tip was cut high to try to eliminate the brittle skin fungus on the rest of the plant. The black dots are I think dead scale. There were live scales, but I removed them with a knife. After removing I swabbed the skin with 70% isopropyl alcohol. I have continued to swab every 2-3 days. The black dots that weren't removed by me didn't appear until after swabbing so I hope the alcohol is killing them.

So, after all that information I hope you can 1) tell me what that is on the skin. and 2) Help me save the Wild Andes through the pup or the tip cut. My feeling after contacting you the other day is that I do stand a decent chance of correcting the situation. If there is anything you can do to help me I really would appreciate it.

Thanks, Seth

October 27, 2013 / From: "Omar  <ooooooo@memphis.edu> / Subject: RE: Cactus Item: 400583457742
Dear Verne, I received the cactus cut yesterday, they look great! Thank you. Will enter positive feedback in ebay. On ebay, I can see that you trade cacti and memorabilia from the poles. Interesting combination of interests. Cheers, Omar

October 24, 2013
Yeah, so the other torches here got together and chipped in for this new guy. They think he is "a cool blue dude" and want him to join the party. We cannot wait for "King Lapis" to arrive. So exciting. This is my last purchase for te year. Hopefully. Haha.

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 / From: Cy <vvvvvvvvv@yahoo.com>

Hey there, I am a big fan and have been reading your web pages for quite a few years. They are the best Pedro pages out there.

I was wondering if you could help me out with the identity of this particular Cactus? I am attaching some pics. Considering your expertise any input would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking it is a Peruvianus.

Best wishes, Cy Beracha

Dear zircon6, I'm sorry, I should have clarified further. I am considered permanently disabled due to my migraines, so severe that both the Mayo Clinic and the Migraine Institute cannot help me further. I am currently working under a grant from Harvard Medical Group (under the University) at alternate therapies. Since I am also 1/2 American Indian, my studies have led me to some possibilities with the San Pedro Cactus, as well as other natural options. We are not consuming it but looking at different strands to excrete the ingredients that would help migraine sufferers without sending an individual into a state of hallucination. OUr purchase is for research only, not consumption. I understand if you do not feel comfortable selling to our research, but just wanted you to know that there IS such research existing. We appreciate your love of the plant and care in growth of them. Kind Regards, Dr. Sunshine Powell, PhD - redgator75

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2013  / Subject: Sacred Cactus website/ From: Theodore <nnnnn@theodoreceplina.com>
Do you have any of the wild Andean variety torch cactus for sale? Checked your eBay store and didn't see anything. I just got some pachanoi and likely peruvianus cuttings from a friend but wouldn't mind having a couple more plants from another source. Ted

Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 / Subject: Re: 07G55803W3177593B / From: Mica <nnnnn@georgiasouthern.edu>
I felt like a little kid on christmas when i opened the box. Holy crap 18lbs is a lot of cacti
Thanks, I received the cacti yesterday and they're beautiful. I felt like a little kid on christmas when i opened the box. Holy crap 18lbs is a lot of cacti, it took me an hour or so to unwrap everything. It must take you forever. Thanks for the extra one. I think its a bridgessi, it's my favorite one out of the bunch. I repotted all the ones with roots except for one. I'm gonna dig a hole and plant it in the ground friday. I can't wait until spring for some of the others to root. Thank you so much, i know i got an incredible deal. I look forward to making more purchases from you in the future. I will never buy from others again, your chunk and pieces looked better than others best cacti. Thanks, Mica

October 7, 2013
Dear zircon6, Do you think the cactus would survive being shipped to Ireland? - jackmully18

Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 / Subject: Re: Cactus Item: 4NV5094982798854R
From: Matthew Roth <mroth@usd360.com>

Just wanted to say thank you for big boys!!! Love the assortment. Very nice like always.

"You should get an award for the work you do.
All four plants I�ve received have looked amazing..."

Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2013
/ Subject: RE: Cactus Item: 8UU20042PC229335K
From: <ag.hunter@verizon.net>

I got this in the mail today and everything looked great. You should get an award for the work you do. All four plants I�ve received have looked amazing and I hope to do business with you again. Thank you so much!

Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2013 / From: johnnymorales <johnnymorales@gmail.com>
Subject: ? re offset growth or buds a poppin page

I found your website while looking for info on my cactus which are the ones pictured on the page about buds a poppin. I wondered if you could answer a question I have. I was wondering if there is anything special you do to make them bud like that. Over the years mine have broken in two and while the piece that broke off grew fine and rapidly but never sent out a bud, the remaining part always took about a year to start growing a new stem and always just a replacement solo stem, never multiples like you have. It looks identical to your cactus with buds. Also are they generally male and female plants? thanks Johnny

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 / Subject: Too tall T. pachanoi
From: "T. Harrington" <harringtron@gmail.com>

Hello, I came across your site, looking for answers to a current dilemma. Briefly, I have a single stalk (with a 45" tall puppy at its base) T. pachanoi. It's approximately 15 years old, and it has grown into the eaves of our house. It's nearly 10 feet tall. I've read that cutting on this during wetter months (approaching) can be detrimental to the health of this beauty. It's never flowered since I've been here.I bought the house 9 years ago (actually, I guess I'm just paying "rent" to several greedy banks). I am seeking advise. If I let it continue to smash itself into the roof, will it die? Should I cut it now to save the plant? How much should I cut if that's what you advise? Thanks, Nice site. I especially like the Mountain View pictures. I had a friend that sold out his property in the 80's on Pear Avenue. It was beautiful orchard land...pears I guess. Signed, Nervous Nelly

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 /Subject: Question about San pedro cactus bud
From: samueal adam <rapingandlaughing@hotmail.com>

So my San Pedro cactus bud is getting much larger than its parent, and I know I will have to root it. I decided that this is the wrong time though since that winter is almost comming up. Is it ok if I cut my cactus bud and leave it inside my house until the weather gets hotter again? P.s. I live in AZ

Don't cut your cactus bud. Or your wrists, or your cat. Just leave it alone. Put the knife away.

Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 / Subject: torch rooting
Hi, I appreciate your website info. I have a few torch cuttings from last winter. Have applied Clonex twice and root formation is nil. I was wondering if treatment with Flowers of Sulfur might have interfered. Also, how long is the growing season in Boston, MA?

