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Cactus Log: 2012


December 2012

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This year people wrote to say...

Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 / Subject: hello verne n' cat-friends
From: julien

hi verne merry Xmas n' happy new year. nice to see you've survived to mayan apocalypse with your cats and cactus ;) i follow your site since several years now and want to thank you for providing so many valuable information.

sorry to ask ... but now i can't find among all your pages where you've been speaking about the problem i have with my green friend ...so let me ask you if you have any idea about what may cause this black spots on it ... i've seen somewhere it could come from the acidity of soil but in this case it would appear on every cactus i have ! and it's only on few ones ! may you help me if you find the time to answer me with your busy schedule ?

julien from france ... now you understand my bad english :) thanx and best regards
Your photo looks like injury. If anything pricks the skin it can do that - like if you scratch your skin on thorns; you get little infected red marks. I think the cactus is the same and it makes that black "pimple."

Your photo shows these marks on new buds - the new growth is very delicate, like a baby. It is always the tips that get what I call "tip pimples". There is also a black spot from fungus but that is not like what your photos shows. It looks like injury (bruise, scratching)

Plants living outside are OK until we cut them to make new plants - that makes them vulnerable to these problems. Also, I would not try to root such short sections. Plants only have a certain amount of stored energy to root & grow. A larger cutting will have more skin (leaf area) to photosynthesize for plant energy. Larger cuttings root better, faster, and grow to 2X faster. "The bigger a plant the faster if gets bigger."

Small pieces may grow buds in a desperate effort to survive, and use up stored energy - lowering its immune system, and getting sick.


Sun, 23 Dec 2012 / Subject: Thank You
From: Michael Bond

So I recently stumbled upon your website and just wanted to say thank you for providing such a fine service. There are so many people who have no respect for nature's gifts, so big ups for aiding in the proliferation of such a beautiful creation.
Sincerely, Michael Bond
Thank you for the nice compliment...thank you.
~ Verne

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012
Subject: Heyoke sees that the packaging was top quality!
From: Andrew

[photo at right]

That's adorable. My cat Dusty has an empty box on the packing table so she can peak at me while tape & bubble wrap are flying about.

She sometimes claws at the sheets of packing paper as I pull one off the stack.


Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2012 / Subject: Re: eBay Item
From: christine

We just LOVE our new cactus! It arrived safe and very sound! I'm so excited. Thank you! I'm off to give you a stellar rating on eBay. What an outstanding packing job! It's simply beautiful. Cheers!! Christine

Sent from my Star Trek-like device

Email #1
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 / Subject: Sacred Cactus website
From: nickh08215@aol.com

Hey, I'm checking out your eBay site and only see Peruvian torch for sale. Do you also have San Pedro fro sale somewhere too? I don't see any anywhere Sent from my iPhone
Email #2
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 / Subject: About San Pedro specimens
From: nickh08215@aol.com

Ok, so now I'm looking and I'm confused about the difference in the Peruvian varietys of cacti. What would be the difference between rimac, kk242, Peruvianus, wild Andes, and just regular Peruvian torch? I'm assuming they are all the same kind of cacti, but just differant specimens from differant areas. In reality I just want a nice, thick (diameter) cactus that would look nice at about 4ft tall. From what I'm reading the Peruvian torch variety grows just as fast as San Pedro, but grows a lot thicker which I like, but the differant varieties of torch are really confusing me and making my choice a lot harder haha. Thanks in advance for the feedback! Sent from my iPhone
Curious about this person I googled his AOL email. Found this�

"Im looking to buy mephadrone but not in bulk, most likely an ounce or 2. My email is NiCKh08215@aol.com. Can you please talk to your buyers and have them send me a free sample and the pricing list and stuff. Thanks Related Keywords: mephedrone, meph, 4-mmc, stimulant, analogue"

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 /Subject: interested in a trade or will buy your KK242, i do have a rare speciamen
From: Richard White

hello my name is richard i grow cacti and bread them i have a julles giant crossed with bridgessii. i am willing to give you a few fresh cuting for a good sized cuting a or a rooted tip. if needed i can show you a pic of the cacti. i just dont have it on my comp till now. but anyway i need the kk242 strain, iv been collecting for 10+ years and never found someone i that know exactly witch kind of peruvianus they have sme with the san pedro and hybreads.

so if your not interested in a trade, honestly im low on cash this time of year and can realy make u happy with this strain i created and a few others i have. but if you will only take cash, how much is the peruvianus?

Date: 1 Dec 2012 / Can you please tell me how the pedros compare to the "wild andes"?

The main difference I note is the lack of spines, which I think would add some variety to my collection. Are they fairly similar otherwise? Hardiness, nutrition needs? They are slightly slower growers, right? Thank you Chad!
I don't really know how to compare...san pedro columns snap off at 14 feet but the peruvianus (wild andes) are so fat they fall over sooner as seen in the photos. None of my trichocereus are slow growers; either have demonstrated ability to double in size in one season - but that depends on growing conditions. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/fastest_peruvianus3.htm

They all live in the Andes Mountains which is warm/wet at the cloud levels where they live because of the amazon jungle on one side and the equatorial (warm) on the other.

All these plants need good roots - big pots - and you can use plant food diluted down. But all plants are basically carbon made from the CO2 in the air. As long as the roots are in good "sandy loam" as gardeners call it they'll do what nature programmed them for. They grow!


Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012

From: Luca Mazzarolo

Hi! I've a question: Which species of San Pedro are these? (see the pictures in attachment)

Thank you

Best regards from Italy! - Luca

Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 / From: Tom

Hi, Would you except a flat $100 including shipping for the 30 pounds of san pedro ? thanks and let me know
I'm sorry but that item has been sold at the price listed.

Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 / From: "Cummings, Alexander"

Hello, i was wondering how much a cactus weighing about 6 lbs would cost

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 / Subject: Just curious
From: Daniel Todd

If you could attempt to make a guess about what kind of cactus this is (see attached). I found these at a nursery and the owner had no clue. I just found your site as I attempted to do done research.

Thank you! Dan

Date: 1 Nov. 2012 / Subject: ORDER

Am ordering from Ukraine . I want to place an order from you. I know the difficulties encountered when shipping internationally, But that will not be a problem because,i am registered with a shipping company whom i have used severally without any delay nor problems with my goods. Before i place this order, i want you to notify me if ,i am able to place the order and most important: If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc (Issued in the United States) because that is the only way we are,set for payment without no delay. I don't place online orders ,can i e-mail my ORDER needed then you can give me a quote here and make charges to my cards manually on your end ? Pls Clarify.
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 / From: Kareem Hadee

Hello; My name is Kareem Hadee and I LOVE your website. I am interested in growing a large San Pedro From 12" cutting. I was wondering if you have any to sell and how much they would cost to ship to Tacoma Washington state (98444). I am also looking for a 12" cutting of a Argentine Saguaro as well. Do you happen to grow these cactus's? How is their growth in comparison to the San Pedro? Thanks -kareem

Date: 21 Oct, 2012 / Subject: growing Trichocereus panchoi under grow lights From: Billy Mitchell

I just received a 11.5 inch Trichocereus panchoi with a good root ball and re-potted it in 1 part palm and citrus mix 1 part calcified diatomeus earth and 1 pat perlite in a 3 gak black plastic pot I put in a grow lush grow tent under a 1000 watt hps lamp approx 42 inches above plant for 15 hrs light and 9 hrs dark temp at 84 degrees F when lighted and around 60 degrees when dark.

I want to grow during winter in zone 7A/7b I am right on the NC /Va line and it gets into the 20 and 30's at night requarly during winter and sometimes colder. I will move outside in spring . Will this work OK or do i have 2 much light. and need to use shade cloth ?

I am using light to keep heat up at night and i can blow a fann on plant to simulate wind to make stronger Pleas email me with your thoughts. When I get these figured out I want to buy a plant from peru from you.

This plant came from a plant that is 40 plus year old on the island of Mauii Hawaii. Thanks for your help Billy Mitchell phone # 919-690-0326

Date: 18 Oct, 2012 /Subject: Do you ship to Sweden?
From: Kristina Berglund

Hi, Just wondering if you ship to Sweden, or to US citizens only?

And what I would pay you if I buy this product of yours: Lot #4-12A � $49.95 plus FedEx Ground shipping for 5+ lbs net weight  Kind regards, Kristina

Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 / From: "Ven-Tec"

Hello, I�m in Spain and I�m looking to grow (to make business) the San Pedro Cactus (Trichocereus pachanoi) what is I believe fast growing. Do you have other species fast growing Mescaline Cacti? Kind regards,
Johan van de Ven / Spain: + 34 607 162 360

Date: 10 Oct 2012
Dear zircon6, my cactus arrived yesterday. even more stunning than pics ! excellent packing NOTHING broken or damaged, you are the best! -navajojohn2012

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2012 

THANK YOU VERNE & CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure got my moneys worth!!!
Respectfully, Charles

Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 / Subject: Re: eBay Item
From: Gareth

Thank you Verne! You're amazing at what you do sir, hopefully I can carry on the legacy. Thanks for the tracking number, absolutely perfect. -Gareth

Date: 1 Oct 2012 /Subject: Re: eBay Item

NICE cactus Cat Daddy!!!!!!! Thanks again for an outstanding specimen. (I bet your doctor never said anything like that!!!) ALL of my/your cacti are just booming and I have had ZERO trouble rooting. PLEASE, for the love of all free ranging cats, dogs, and foul, list a few more Glacious. Thanks again Verne, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 / Subject: Re: eBay Item
From: Eric 

Verne, Thanks, I have already bought another KK242, my 3rd from you. I am currently down in Peru with my wife visiting her family and I am going to bring a couple of small "San Pedros" back. There are so many types they call
San Pedro down here, none of which look like the common one we have in the States. Anyhow, Thanks again, Eric

Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 / From: Barbara

hi Fresh cereus cuttings would be fabulous! I would love to get a couple of them!

I have other cactus...but none have produced fruit yet! So far, I have only been able to harvest a few cactus pads to put in my salads...that is it...lol

One cactus I ordered from you...I'm pretty sure it was you...awhile back...it was a san pedro, it was a cutting, and I only had it 3 months, getting roots... it produded a couple of giant flowers and the cactus cutting was only 2 ft tall...

I thought that was rare! attached is a picture.

Thank you.

Barbara from Pahrump NV

Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012
From: Jake

Hello, I am interested in purchasing some cuttings for you. I'm looking for appx. 4 feet of the Trichocereus Bridgessi. I believe it also is called "achuma". I'm interested in purchasing this and was wondering what four feet would cost. Also, I am in california as well and was wondering how much/ how long shipping would be as opposed to me picking it up in person. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Jake Nivison

Email #1
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012
/ Subject: Re: Thanks and some thoughts
From: Sean

Hi, I have been growing Trichocereus plants for about 15 years, and the info you have taken the time to provide on your website still taught me a lot. As you know, it takes a lot of time and money (and a fair amount of heartbreak) to obtain the knowledge you are gracious enough to share. I genuinely appreciate it.

I wanted to share some thoughts. I recently read on your site something regarding night time temps that really solidified a belief that I had. I live in Dallas, and we regularly have summer nights with lows in the 90's. I have seen T. pachanoi plants in California and Australia of mind boggling size. I used to think it was sun and water (the more the better), but I am now all but certain it is largely a result of ideal night time temps. Dallas is a terrible place to grow many plants.

My healthiest Pedros never grow thicker than 3" regardless of how much sun and water they receive. While the brutal daytime heat is a factor, I think the night air is the key. This should be pretty obvious based on the biology of cacti, but it is a factor that really escaped my realization until recently. It explains why a good friend in Portland growing cacti from the same source sees plants with twice the diameter. He feels that he has other problems (particularly with bridgesii) because he is so far from the equator. He believes that the spectrum and duration of light his plants receives is not ideal. He may be crazy, but he is no dummy. There could be something to it.

I was also curious if you have considered grafting any of your peruvians seedlings. You made the statement that all babies look alike. I couldn't put it any better. Years ago I ended up with a seedling sold as a KK242 peruvianus. It grew very poorly for several seasons (due mostly to my inexperience). I had great success grafting slow growing plants to San Pedro, but it never occurred to me to graft a Trichocerus plant since they grow so quickly. I ended up grafting it and in one season it took its full adult form...a KK242 "peruvianus" Obviously I knew what it was before that point, but if I wanted to know what a seedling would grow up to be, I would do it again (and have done it since). I actually use a large KK242 for grafting stock. I get the impression you don't care for Frankstein plants. I certainly understand and respect that.

I still haven't found a "true" peruvianus. Your site has inspired me to resume the hunt. Thanks again, and best of luck to you. -Sean
Sean, Well you are certainly more thoughtful than most. Yeah, they grow best in cool, wet - after I moved from the Bay Area to Central Valley had to put shade net over them and keep em wet in the summer. Best you can do where you are is plant where they get full shade in the afternoon. Set up a misting system to cool them when the sun goes down.

I've purchased 1 gallon per hour nozzles and an intermittent timer to set this up for myself. When I root cuttings in the summer here I use a misting nozzle on a hose and walk down the isle drenching them with mist; but not watering the soil (no roots yet). Did not have to do this back in the cool SF Bay Area.

You're right that Dallas would suck for these plants. I've been to that city. Yes, grafting will do wonders for seedlings. A San Pedro column will blow them up like balloons!

Don't follow you on "...I still haven't found a "true" peruvianus." Your KK242 is the B&R official...and there is just a spectrum of varieties found all over Peru. Its like trying to find a "true human" �is it an American Indian, or an Inuit, or an Aborigine? Or a Mongolian...?

Email #2
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 / Subject: Re: Thanks and some thoughts
From: Sean

Not sure I follow what I meant about true peruvianus either. I haven't been getting much sleep lately :) I guess I have begun to think of the wild forms as "true" even though you are exactly right about the KK242 strain. Maybe it is my dislike for specimens with a KK designation.

It is kind of sad that some areas of research have so few "experts" devoting their time to them that we have to rely on the questionable methodology of people like Knize. I remember reading about him some years back and being left with the impression that he is far from a great scientist. He just happened to be one of the only ones with any extensive field work collecting Trichocereus seeds.

Since most Trichocereus plants in circulation (particularly peruvianus) only come from a handful of sources, seeing the variations in morphology in plants from wild collected seeds make it easy to get a little bored looking at the same old plants. I can't see there being much genetic variation in plants from multiple sources in the same state. I would LOVE to see genetic testing done. It really intrigues me to think about the way cuttings are taken and passed along. I wonder where and when the mother plant from my specimens was first grown. How far has that one plant's branches reached?!?

I have never found a plant labeled peruvianus with spines that remained brown with age (I have only grown plants from five sources). I lost that KK242 to a freeze the first season it was on its own roots. I currently have two plants that were sold as peruvianus. Both appear identical to most KK242 plants I have seen photos of. It is interesting that even when they are a few feet tall, they still don't really look like mature plants.

I acquired one of the plants when it was fairly large (old). The old growth has long spines, but it seems to take more than a year for any new growth or cuttings to show these longer spines. I am colorblind, so it doesn't mean much when I say the older spines aren't brown, but compared to the spines on my bridgesii plants I would say that they are not. They seem to dull and fade after a season.

I have done exactly what you suggest with regards to my placement of the plants. I have a good spot under a tree where they get full sun until about 11:30. They remain in the shade until the sun hits them from the west in the evening. I set my garden hose sprayer to mist and spray them down on hotter nights. The bridgesii plants really hate me from having had them sent from California. I wedge grafted a few pups and small center cut sections (about 1.5") to Opuntia pads. They really take off and are much more tolerant of the heat . I hate having a bunch of Frankensteined plants, but I have had a hard time getting healthy plants going on their own roots. They really seem to hate Dallas, but I really love bridgesii.

I have noticed a couple of interesting things doing this. I grafted a 1" bridgesii tip to a large Peruvianus and a 1" center cut to a small Opuntia pad. Both are growing at the same thickness as the tips of rooted cuttings (pretty skinny), but the graft on the peruvianus is wrinkled and looks dehydrated below the actively growing tip. It is growing in partial shade as described above. The Opuntia graft is fully hydrated, and was left sitting in full sun during most of the summer (Many 100+ degree days). There are even roots growing from the bridgesii piece. I decided to use Opuntia because it grows like a weed in our summers. I think it is the only cactus that really does well here. I can pretty much keep the roots wet (which likely accounts for the more rapid, healthy growth).