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013
From: <email address removed per ebay policy>

Dear zircon6, thank you for the information. It was completely unknown to me. I (after a ridiculous amount of searching) found a place that sells San Pedro in Canada. I still have yet to find a source for peruvian torch. Anyways thanks again.Have a good day. Mike

Dear mikek6730, International shipping of live plants requires special permits for customs. You can Google Phytosanitary Certificate to learn about that. I'll ship to any USA address where your agent may undertake the process on your behalf. - zircon6

Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 / From: Liza <nnnn@aol.com>

Subject: All that would fit in the line up...torches of my heart!

� Left....Wild Andes... Uncle Azure potted up this spring. Fat, sassy and growing like a weed!

� Middle left....new arrival Gal Glaucus...very flirty with the others.

� Middle right....Rasputan Rimac....a stunner.

� Right....Damien ...Wild Andes with two new pups! Spiny and naughty!

Name the Trichocereus, huh?

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 / From: elton lee abela <alchemichaltransformation@hotmail.com>
Subject: Help Please:) need advice

Hello, this is elton from Malta:) i have got a question, and i need some help please.... i've got a San Pedro and he's growing fast:) the thing is that at the top of the stem he's got another arm sort of on one side and this is causing unbalance..... what would you do??? how would an other arm grow on the other side?? would you cut the arm down? or would you just put support?  i appreciate any kind of help:) ......many thanks -- elton. Love and Light!

9/8/13 Dear zircon6, Hi, I live in Michigan and would like one of these cactus for my house but I was wondering if it needs alot of sunlight or indirect light. Thanks, Sharon Also what size is a good starter as everyone says they grow fast. Thanks again - tiffner

Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 / From: Gabe nnnnnnnn<nnnnn@gmail.com>

Hey there I was wondering if you were going to have any more Peruvians on your ebay store. What do you think the chances are of me getting a couple? Thank you.

Dear zircon6, I wanted to know how difficult these types of cacti are when it comes to rooting new plants from the existing ones. How long does it generally take to flower? Thanks! - chaeeatworld

Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 / From: Joey nnn <nnn@me.com>

Hi Verne, I've been checking your ebay store and see you have a 31" fastest Peruvianus v. listed. If you have any smaller more affordable specimens of "fastest" variety blast me an email when you list it and I'll snatch it up. I appreciate your time and willingness to share your collection. Be well, Joey nnnn, San Jose, Ca

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 / Subject: Re: eBay Item / From: Zane nnnn <nnnn@gmail.com>

Arrived :-) Thanks!  ~Zane

Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 / From: Christian Ostergaard <costergaard@gmail.com>

Hi Bobcat, I enjoyed your contact page :) I am looking to buy about a dozen 12" San Pedro cuttings. I would prefer to have 7 or 9 spines and avoid 4 spines. Hopefully you will not find that request picky or overbearing! Please contact me if we're still on good terms :) Christian

Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 / From: Steven Girmant <sgirmant@me.com>

Hi, I am interested in purchasing some rooted SP cacti do you know when you have some available and the costs? I am in Southern California, Los Angeles area and have a cactus in my yard that I am not sure of the species, can you help identify? Attached are a couple of pictures, large section has 6 spines, the small ones have the bottom have 5. Thank you for your time. Steven

Cereus. The fruit is OK to eat. Tastey.
Cereus have been sold on eBay as San Pedro--people even left positive feedback.

Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 / From: Wilson Anderson <wilson4wewe@outlook.com>
Hello, I am American citizen residing in Singapore and will like to place order on some products, but I have a private freight agent that will be handle the pick up/shipment to Singapore but I will like to know if you have terminal machine to charge my US visa card for the payment ? If yes,then kindly get back to me so that we can proceed and respond with your catalog/current price list. Regards,
Wilson Anderson
Global Investment
133 New Bridge Road,
#23-01/02, Chinatown Point
Singapore 059413

Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2013 / From: "jardimxamanico.com" <jardimxamanico@gmail.com>
hello. I have a website of entheogen I'd like know if you sell san pedro cactus pieces

Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 / From: "David ..." <nnn007@comcast.net>

Hi, Excellent. Love your site. Amazing you have kept all those blog posts. I am slogging my way through the early ones-little gems of info on how to grow these babies.

As soon as you post up some other new cacti, I will be shopping..hope to winter over in rooting pots and plant in big pots or in the ground in the spring. My wife just rolls her eyes at my new hobby-cactus. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Dave
Thank you for appreciating the archives of this blog/forum/email section. Yeah, it is a trip down memory lane to look at 10 years of inputs & outputs. Thanks. You win this free photo of my dogs.

Date: Wed, 14 Aug / From: you <eelephant1@gmail.com>

Hello, Im interested in buying 20 lbs of your San Pedro but do not want to use paypal or ebay can I make a payment any other way? I have credit cards but dont trust paypal. Also do you have wholesale pricing for orders over 100 lbs? Or a wholesale catalog/pricing? Hope to hear from you soon! Pete
Orders over 100 lbs? A wholesale catalog? You don't trust PayPal? You must be mistaking me for a money making website. This is just a private collection with a bit extra to share...

"...should i be worried that my San Pedro will start to root and then fail because of rot? Or will the rooting overcome the rot?"
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 / From: Joey <c........@gmail.com>

Hello, my name is Joey and i have a San Pedro cutting in 50/50 perlite and cactus soil mix and just got a nub of a root about a quarter inch long. Before i planted it, the section of the cutting where the core is had a soft black bulge that seemed to open easily. I disregarded the potential rot and planted it anyway. The cactus itself has grown about half an inch since the initial planting 3 weeks ago. My question is should i be worried that my San Pedro will start to root and then fail because of rot? Or will the rooting overcome the rot? Please respond when able -Joey
I don't know. Nature does what she does without needing me to worry about it. There is propagation information here: http://sanpedrocactus1.com/propagation.htm

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 / From: Loki <luxveritas@gmail.com>

Dear sir: Just a quick note to let you know that the link on your home page for "rooted plants" does not exist. When clicking on it, you get the usual Error404 code. Additionally, I'd like to purchase wholesale quantities of T. pachanoi. Please indicate what is available at this time (August, 2013). Thanks in advance for your reply. John Harding
OK, I fixed the bad link.
I cannot possibly sell wholesale from my pathetic little farm, but thanks for thinking we're that big.