Aesthetics aside, I love grafting. That 1" tip on the peruvianus grew to a foot tall in just a few months. Too bad it is only about 1.5" thick :( Anyway. Sorry for the long emails. I don't talk to too many cactus growers. Thanks for your time. -Sean

Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012
Photos from Australia�

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 / Subject: Repotting Cacti
From: Melanie

Hi, I have a Trichocereus peruvianus cactus that I bought from you a while ago, it is beautiful and doing really well. However, it's definitely ready to be repotted. I remember you used to have more specific recommendations for care and repotting on ebay but as you're no longer selling potted cacti I can't find them on there anymore... Is there somewhere else I could find them (do you have a website?) or would it be possible for you to email them to me? I would really appreciate it as I know you are an expert on these cacti :)

I'm specifically wondering whether tiny lava rocks or perlite work better to mix with the potting soil, the proportions to mix, and whether soil with mycorrhizae is beneficial or not? Thank you so much for any advice you can give, I really admire your plants! Melanie
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 / Subject: Your Potting Soil Mix
From: Jacob

I noticed your pictorial article on "Mix your own Potting Soil." Your ingredients were commercial potting soil, Perlite, Coir, and Course Sand. I showed someone online your article and they said they prefer Pumice over Perlite. Is this a smart decision? I'm new to this and don't know which one to chose. Thanks, Jake
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 / Subject: need a bit of guidance on purchasing
From: David

Dear Bobcat, First off I'm very impressed with your site as well as your love for your furry friends/companions. I'm also excited to purchase what looks like the highest quality San Pedro available...here is where I need help.

I am sincere and am not into games like it seems like you run into quite a bit from reading your site...so please bear with me. I don't know a lot about the cyber realm and I can't manage to order direct, I must be doing something wrong. I would like to buy 30 (I haven't decided how much I'll be able to spend when the time comes) or 60lbs.. I would really appreciate it if you would help me figure out what I'm doing wrong. sincerely, David

Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012
From: Brandon

Hello! My name is Brandon, I'm a beginner cactus grower, i'm pretty new but i've had a couple san pedros for about a year. I'm really interested in bridgessi, monstrose form as well as normal, and expanding my collection.

I feel very drawn to these plants. Hoping to hear back from you with any tips on getting started, and possibly acquiring some bridgessi specimines. From Florida, Brandon

P.s. I attatched an image of my collection, I made these cuts some days ago and am eager to see the results. Theyre all babies compared to yours, it was my first time cutting so heres hoping they flourish !

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 / Subject: Soil mix addition...
From: clancy morrison

Hey, I'm loving your website. Lot's of really helpful information Just had a quick question if you don't mind...I'm about to start growing my first cactus - a Bridgesii from cutting. I'm planning on using your basic formula for a soil mix of:

2 parts organic compost
1 parts coconut coir
3 parts of either perlite or pumice
0.25 parts coarse sand

But I'm also planning to add some of this volcanic rock fertilizer to the forumla: http://goo.gl/2Mk5v. This is because from the reading I've done, these Trichocereus species seemingly thrive in and are endemic to the volcanic, mineral-rich soils of the Andes mountain range. My question is: how much of this do you think I should add, and how should I adjust the rest of the formula to compensate?

Thanks a bunch, and keep up the great work - Clancy.

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2012 / Subject: RE: eBay Item
From: "Marshall "

Verne: Thanks for the update. Pls note: I enjoyed and appreciate your website and made me inclined to trust you, but found it frustrating that you had ignored two questions I asked before buying. Looking forward to getting the cactus.

Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2012
From: mistersushi

Hey, Was wondering if you could ship your cuttings to the Philippines and how much would it cost with shipping? Saw your site and your cacti look beautiful. Thinking of maybe ordering some fast growing T.Peruvianus or whatever you would recommend would grow fast and best in our tropical climate. Thanks! MS

Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 / Subject: About trichocereus.com...
From: Bikram

Hi, So what is available is what is on the website I'm lead to when I choose the "contact" link correct? I tried to click on the "buy now" link on your website when I saw things I liked. Nothing happened, so I assume that means its sold already? Sincerely, Brandon/Owner/Director

NOTICE: This electronic transmission/communication contains information from is confidential, may be privileged pursuant to the attorney-client privilege and/or the work product doctrine, and may constitute inside information. ..If you have received this transmission/communication in error, please immediately notify (sender) of your receipt of this transmission/communication by return email or by calling nnnn, and delete this transmission/communication and all copies, including all attachments.

Email #1
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2012

From: "eBay Member: ....da"

Dear zircon6, I purchased a peruvianus cactus from you back in January. In Austin, TX weather it grew probably 12-14 inches from Feb-July, give or take a few because of re-potting it pretty deep. I was totally amazed by the rapid growth. Seaweed emulsion! The top was quite a bit more narrow than the base, though.  However, I just moved out of my apartment and in the moving process, the cactus broke in half! It broke right at a stress point that has been there since I received it, there was a bit of scarring/lack of spikes across maybe a 1.5 inch band.  What's left of the base is about 9 inches from the soil surface, and then I have a big 28-inch broken piece. I lost all of the materials that I received from you, probably somewhere in a box.

What would you recommend I do with the broken ends on both of these? I really would like to save them and was super proud of the progress so far. It's currently 100-some degrees in Austin, unsure about the stress that may be caused. -
Email #2
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2012
/ Subject: re: broken cactus (daniel)
From: D

Hey Verne, Thanks for the quick response! Just to follow up, how much light are they supposed to be getting? From reading the info that came with it, it seemed that the peruvianus likes slightly cooler temps, so I wanted to keep it out of full sun in the summer (since it gets above 90 starting in late May), but the spot on the porch where it was definitely got 6 hours of full sun per day. Anyway, I am not concerned about that as much as the broken pieces.