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2013 / From: victoria saez <victoria_saez93@hotmail.com>

thanks alot verne! by the way great job on the website i dont think i will ever buy a cacti from anyone else ( except for a dragon fruit as im sure you dont carry those) but i have not come across anyone so passionate about what they do in this area until i found your site. keep up the great work
Thank you. OK, we'll keep up the great work. Arf!

Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 / From: Nicholas Bogacki <thenoddingturtle@gmail.com>

I'd love to place an order with you, just wanted to make sure you're still doing business! Really great, informative site you have too! Also, can you tell me, are all of your cacti of the San Pedro family? Thank you very much! ~Nick
Yes, I'm still doing business when I can. Life is becoming more precious as the apocalypse progresses.

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 / From: Joey <nnnn@me.com>

Hi Verne, Is it possible to purchase a cutting of the Norm's Peruvianus? This is the fast growing variety from Watsonville. What do you call this variety when you have it listed for sale in your online stores? Thanks for your time and help. Best wishes, Joey Hayes, San Jose, Ca
Yes, I'll have both rooted ones and plain cuttings listed soon. Thank you.

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 / Subject: Some general questions / From: soffeman@gmail.com

Hi, For some time I have been wanting to lighten up my home with some plants, but since I travel a lot I have given up the thought of sustaining a healthy plant and started to look into growing my own cactus instead as they can stand a few days without water. I thougt of combining my interest for caring for a plant with my interest in ancient medicinal plants and therefore thought of buying a San Pedro cactus and came across your website.

So after mch research it seems like most sites ships without a pot and soil, or in some cases they only ship "cuttings". I'm hoping to buy a cactus already in the pot and soil and ready to go, to minimize the risk of it dying or getting damaged in transit, do you sell San Pedros (or peruvian torch) in pots? Size doesn't matter, if you sell small ones I could even think of picking a few of them up. And my second question, do you ship to Sweden? If so, how and where do I order them, I was a little confused from your website as it only seemed like there was a purchase button for the cuttings. Sorry for a long email and I hope you have an amazing day. Regards, Oden
Sorry, I do not sell medicinal plants.

Fri, 23 Aug 2013 / Subject: cactus in the dr / From: Bing Marino

hello, how do you think these cactus would do in the dominican republic? thank you, carol
I think they'd be lonely and miss life on the farm with the sheep, dogs, and chickens.

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 /Subject: Cacti on Amazon / From: J <jared.raye@gmail.com>

Hi.Thank you for your site! I really liked the information and pictures you've made available. I was also happy to find your deal on amazon, as I stopped using any form of paypal a year or two ago and don't ever intend to start using google for financial transactions. (though honestly, amazon's treatment of our information probably isn't any better...) Recently, I stumbled upon and purchased a small Pachanoi at a local Earl May, and I suppose it re-ignited my interest in trying my hand at growing the cacti at home.

Anyways, I was thinking about ordering one of your "5 lbs of fresh Pachanoi cuttings" deals and was looking around a little bit. I was just wondering if you would sell a similar set of Peruvians? I'm sorry if this is something you've already covered on your site. I looked around and didn't find much about them other than the individual cacti you were selling under your "summer/fall stock" section. I understand if the availability of Peruvians or the efforts required to grow them make it unrealistic to sell their cuttings like you do those of the Pachanois. I am not looking for special varieties or anything- preferably just something safe for a beginner to grow.

Also, on one of your pages you showed a picture of a cutting of your favorite prickley pear cactus, but I don't remember you specifying what kind it actually was? It said something about strawberry flavored fruits, and sounded quite interesting. Do you remember right off-hand what kind you were referring to? Anyways, thank you for your time and have a glorious evening! Jared
My collie is named Collie and she's a very happy girl. Has a sweet disposition, very lady like, polite, and stands up for truth and justice. It is a joy to live with her every day. (below) There she is at Point Isabel Dog Park meeting a pack of collies�two tri-colored, one merl, and another one a sable & white like her. She had a wonderful time.

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 / From: Carolyn Blankenship <carolyn.blankenship@hotmail.com>

Hello, I found your website online while searching to find out about my own cactus. I have a very large cactus that was planted by the previous owners of my home. I have been here 16 years and it has continued to grow without any help from me. :) It recently started blooming and producing some type of red looking fruit. My children want to know what kind of fruit this is and can it be eaten. I will be honest I have no idea what type of cactus this is. Would you be able to tell by looking at a picture of it. It is huge, and actually the entire front half of the cactus dropped off two summers ago. I believe it just became too heavy. I have now found little tiny baby cactus growing in a flower pot that is 30 feet away from the cactus itself. My kids and I would love it if you could solve the cactus mystery. Thank you so much, Carolyn
That is a Cereus Peruvianus monstrose form.
The fruit is called the Peruvian Apple and is edible. After I emailed you that information, solving your "cactus mystery", you didn't bother to send a thank you. I'm hurt.

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 / From: Steven Campbell <campbell203@gmail.com
Am interested in planting a few cuttings. Really looking for San Pedro cactus with 7-11 stars
Stars...I have not counted my stars lately. I should count my lucky stars. I think there are a lot of them.

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2013 / From: Jaxon Faught <thee_jaxon@yahoo.com>

I've been researching cacti that will grow easily in our area and in my research found that the Peruvian Torch and the San Pedro come from a climate much like where we live, are hardy and fast growing, but what I can't seem to find are physical differences between the two. We have tons of prickely pear cactus all over the property and enjoy them very much. I'd like to add other cacti for a cactus garden that will stand out and be different but all I can find is the effects of the plants and all I really would like to know are the physical differences. Could you describe the differences if any or do you have good photos that clearly show the differences if there are any. Thank you for your time. Jax
You want me to write you an essay to "...describe the differences if any or do you have good photos that clearly show the differences if there are any."  but...this is a 700 page website devoted to the question you ask.  ~Verne
collie walks by sf bay

July, 2013
I just wanted to say I enjoyed the humour/banter in your website potting mix pages. Cheers, Tanya
That's Dustball who sleeps next to me in bed sometimes. She almost died last winter from infected cat bites but I caged her and 2x a day gave her amoxicillan, and cleaned the holes in her back. The hair never grew back from the wounds but every day she makes me scratch her scars. She really bonded at a deeper level after 6 years, and sort of fell in love with me for nursing her back to cat health. Dusty is a sweet heart.


Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2013 / From: Jason / jaswine <nnn@comcast.net>
Hi, First of all, I am a customer, and adore my cacti!

Anyway, i love your site - so much info! Its so big i am having trouble finding a specific page i know is in the site. It has a picture/list of a bunch of "expensive" fert/health/etc products. In the pic they are in front of some specimens by a wall. Could you direct me there or link me please?  thank you, Jason

Go to the 2008 home page, scroll down to "Let's water the planties" / http://sanpedrocactus1.com/water_system.htm
I use ThermX, Humeric acid, Maxicrop, and fish emulsion. My supplier is Peaceful Valley: http://www.groworganic.com/

My well water has to be PH adjusted down with acetic acid (white vinegar). Next year I'm going to install a pump to fill my water tanks with the fresh irrigation water I flood the pasture with. That is mountain fresh stream water delivered through an engineering marvel of plumbing for the California Central Valley. Using that will reduce unwanted build up of alkaline mineral salts.

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2013 / From: (hide my name!) <Hide my email address!) @gmail.com>

Hello.. :) I'm writing this from Bulgaria. We live in isolated place in the mountains (600m above sea level). The climate is mild, but mi intention for growing cacti is to be indoor. I read that you are not giving tutorials or provide email support about growers, but as well I found that you sell and you provide all the necessary information for this process. We are experienced in growing plants, but not in cacti growing. Anyway, because of our interests in the Entheogenic practice, we would like to grow our own cacti (instead of buying them grown).  Can you please advice us what to do?  I want to know which ones grow faster - Peruvian Torch or San Pedro. I read a lot about peyote growing and I realized that It will not happen - its too hard and demands too much time. So now my attention is jumping from San Pedro to Peruvian Torch and back :)   So can you please advice me.... which one grow faster and which one is more easy to grow. Of course you know why I want to grow this cacti, so keeping that in mind , maybe you would like to give me some advises, while I'm reading your website. Thank you ! Blessings ...Boris
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2014
Hello... on your website my email is post on public with message I wrote to you. When I wrote the message I was not aware that it will pop up on public. Please
understand... I live in country with very strict laws against these types of plants and they already know that I work with that kind of plants, since they resized one order of mine... Please, remove the message or just delete my email from the message of your website. If you type my email adress in google, you will see what I am talking about. Thank you Blessings

No matter where you live (such as Bulgaria) these plants are not an issue until you broadcast that you want to produce them for drug use -- "Entheogenic practice." That crosses a line which you apparently understood before you sent your email.

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 / From: "john mosso" <scioaromics@smt-net.com>

Can we get your phone number to call you? John Mosso, Scio Oregon
I don't talk to strangers. Sorry. Don't even own a cell phone.

Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013

hello there my name is victoria and i came across your site recently. i have recently started a garden and have all sorts of plants and have been looking for cacti to add to my patio area. i currently only have some baby cacti that are no bigger than 4 inches each.

you are the only site i have come across that seems passionate about what they do and are not really in it to make a quick buck and i would rather support your business. i am currently looking to a t.bridgessi and peruvian torch to my garden and would like them about 2 feet tall each or more.

please let me know if you have any available if not i would love to to be informed when you do have them in stock. have a great day!!!


Photo at right is unrelated to the above email.

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 / From: "Zahbea" <zahbea@comcast.net>

Hi, I have two of the Peruvian cacti. Both have new growth, which has been happening over the past 3-4 months. Both plants were doing well, but I noticed a white dust/growth on one of them. I�ve attached some photos, hopefully the resolution is good enough for you to see. I also noticed that there seems to be a small gash in the cactus with the white stuff (on photo cactus2, in the middle). Do you know what the white stuff is and how to treat the cactus? Any advice is greatly appreciated, I�ve fallen in love with these cacti and would like to keep them healthy. They live indoors as I am located in Seattle, WA. They are in a room with lots of natural light � both indirect and direct. For the cooler months I have a heater I use in that room to keep them warm. I water them every 3 weeks and feed every 6 weeks.

Finally, I was wondering where you are located. I often travel for work (and pleasure) and if I am in your area I would love to visit your greenhouses and cacti if that is an option. Thank you, Zahbea Saund
Online sales only. My home is private: not for strangers to drop in.

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 / From: "Franco Tanzarella" <franco@teamgeek.co.za>

Hi Raccony, Please help me if you can. I came across this huge cactus (South Africa) and I am trying to identify the species but I�ve had no luck so far. The internet is of no help if I don�t know where to start looking. I thought that this could be a trichocereus pachanoi but I�ve never seen them with purple skin around the thorns since I have to rely on images on the web and can�t compare it next to another pachanoi. If you have any idea what this cactus could be or where to start looking, can you let me know please? I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks Franco Tanzarella
That is Myrtillocactus Geometricans

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2013 / From: Jack Schumacher <schumacher.jack@yahoo.com>

You come across like a really arrogant horse's ass. The whole "people don't like me because I'm a jerk, but that's okay" thing is played out. I don't know what your problem is, but if you really hate the world you live in so much, why don't you just kill yourself? I'll bet your dogs fucking hate you, too.
Yes Jack, you're right. I should kill myself. My dogs really do hate me. How did you know? Here is a picture I took of the Golden Gate Bridge. Guess the dogs want me to jump off it. Is that right Jack? Thank you so much for visiting my website. I'll go kill myself now. ~Verne
jack schumacher
jack schumacher, schumacher.jack@yahoo.com
(left) Collie hated Verne so much she wandered about looking for affection from strangers so she would feel loved.

June 27, 2013 (Sent from Amazon.com)
Hello, I was looking forward this morning to buying a large San Pedro cutting on eBay for my backyard, but I was pretty disappointed to discover that my Visa paycard wasn't recognized by Paypal. So searching amazon I seem to've found that you offer cuttings there, too, under the storename 'Sandman Sacred Cactus.' Some questions: Is this you? If it is, are the cuttings sold there packaged with the same freshness and care that your eBay cuttings are? (That is, do they ship with soil?) Some of the user reviews are fairly unsatisfactory, but there are more than just your store (if it is your store) offering cuttings, so I'm hoping the bad reviews are of another seller. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! Best, Edward
No, I'm not "Sandman Sacred Cactus" and know nothing about that.
dog picnic memorial day 2013

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 / From: Michael Bond <prestonsteeele@gmail.com>

I really appreciate and love what you are giving to the world. Thank you for everything you are doing for this beautiful creation as well as the people who benefit from their existence. Also, as a previous customer I really appreciate the time you put in to ensure quality. Sincerely, Michael Bond

Wow. You get it. Thanks. Thank you very much.