One more question -- since the broken piece is so long, can I cut that into two and root both of them into new plants? In other words, I'm wondering if the pieces can be cut on BOTH ends, not just the root side. Ideally I would love to cut that big broken piece into two or three chunks and propagate it that way. Thanks again! Best, Dan
Daniel, The skinny growth is called etiolation; due to insufficient light. Broken pieces can be rooted into new plants. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/propagation.htm The remaining base will grow offset tips. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/offset_growth.htm

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 / Subject: About trichocereus.com...
From: David

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for your web site about San Pedro. I pretty much read all of it last night. I like your philosophy and your model of business. If my San Pedro do not make it, I'll definitely go to you. People don't always get thanks for making a really helpful web site. The work you've done is really appreciated. I hope you have a good day and continued success. David Sent from my iPhone

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012
From: "DIANNE "

My friend Lauri  gave me your contact. You helped her with some scale on her cactus. I would like to buy a couple of similar size 11-12� San Pedro Wild Andes, but I need to know if they can be shipped to arrive in Seattle WA by 8/10/12. Also do you have any potted Pachanoi? I would rather not have to sign up on ebay to buy them. dianne

Date: 9 Aug 2012
Dear zircon6, thanks for the years of work it took to have a set up like yours . grate pics . I was wondering if these can grow in the ground in the winter in zone 8b ? some say yes some no . or can i use a long half dome pvc tarp green house that is 4 or 5 feet tall if 8b is too cold? also is there a way to force more new tips than normal from a non tip log? like cutting a small patch out of the second side of a horizontal planted log? thanks and any other words of wisdom would be grately appreciated . till then mmat

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2012 / Subject: cactos san pedro
From: R Roger

Hello I wonder if you send trichocereus cuts for Brazil ... and also if payment is made by google checkout ...I await contact Roger.

Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2012 / Subject: Re: Google Cactus:
From: Jeffrey

Awesome. I appreciate the update. Of all the online vendors I checked out in search of san pedro, you seemed the most professional (and also super passionate about the cactus). I'm looking forward to receiving it. Thanks, Jeff

Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 / Subject: Re: About San Pedro specimens
From: stacey 

All I can say is wow! I am beyond impressed at the lengths you guys went to make sure my beautiful cactus was shipped safe and unharmed! You guys definatley go above and beyond customer service and typical expectations. I will definatley be returning my business to y'all and refering my friends as well!

By the way, is there anywhere I can post a positive review for you guys or your business online. I would love to help convince others who are searching online for cactus that you guys are the way to go.

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012
From: Brady

Hey verne, Sorry to bother you but I had a quick question. I've read all about planting cuttings on your site, and how it says to barely water them. I had to leave home for two days and came back and my babies had been caught out in the rain. My girlfriend, (not having read as much about them as I) did not think to bring them inside for the shower. My question is, should I pull them all out and recallous the cuts while the soil dries and build some kind of visquene cover for the future? or is a little rain ok if I used a 50% perlite mix like you suggest?

Thanks a lot verne. The cacti look beautiful and healthy. And might I say, that was a very impressive packing job. Took me at least 10 minutes to carefully get each one out haha. Appreciate it ;). I know where I'll go if i ever desire more cacti.

Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 / Subject: Sacred Cactus website
From: Ilias

hi, i reside in Greece and my name is ilias. i have a 4 feet Pachanoi which i transplanted a week ago i bought cacti soil and mixed with perlite in an big plastic pot , as the clay ones had only a couple of holes at the bottom. i also extensively cleaned the roots with a brush , found only a worm before putting the plant back to soil
After consulting a site , i watered the soil to come off easier from the roots. i left it to dry out for an hour before repotting. Never watered ever since ,i returned after weekend holiday to see this should i leave it to dry its own way out or should i do anything? as you can see i used a stick to keep it straight because it bends a lot thanks a lot
Ilias K.

Content-Type: application/zip; name="attachments.zip" / attachments.zip
Sorry, but I am NOT going to open a .zip file attachment.

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 / Subject: A quick question?
From: Carson

Hi there bob I was wondering if you could help me figure something out. I baught a perouvian torch (And not for the mescalin) but for its high growing potential. Well my mother made me plant it in some commercial cactus soil that consisted of peat moss, perlite, and sand.

I decided to add some perlite to the mix to make it more airy when I planted the plant. She also made me put about two inches of soil over top of the plant itself. The plant is about two feet high; and I was wondering if I should do anything to it to fix it. Also worth noting is that I am using two CFL light bulbs that give an equivalent of 125W of energy out. The only problem is is that it hits only one side if the plant (I think I am going to have to rotate it although it hits about half of the plant) I have not watered it yet for I just transplanted it today. -C R
Your Mother made you
"put about two inches of soil over top of the plant itself"?

Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 / Subject: Sacred Cactus website
From: marshall

hello I've been reading your webpage regarding Karel Knize and Im a little confused. I've heard that kk242 is a fast growing Peruvian torch hybrid. you seem to imply that it was ether created by or collected by Karel Knize. so my first question is, was kk242 introduced by Karel Knize? and my next question would be is kk242 relay the well preforming plant everyone claims it to be and if so is there a reliable source for it? if you could answer these questions for me it would be greatly appreciated. sincerely, Marshall Horton
My webpages about KK242 and the San Pedro hybrid try to explain a few things�

� A response to eBay sellers offering small sections of the hybrid cross peruvianus x san pedro.

� That the "official" Trichocereus Peruvianus is a plant growing wild in Matucana, Peru. The famous botanists Britton & Rose listed it almost 100 years ago. Today, that location is also the seed/cutting collection site of a man named Karel Knize (KK) who assigned it number 242. Thus KK242 = a Peruvianus growing wild in Matucana, Peru.

� That Karel Knize is very old and apparently just takes people's money without shipping the seed anymore.

What sellers on eBay claim about KK242 to make money may be pure hype�
1. Excessive publicity and the ensuing commotion: the hype surrounding the murder trial.
2. Exaggerated or extravagant claims made especially in advertising or promotional material: "It is pure hype, a gigantic PR job" (Saturday Review).
3. An advertising or promotional ploy: "Some restaurant owners in town are cooking up a $75,000 hype to promote New York as 'Restaurant City, U.S.A.'" (New York).
4. Something deliberately misleading; a deception: "[He] says that there isn't any energy crisis at all, that it's all a hype, to maintain outrageous profits for the oil companies" (Joel Oppenheimer).
tr.v. hyped, hyp�ing, hypes
To publicize or promote, especially by extravagant, inflated, or misleading claims: hyped the new book by sending its author on a promotional tour.

- Verne

Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 / Subject: Are termites in my soil a problem?
From: Ryan

Having found some termites under my pot of trichocereus pachanoi and right below the surface area, is that a big problem? How do I get rid of them? My cacti are healthy and show no signs of rot what so ever, heck they are doing great! Now after raining yesterday I think they are only attracted to the moist soil but I am not really sure. Looked for some small rotting sticks around the area. What else should I do in a situation like this?
Thank you much!

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012
From: Steve

Hello. My name is Steve Weaver and I'm a plant hobbyist living in the Midwest (central Indiana). I've been admiring your website and am interested in purchasing one or two trichocereus plants. Would you mind answering just a couple of questions for me, please (and I will do my best not to come across as overbearing or needy)?

Even though I grow cacti (mostly echinocactus, echinocereus and ferocactus species) and cycads (encephalartos mainly), and I'm not a total novice with xeric plants, I've never grown a trichocereus. Do you know if the species are tolerant of humidity? It's the only cultural factor that I don't have a lot of control over during the summer when my plants go outdoors.

Also, if you wouldn't mind recommending a plant or two, I would greatly appreciate your time and consideration. I'm mainly interested in the potted cuttings from 2011 that are featured on your website--basically a cultivar (or species) that has noteworthy hardiness, vigorous growth and doesn't have to grow twenty feet tall or into a large specimen clump before it's able to bloom. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Steve

Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 / Subject: Rauhocereus riosaniensis var. jaenensis
From: Greg S

Dou you happen to sell this plant?? Thanks, Greg

Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 / Subject: Re: eBay Item
From: Donald 

Thank you so much!! Especially for ending the one auction so I could get the other KK242. In all honesty, I'm quite interested in the traditional shamanistic uses of these cacti. I may be headed in the right direction now.

I was wondering though is if you have any opinion of this. As I said, after *much* research, I find a good deal of the information to be had is contradictory. Regardless, you have the best specimens I've seen *anywhere* and intend to acquire as many more as I can.

You wouldn't by chance know any collectors/nurseries who offer the NON prohibited Lophophora perhaps? Those are all totally gorgeous and if I'm reading the laws correctly it seems that only L. Williamsii is a prohibited species. I'm having some rather serious issues with my health now though and I don't have 7-8 years to wait for a flower after growing from seed. Thanks for everything and you have a truly outstanding day sir! Regards, Donald

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 / Subject: Re: eBay Item
From: Greg S

Thanks Verne, Always a pleasure doing business with you. The cacti I bought two years ago are thriving! Greg

Date: 14 Jun 2012 / Subject: growing inside?

I have a nice collection of Trichocereus, some of which i bought from you (ebay). I've a question that i hope you could answer(if its a complicated answer i will pay you for the advice! your site is great and deserves support anyway), for i havent gotten any great answers on message boards.

I keep them on the porch, and only a few can get any direct light because of the way my house is positioned, so i must rotate them.

I am in North Florida, and this poses two problems. First, we do get freezing temps in the winter. Second, we get a lot of rain. so i cannot plant them outside because they would either get soaked or frozen. Thus, they all must be potted. It is my understanding that if the soil gets soaked then my columnar "friends" will rot. I assume the reason you're able to grow them in the ground and outside because of your climate(less rain)?

Main questions: How would someone in my location/position grow them properly. how do you manage so many cacti/how can i?  I keep mine on the porch because if it suddenly rained i/my cacti would be screwed. I suppose you dont have to do this? Current ideas: buy or build a greenhouse or a shelter with a plexiglass roof in an area that gets good sun, or maybe just set up a fluorescent light on a timer for the cacti in the back of the porch.

Thanks for taking the time - I am pretty desperate for help. Jason

I don't own a greenhouse - just white tarps over frames. No heat. Plexiglass houses and such will overheat and burn. Light is too intense - you always see greenhouses painted white for that reason. (They use watered down white latex paint) Rain is the best thing for these plants - pure, distilled H2O. They come from equatorial mountains bathed in warm clouds.

California has a rainy season - you may see on the news every year the floods. It rains like hell. We get pacific storms called "the pineapple express" of warm rain. My plants love it and get rich green, vibrant and healthy. I leave them in their pots in a grow house with only a 30% shade net roof. They are drenched in winter rain. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/2012farmtour3.htm

Over watering occurs when the pots can't drain and the roots drown. Mine have no problem because its winter - cold, short days. Too much water in HOT times can be bad. Not in winter.

http://sanpedrocactus1.com/san_pedro_cactus_flowering2.htm - this link shows plants during the rainy season. They flowered. 've never been to Florida so have no experience or advice about zone hardiness there.