"I really appreciate and love what you are giving to the world...the time you put in to ensure quality" dog martial arts

And now a word from "Don't be evil"  �  Google
June 7, 2013
Retiring Google Checkout Announcement

On November 20th, 2013, Google will shut down its Checkout product. We�re committed to helping you remove Google Checkout from your sites...Thank you for being a user of Google Checkout.

Is Google offering a replacement product?
No, Google is not offering a replacement processing solution...this transition may be difficult; it impacts you and your business....we are unable to offer a direct replacement for Google Checkout...

How to I remove Google Checkout from my website? (How TO I?)
Oh thank you so much Google! After struggling to read the shopping cart coding instructions you provided that were written in Asia by geeks...and suffering through all the deficiencies of your jerk off sling into e-commerce...now you tell me to forget it?!

OK...so now I go with PayPal, huh?
~ Verne
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 / From: Steff C <steff_cc@yahoo.ca> / Subject: Serious Buyer

Hi there, I am very interested on buying 3 or 4 Trichocereus Peruvianus cuttings (or rootted). I am not interested in the Trichocereus Peruvianus Pachanoi (no spines).  Here's the catch I leave in Canada, Ontario and I am having difficulties to find cuttings here (only seeds).  Can you help me or do you guys ship to Canada? Thanks in advance, Stephan
Sure I can help you read the instructions about international shipping. Start here: http://sanpedrocactus1.com/buy_direct_details.htm and scroll to the bottom of the page. See the part about USA only. OK?

Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 / From: Richard White <herbsender@yahoo.com> / Subject: Ordder Info

Hello I'm richard I'm a gardener also. I have many peruvianus and lets just say I have so many strains I don't know witch is witch and witch came from witch mother. The thing is I lost my gentics for my medicinal cacti when i moved here, do u have a cacti witch u can say has a medicinal value? If so can u point me in the direction.
I get my medicine from Costco Pharmacy. Generics are really cheap now.

Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 / From: Justin <nnnn@msn.com>

who ever runs your website seems like they have an awesome sense of humor! are you totally sold out of all cacti for the year? i wasn't sure, i see prices for some but it also says sold out march 2013. well let me know thanks ---------
Thank you for the compliment about my humor. I had to stop selling to concentrate on summer farm chores such as making potting soil, propagation, repotting, and so forth.

I'll start selling again in August. Thanks for your interest. ~Verne
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 / Subject: About San Pedro specimens / From: Mike <nnn2006@gmail.com>

Hi, 3 questions: 1) Are you in Los Angeles? 2) Is the LA climate suitable for these cactus? 3) Are there any legal prohibitions on purchasing these plants for CA? Thanks
Dolly (above) had her first lamb. I didn't know she was pregnant. Cute ewe lamb the size of a cat. Cries like a child screaming "Mommy!"

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 / From: Lee <nnn72@gmail.com>

I have been growing a Peruvian for 5 years now. I live in Maryland where the summers are very humid.

I have acclimated the cactus to full sun all day long.

It stays outside and is protected from rain from the overhang of my house.

Its color is good. No sunburn and it grows about a foot a year. The problem I have is it only gets about an inch and a half in girth. It never gets fat like most that I have seen.

Is this due to my location or am I foing something wrong? I repot it every spring to keep it fed.

I have read your intire site but don't see any info on skinny cactus. Any advise would be appreciated.

When I sent you my reply, with the photo I made at right, you proved to me once again the importance of the mantra "never reply to unsolicited email with professional advice".

There was some guy...back in biblical times who got nailed to death. People wrote about the things he said and your replies to my observations about your sick puppy remind me of something he said in Matthew 7:6.

Thank you for helping me re-learn that lesson. And another one about people who claim they "...read your intire site but don't see any info..." Yeah...there are over 700 pages in my site...but they are not about your rotting, sick cactus; they are about NOT doing what you did.

Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 / From: seth  <nnn3989@yahoo.com>

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful specimen, every cacti I've ever ordered from you is absolutely gorgeous. you are by far the best cacti vendor in America as far as I'm concerned! as always it has been a pleasure being a customer, I have you to thank everyday for many years to come.

"I'll be sure to spread the word about your awesome site on my social media,
my biz has over 4k followers on instagram and facebook"

Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 / Subject: cactus inheritance gone wrong / From: kim <nnn@gmail.com>

Hello. Thank you for running such an awesome website. Its informative, funny, and inspiring. Great work! (OK, flattery to start with. You're a trained communicator)

I am writing to you with a question, as I'm sure many do. I recently moved to southern California and unknowingly inherited two gigantic and very sad cacti from previous tenants of our new house. Please see attached pics. Its heartbreaking to walk by every day.


They seem to be diseased/grey/rotting from the base. However, many of the tips look somewhat healthy. I would like to trim the healthier looking tips and root/repot as you describe on your site. (...that is exactly what to do)

However I realize its possible that these plants may be too far gone, or whatever is ailing them will only spread to the new cuttings. So my question is: do you think cuttings would work in this instance?

Or if you have any other suggestions please let me know. Obviously the pot is far too small and there is general neglect going on... but any advice beyond that would be so very helpful as I move forward with my new cactus venture.

Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it.

I'll be sure to spread the word about your awesome site on my social media, my biz has over 4k followers on instagram and facebook so I will post links to your cactus wisdom!

Best to u.

Uh, oh...uh...uh..."instagram and facebook"? You want to "spread the word about your awesome site on my social media"... I do not own a cell phone. I have never used social media. Kim, I'm not that kind of earthling. Only dogs like me and sheep if I have a feed bucket.

You started off with flattery to get me, then want to bribe me or threaten me with your ability to use siocial media? That is a new ploy to me.

Kim�this is a 700+ page commercial free personal website that asks nothing from you.