San Pedro planted in the earth here in California can handle the rainy season - mine always have because the roots become huge like trees. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/index29.htm

Small specimens in small pots have problems because its not a natural environment. Small pots over heat and cook the roots or spawn unhealthy fungus or something. Always up-pot to large containers with large drainage holes. I use a 3/4" drill bit to make lots of holes in those blue 20 gallon tubs. Lowes has them and Walmart for about $8.

These plants I moved in 2004 are still in the blue plastics tubs shown - and outdoors in the natural rain - and have produced hundreds of cuttings. http://sanpedrocactus1.com/index24.htm

100% sun is too intense and afternoon shade better. I grow an entire field under a 30% shade net strung over poles. They like that. This is all I know.

- Verne

Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2012
Subject:cactus bud removal / From: Brooke Dean

Good morning! I have spent a few enjoyable hours noodling around on your site and garnering some great information, but not the answer to my exact question. I was given a seedling of some variety of Peruvian Torch a few years ago, and I have loved it since it and all it's many brethren were tiny tiny babies I misted for my friend when he would go on vacation.

It's growth rate has not been phenomenal, but it's been doing all right hibernating in the winter and being put out in the hot and humid VA summers. Last year in the spring before I put it outside my cat got curious (what a surprise!) and nibbled on it at the top and middle of the column, because apparently one taste wasn't enough, and you can still see teeth marks where he got it at the middle in the picture I'm sending.

Where the punctures were at top, two buds appeared and have gotten pretty fat since I put it back out for summer this year. Should I cut them off and replant them separately or let them do what they want? If I cut them, what do I do about the tip of my parent plant, just let it dry out?

I know I need to do it now while it's still hot and dry them out. They didn't really do anything for a year, but this year they just took off, and I want to do what's best for my cactus so it grows healthy and strong, but I haven't been able to find the answer to this exact situation. Thank you so much for your site and I appreciate all the help you've already given. Have a wonderful day! Brooke. Hiking ever higher, pushing ever farther

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 / Subject: Please, help me to identify my varietes / From: David

Helo, I was wandering would you be so kind to help me identify my Trichocereus cactii. I bought some seeds , I guess from Holland (Europe), if I dont make mistake. 2005-2006y, cant remember the year , even the site.

I live in Serbia, Europe. Oh, .. on some of them I cut-off central spine (4-5cm) 'cose I regulary hurt myself (too small room). I know its "wrong" but I dont have any other solution. Thanks in advance. Sincerely, D.

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012

Good afternoon, My name is Mark Bishop and I have a cactus that was transplanted without my knowledge and obtained a gash on its side. I left it alone and thought that it would heel on its own however it recently formed a black spot. I have cut away the affected area and powdered with garden dust to help keep away fungus. I was curious what else I need to do or what I need to redo to make sure that this lives and not dies. Thank you in advance for your help. Kind Regards,
Mark Bishop

Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012
From: cody redfern

Verne, I've been having a little trouble finding your ebay store, not to mention I have never actualy bought anything from ebay. I was looking to expand my collection faster than they can pup and your website is the most well put together place to find information about every step of the process. If you are still in any type of business of selling some specimins you should contact me and maybe we can work out some kind of deal.

You have/had an amazing collection and you express your feelings about e-bay deadbeats and try to unveil unfairness about untrue people such as KK, and that shows alot about your respect for other people, which sucks when people take advantage of that with the paypal scam.
Wow. Its nice of you to give me such sincere compliments. Here is a picture of my new dog. She is a livestock guardian who lives with the sheep, in the sheep enclosure. Because she guards them I named her Angel, as in Guardian Angel.

While this may not seem apropos...it is in the way I see things.


Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 / Subject: RE: eBay Item
From: "Doug "

Verne,  I really appreciate you replacing that cutting. Like I said in a previous email, I am happy with it and wasn�t complaining and I certainly wasn�t trying to get something for free. So, again, thanks for going the extra mile, I really appreciate your great service and great product. I�ll be buying something again soon. Like I said before�. Trying to rebuild my collection. I�m looking for probably a T. bridgesii next�.. Have to save up a little more. The potted cactus arrived today also. Everything in good shape. Thanks again.

Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 / Subject: san pedro
From: roger 

my cactus arrived today, thank you for the care you took in packing them. i will be ordering more for here at the house and out at the ranch in the near future. thank you again. Roger nnn

Date: Sun, 20 May 2012
From: "Natural Goodness- jake"

dear sirs, I don�t mean to sound like an idiot by asking you directly but, id like to buy a pack of San Pedro seeds. how much are they including shipping? id also like to ask how much a San Pedro seedling cost including shipping. I am serious about buying one or the other if not both. I will not waist your time. thank you for your patients with me truly. jacob

Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 / Subject: Sacred Cactus website
From: Red <redtulley@yahoo.com>

Have what I believe to bring, a dwarf San Pedro. Caused by years of be'n trapped in a small pot








- Verne

Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 Subject: Re: Google Checkout Item
From: matt 

I just received my order from you and I wanted to write to thank you for such beautiful plants. The packaging was superb as well. I can't wait to propagate these amazing species! Thank you again!!

Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 / Subject: from pete
From: "Pete "

muchas gracias, from pete in colorado, my good friend you gave me last fall is doing well, thank you for doing what you do!

Date: Sat, 5 May 2012
From: Tedd

Hello Bobcat,

I was looking at your website planning to purchase San Pedro. There is no information about the size, length of your San Pedro cactus. Shipping weight doesn�t tell me much. I am ready to purchase with a little more information.