There is abundant propagation information sufficient to help you. That is all there is. I don't give a rat's ass (Shauna Todd used to say that a lot) about instagram or facebook.


-----couple more to post when I have time....

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 / Subject: Cactus rot?
From: Sean <nnn@gmail.com>

Verne, I have bought a number of trichocereus cacti from you over the years. I have had several rot since they have been under my care....do you know what causes this and how to avoid? It's not overwatering because I had them dormant in darkness and unwatered to get through the winter. Thank you, Sean
Sean, very sorry to hear about your plants...that's frustrating. Always cut the tip off and try to save it as a cutting to be re-rooted. But I don't know your plant growing conditions so don't know why some got rot. There is an excellent website I often refer to: http://www.cactiguide.com/cactipests �scroll down to where he discusses causes of rot.

You said "dormant in darkness"?
That scares me because it would shut down the plants immune system (no photosynthesis). I don't have experience with that�my plants grow outside under 30% shade cloth exposed to the local temperatures, rain, frost, etc. We get frost here that does burn some tips (smaller specimens) but its no big deal.

Some of my plants, about 1 out of 100/year, get rot. When rooting cuttings I expect 5 out 100 to rot. But this past year I had zero cuttings rot (100% success) because I started them in late August /early September (see: rooting winter cuttings) to avoid the 100+ degree summer heat waves that caused 20% loss the year before.

Trichocereus grow in cool mountain conditions, watered by clouds...but have rocky, well draining soil. My take on this is that soil too rich in organic material can be a problem; when I recommend 50% perlite in a soil mix that is really what I do for good drainage. But the perlite sold in most stores is the #1 grade (fine) for seed starting mixes�it's too fine for large cactus. You need #3 grade.

To obtain #3 course grade perlite I drive 200 miles round trip to Richmond, California (http://www.norcalperlite.com/) where they make perlite by heating the ore in a huge furnace to make it pop like popcorn. I buy 40 cubic feet�the amount I can fit in my Honda Civic hatch back with room for my German Shepherd to ride shotgun.

Growers, such as Cactus Kate, used crushed quarry rocks (not smooth gravel!) for drainage. But it makes a very heavy 10 gallon pot...which is why perlite is used now. Kate used very rocky mixes with 3/4" feldspar or granite chunks.

My plants grow outside under 30% black shade cloth in the Central Valley California climate. Half the plants have roots in the earth and the rest are in 4 to 20 gallon pots. Smaller specimens (photo above), like the ones I ship, are on tables under 30% shade net also exposed to the elements year round. Rain, frost, heat, etc. - they survive fine without rotting. But I cannot speculate on other people's set up, climate, or conditions.

When you say "dormant in darkness" I just have no reference for what that is. ~Verne

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2013 / Subject: Thank You!!! From: Nor Cal <nnnnnn@gmail.com>

Bridgesii cacti arrived today in perfect condition wrapped very well thank you very much! We will definitely be doing business again! The website is a blast to read! :P full of cool info plus he also sent all the info on caring for my new bridgesii baby :) May your days be beautiful and full of Love and Light!! Peace and ONE LOVE!!!!!  Best Regards......
Thank You Verne! Adriana
Gee...make my day! ~Verne

Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 / From: Joey Hayes <knosis@me.com>
My name is Joey, I'm am a collector of fast growing and spineless cactus. Much of my collection focuses on spineless opuntia. I found your site while looking for Juul's Giant cuttings.  Once I found your site and excellent photos I had to go through your whole site. This is when I came upon your, Fastest Growing Peruvianus page. I'm looking to use cacti in soil repair and ecological restoration. This fast growing specimen is something that I think might be very useful. Would it be possible to purchase a plant or cutting of this super fast growing variety for our collection? I promise to keep you informed if we use it in any upcoming project. I'd like to say thank you for your time and I hope that this letter finds your family,  you, and cacti well and happy. Sincerely, Joey Hayes.

PS I know you put in bold letters that you do not sell them
but if you need to make room or something and would like to sell a juul's giant specimen cutting, please let me know. I hope you don't mind me asking. It is a beautiful plant.

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013 / From: haske <haske82@gmail.com>

I took a cacti from the wild, close to riobamba Ecuador. at an altitude of 2900 meters. im trying to ID it, first I thougt it was Trichocereus Peruvianus but it has red flowers whith yellow stems. would you help me if I send you some pictures. greetings haske
Try http://www.cactiguide.com - they have a blog/forum, etc. ~Verne

Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2013

Hello, I have been growing succulents since I was twelve years old, now 18, and I wanted to start growing cacti. Mostly all of the succulents I grow get artificial light during the colder months, i live in WV, could I do the same with the Pedro's or should I look for another variety? And if I could what method should I use ? I figured I could look around and figure it out, but I thought best to ask the source because I want a specimen that will outlive all of my other plants and what better than the San Pedro. Thanks, Tyler
I live in California and grow outside. I cannot comment on things I don't have experience with.
This page discusses what I know http://sanpedrocactus1.com/greenhouse.htm ~Verne

Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2013 / From: Deryl  <nnn@yahoo.com> / Subject: bridgesii

Hello, I am looking for Bridgesii sections. I would like four to six feet of mature cactus. I need to get them within the week. If you have any please let me know. Thank you, Deryl
It is winter, I don't have any cuttings of Bridgesii

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 / From: Matt <nnnnnnnnn@yahoo.com> / Subject: Re: 2/21 Order

She arrived today looking beautiful, the stellar packing job is greatly appreciated.. the first torch in my collection!! Very happy its one of yours thanks again. -Matt p.s. I never noticed how much damn wood is my soil, good call

Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 / From: Daniel nnn <nnn@yahoo.com>
Subject: Bridgesii

Hey. I'm a sacred cactus enthusiast from south Florida. I am interested in purchasing a few large cuttings for repotting. I am writing you to make sure your business is still active. I just want to make sure your web site is up to date before I spend a couple hundred bucks on plants. Im just a little sceptacle because I've never ordered plants online before. All the cacti pictured on your site look really nice and it looks like your the man to order from. IT would be awesome if you could send me a quick message to set my mind at ease. I know that's kind of a pain in the ass and I'm sorry if that seems offensive. I definitely don't mean to insult its just that I have been ripped off ordering things on line before. Thanks for your time. P.s. your dogs are bad ass man.

Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
You're not really "buying plants online" � You are purchasing through Google Checkout which is the actual credit card merchant. You're simply making a credit card purchase and your credit card company protects you against fraud. Google simultaneously provides me security that I'll be paid from the transaction because it passed their security & risk tests. ~Verne
My neighbor's dogs ate the cactus...
I just finished talking to Fedex...and they suggested that I inform you directly about a lost (damaged) box has been filed by me. I received an email that FEDEX delivery had occurred...but I could not find any package "on the porch" as they indicated several days ago. I informed FEDEX on friday. I learned today, Sunday, from my neighbor that at his nearby ranch, he did find a FEDEX box. Or, rather parts of a box...and that his ranch dogs had been very interested. Unfortunately, your nice wrapping job was not designed to stop a large lab or two intent on distruction, and they chewed into..and thru ...most of it...with many chunks missing and gouges. Not very smart labs methinks...I do not know how the FEDEX agent made this mistake delivering to my neighbor because both houses are clearly numbered on the main road mailboxes, but mistake it was. To make it worse, I was watching and waitting for the truck all day while working out in the front acres....So FEDEX will be dealing with you via the above case number, according to what the agent just told me. If possible, I would like to have the order repeated, which will allow me to start my garden in the next weeks. That would be an easy resolution....Hopefully it and FEDEX will find me here this time. regards - wali
Neither FedEx nor myself are liable for damage caused after delivery. FedEx will not accept a claim for damage caused after delivery � "your nice wrapping job was not designed to stop a large lab or two intent on distruction, and they chewed into ...and thru ...most of it...with many chunks missing and gouges."

This incident falls outside of my return policy for an unsatisfactory item. Some credit card company will cover damage after receipt. You may want to notify your credit card company to see if that is the case.

I cannot ship a replacement to the same address knowing there are insane cactus eating canines waiting to devour the next one. ~ Verne

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 / From: Vladimir Shadows <vladimir_shadows@yahoo.com>
Subject: san pedro peruvian torch cacti

hello there i am matt i came aross your site and i am wanting to make sure this site is valid and if it is i will make sure to buy hundreds of these san pedro cacti from you. just contact me back as soon as possible thank you
You want to make sure this "site is valid?!" Then you'll "buy hundreds of these san pedro cacti?!"
That's hilarious. Thanks, Vladimir Shadows, for the humor.
(Below) Fudge & Mud Puddle were born first week of January. Little Luke will grow up to be our "Stud" ram.

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 / Subject: About San Pedro specimens
From: you <eelephant1@gmail.com>

Hello, Im looking to carry san pedros on my website. Do you have a wholesale catalog or dropship option? Thank you
Wholesale? Drop ship?

Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2013 / From: Herbal Fire Botanicals <info@herbalfire.com>
Subject: Sacred Cactus website

Hi there, This is Joel from Herbal Fire Botanicals. We don't sell San Pedro Cactus long time ago but we have lot of visitors in our San Pedro Cactus pages. I'm looking for my affiliate partner. I can place your link if you have affiliate program.

Thank you, Regards, HerbalFire.com
Affiliate? Be your partner? Prefer to stay free & independent. Sell direct to my own customers, thank you.

Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 / From: Steven nnn <nnn@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: eBay Item

Hi Verne, Just recieved my package today and wanted to say I could not be more happy. This is my first attempt at growing cactus and I am glad I found your site because everything showed up looking very nice and healthy. Cant wait to get them rooted! Thank you!

Glad you're happy. Thanks.
(below) Tyler does his "Happy dog" dance �kicking his legs into the air.

Sent: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 / From: James nnnn <nnnn@aol.com>
Subject: ...a quick request / OK!

Package arrived and the Peruvian Torch is now the cornerstone to my family of nineteen; seven Peruvian torches and 12 bridgessi's that are all at least three years younger than this new magnificent specimen. You truly did a great job getting it to me here safely. Definitely my best cactus purchasing experience. Thanks a bunch! James panther_achuma
P.S. When I get the money I will be back for another specimen.

Thank you!
(below) Lesbian sheep dogs
Both spayed females...became gay for each other. May have to put them on hormone replacement therapy.

saucer bunny, jagged ears last,, she grew up right near me all the time, so were good buddies now,, was born same time as teacup,,

behind saucer, is teacups mom, crooked ear, who is from jagged ear 3 years ago,,,

saucers dad is limpy, who has half a floppy foot from i think getting it stuck in old wire mesh, we hung out with him 10 days solid then, now he gets almonds from my hand,,, i pet chill bunny the other day, he didnt really like it but didnt freak out, hes one of crooked ears also from last year,,

crooked ear is the hero bunny that pushed chill out of the way and faced down the bobcat,,

The above is from the Tureckii cactus ranch in Patagonia, South America. Dr. Turecki is often stalked by predators when hiking, and has seen a jaguar kill the wild bunnies he hand feeds. He also maintains a remarkable collection of Trichocereus cacti protected from the harsh climate.

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 / From: Chris Basile <jcb1981_us@yahoo.com>

Hi Verne,

I cannot seem to find an answer to a simple question I have. I have a San Pedro growing tat I propagated from a cutting I bought from you years ago. I cut off the top of this particular cutting and now it has two pups or branches growing side by side. They look like they will surely squish together.

My question is. Should I cut one of so the arms don't grow into each other? Or will they be ok if the 2 branches grow together? Will they merge and become one branch? They are both growing side by side off the same rooted cutting. Thanks. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Any info...appreciated?
There is a 700 page website about San Pedro cactus with hundreds of photos. Maybe it has the info you are looking for? http://sanpedrocactus1.com

Friday we got a pair of lambs from the same rancher where Angel came from. He brought 2 dorper sheep which don't have to be sheared (lot of work) each year but just shed their coats.

One is a ram who will grow up to take care of business with the girls (ewes). I named them Luke & Leia (Skywalker) because the rancher's border collie is named Jedi. That dog flies over fences like the kung fu master in those movies who kick their legs as they run over house tops...

California weather has been like spring so I opened the access door from the duck enclosure to the sheep pasture, to let the quackers free range with the flock. Sure enough they ended up in the sheep enclosure that first night unable to find the hole back into their place.

Dogs to the rescue! First we chased the duck herd back out into the pasture. Then down along the wood fence line --but only one recognized the hole and went through into the duck yard. Tyler & Collie positioned themselves where needed to block...then Angel took charge and did the chase work to drive them one at a time through the hole. In just a couple of minutes they were all in. We herded ducks! What a smart pack of dogs!  We had a 3 dog group hug.

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 / Subject: San Pedro
From: 80 <adiesf@gmail.com>

Hello, I am looking to buy some San Pedro cacti. Would you sell me some? I could come pick them up if necessary. I have been to Peru 3 times and I would like to plant them outside my house for protection, like they do there. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Adriane
Plant San Pedro around your house for protection? Where I live neighbors use pit bulls, barbed wire, security cameras, motion detectors, and firearms for protection. But seriously, if you don't want to buy online I can't help you. My home is not a public store or something. But I raise rabbits for poop to make compost for my cactus. Oh, the free range chickens are like a team of Japanese gardeners that peck out every weed seed, cultivate the soil, eat insects then lay yummy eggs. Every day the dogs get an omelet as part of dinner. But the amazing thing is how I no longer have to spend hours weeding the cactus! The chickens eat each sprout, turn the soil; really wonderful!

Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 / Subject: Please can you advise me? From: Thomas Bridge <bridgey789@hotmail.com>

Dear Bob, I appreciate that you are a long way away and what you say about all the hassel you get from city dwellers. I am 20 years old and I live in the country. I've been unwell, not able to look after my cacti properly. As a result they now look like in the picture attached. I'm very fond of my cacti and I want to keep them alive and healthy. What is the best way of getting rid of this skin condition? I have not fed them since I planted them two years ago. And I've refrained from watering them since their skin condition appeared. Is there hope for my San Pedros? Best wishes Tom

Those are not San Pedro�typical of what seed labeled "San Pedro" grows up to be. Is why I propagate by cuttings. They're P. Torches of some variety. [See my rant below about seed]

This website is about raising healthy cactus. Health is not "getting rid of a skin condition" �it's about providing conditions where a plant doesn't become diseased. Disease is dis-ease.

Whatever is wrong with your plants starts with you. Look in the mirror.
"...have not fed them since I planted them two years ago. And I've refrained from watering them..."

Like you say
"...all the hassel you get from city dwellers." ~ Verne
"...What is the best way of getting rid of this skin condition? I have not fed them since I planted them two years ago. And I've refrained from watering them..."

Date: Sat, 2 Feb 2013 / From: majay nievera <majaynievera311@gmail.com>

Hi, Do you ship here in brisbane Australia? Thanks, Maria
No, it's explained here:
(scroll to bottom)

Tue, 29 Jan 2013 / From: Nicholas Felicich <felicich@gmail.com>

Hey, I live in Northern California, and it seems like you do too. Is your nursery open to the public, or do you just sell online? I would love to come by and check out your cacti in person. Thanks, Nick
My home is private property. Yes, I "just sell online." We had two lambs born in January. Mud Puddle and Fudge.

(right) The livestock dog, Angel, has a special house. She gets dinner served there and I can snuggle with her!

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 / From: Charles Miller <chmiller07@gmail.com>

Hello, I am interested in the San Pedro cactus. I would like to know if you are located in the US. Also, can I buy the cactus without using ebay? If yes, how? Thanks, Charles

Am I located in US? I'm not sure anymore�maybe I'm in Heaven�I have a dog named Angel. Yes, you can purchase eBay, PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon�you need a credit card, or bank account.

Sorry, you have to live in USA as explained:

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 / From: bonita wood <bonita.wood74@btinternet.com>

Hi do you sell seeds as well. We normally purchase form world seed supply , but I am interested in T.peruvinus seeds that you may well have avialable. Thanks Martin. PS amazing website and pictures thank you
Don't sell seed because that's all bullshit. No one knows the parent plants because they buy it wholesale from "God knows who..." For many years I've germinated San Pedro seed that clearly was Peruvian Torch; but you can't tell until they are 3 years old. What then? Email the seller to complain you got burned for $5? And I'm talking about sources from Peru to Germany. NOBODY SHOWS YOU THE PARENTS WITH PROOF THEY CROSS POLLINATED THIS WITH THAT. Seed from Germany and Peru had ZERO GERMINATION. Like the sellers give a damn? Think again. Buying, germinating, and raising Trichocereus from seed is for serious hobbyists in it for the long, long run.

(right) Little Mud Puddle was born January 9th.

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 /Subject: quick question about your cactus
From: Michael Cook <michaelwilliamcook@gmail.com>

hi, Just wondering how well these cactus do inside...Like in a sunny window. I live in oklahoma. Its cold here right now. thanks, m
That is not a "quick question" � http://sanpedrocactus1.com/greenhouse.htm
Sorry its cold. As a Californian I've never been to Oklahoma. But I know the lyrics!
"Ooook-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
And the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet
When the wind comes right behind the rain.
Oklahoma, Ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
Sit alone and talk and watch a hawk
Makin' lazy circles in the sky"

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 / From: wallace woodruff <waliwood@usa.net>

Hi Bobcat, I am interested in spending about $100 for some Peruvian Torch for my Texas cactus garden. What would you recommend to maximize my garden volume after a year or two... small rooted, seeds, large individual plants, etc?
Is it possible to charge my credit card and have you send your plant recommendations...for $100 plus shipping?
Thanks W. Woodruf
Your questions makes my brain hurt. I dunno....gotta spend time grooming my collie because she gets mats if I don't comb her every couple of days. Then my German Shepherd wants to be groomed too. Then we have a group hug when the young male cat Bobcat joins us because he wants to be brushed, too!

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2013 / From: Ian Boonham <iboonham@gmail.com>

hello, Just wanted to say I love your website and just looking at your collections off cacti. Its really interesting, gave me a good laugh and helpful insight into our prickly friends. Keep up the love. greeting from Liverpool UK

Thank you Ian! Thank you very much. Liverpool. Imagine that.

(right) Collie is 2 years old. When she lost her collar last week (with license tag) I said "Find your collar!" and she led me�just like in a Lassie episode�with the other 2 dogs following her across the pasture into the brush. I scrambled under the barbed wire� "Where's your collar girl?" I asked again.

She smiled at me until I saw she was standing on it! What a clever dog. If she was any smarter she'd have put it back on by herself.

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