I would like to speak with someone by phone if possible. I have been growing San Pedro for three years, but I am in Florida where it is very humid. All the pups are about 1.5 inches in diameter as opposed to three inches from the original cutting.

I was hoping someone might have some suggestions, if you will give me your phone number.

If not, my number is 727-214-0477

Thanks Tedd Driver

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012
From: James

Just a quick note to thank you again. Your Alaska-transplanted San Pedro kid is doing quite well. It has already grown more than an inch.

I may in fact take it home where it may get both eastern and southern sun exposure and we will have more space for it to grow than in my office (although I do not anticipate that it will grow to the large proportions that it does down in California and other lower latitudes.)

Photos from my house�

Date: April 6, 2012
Hello,I wrote to you a while ago, but got no response. Just wanted to double-check if you can ship cacti to Canada. Thanks a lot! -Alex
"No international sales�plants cannot be exported without very time consuming, expensive paperworksuch as Dept. of Agriculture quarantine, phytosanitary permit, customs declarations, etc."

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 / From: Ryan

Hello, I love your site and visit it quite frequently but I have a quick question if you don't mind answering it (I won't be offended if you don't respond...I'm sure your inbox gets swamped). I let my San Pedros pretty much go to crap over the winter. They were inside, under great light, but just never really got around to watering them. Now, they are thin, sagging, and soft in parts. Is it best to just chop them up into little pieces and re-pot, or just take the tips, or something else? I follow all of your instructions for soils and potting. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks, Ryan

Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 / Subject: A few questions

Hello, First of all I want to thank you for putting so much information on your website about these wonderful cactus! Okay, two things. First, I have recently purchased a small seedling from a swap meet here in southern california. The man I bought it from did not have any cactus knowledge at all and didn't know if it was a bolivian torch or a san pedro. I like both of them and would be happy with either I'm just very curious as to which spiecies it is. I attached a picture of it and was wondering if you would be able to identify it? Second, that trichocereus spachianus that you have on your 2008 rooted cuttings page is gorgeous! I'm wondering if you have any cuttings for sale and for how much? Thank you for your time. -Randall

Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2012 / From: Gerald
Subject: The four san pedro arrived in dandy shape.

Hiya Verne, Barney chin rubbing new arrivals yesterday, gives a tails up, after my thumbs up as per skill at packing for transit at your end, pretty much ensuring safe arrival no matter how handled in transit.  All four will get a different location, " with room to move, roots that is" in the Earth. I feel they will do well here in Port Aransas, tx. A mile from the gulf, and backing on wetlands is perfect distance to keep salt air off them. Homes closer to the beach can't grow much that does not grow in sand dunes. Solid zone 9 sometimes bordering a ten. Man,,,,,, in a few years these youngsters are going to be grownups! Thats so very cool. Thank you for selling on ebay.
My highest recommendations to all at your end.

Peace, Gerald

Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 / From: James

Verne, Thank you for the cactus. I was totally impressed by the diligent care that you gave to packing it. It arrived looking very healthy. You packed it exactly as described on your website. You gave clear and accurate advice about the shipping process and cost to Alaska. I also greatly appreciate the complimentary instructions for cactus care that you provided. I am a very satisfied customer who recognizes and appreciates your honorable business practices and interest that you show your customers. I have the cactus sitting in my east-facing office overlooking the front range of the Chugach Mountains, soaking up the growing daylight as we are now past vernal equinox and gaining about 5 min and 40 seconds of more daylight each day. I hope that your adorable Solar Lamby is doing well. Warm regards, Jim

Nice to know that San Pedro is alive and well in Alaska. Thanks.

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 / From: Shannon
Subject: Concerning payment for Peruvian Torch cactus...

Dear Verne,

I'm really interested in your 18" Peruvian torch cactus. Now that I'm in Georgia, I could keep her outside most of the year to catch plenty of sun. I didn't have much luck in Tennessee, but I think being a few hundred more miles south will help. I do have a small request regarding payment. I have ordered from you in the past and I would like to order again, but I may need to ask for another option for payment. My debit card # was stolen a month ago and my credit card # stolen a couple of weeks ago. I think both cases were via the internet, so I am a little worried about using my cards on the internet right now. Actually, my old credit card # is still being reviewed by the fraud department. The old card # was stolen and used on Paypal, so I cannot use my new card # via Paypal right now. With Paypal's loose requirements, I am reluctant to put my debit card information in their system. Is there another way I could pay you? (I could send a money order if you would like.) If you could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Shannon C.

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2012 / From: Scott / Subject: Hello friend! San Pedro question

Hello, I was just reading over your sacredcactus website, which is just a wealth of great knowledge. But I had a couple questions and was hoping you had a moment to help. I bought a San Pedro tip cutting (11")...planted it 2" deep in an 8" terra cotta pot with premium cactus mix soil I got from Zamzows...and it has been sitting for a little over a month. It sits on a counter in a brightly lit room, but for the first few weeks I was moving it into direct sunlight. Now, the tip looks a bit tapered, so I'm not sure how to remedy this. I'm no longer giving it direct sunlight..will it just correct itself? The soil was never watered, so it's real dry..should I water it? If so, how much? Should I pull it from the pot and try a different approach? Any advice, tips, or guidance you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. :)
Love & light, Scott Levitt

Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 / Subject: san pedro / From: Matic

dear mr My name is Matic and i am from Slovenia, a small country right next to Italy. I have always wanted to grow these big huge cactus here but i cannot get a hold of a good seed seller. I think these sellers are trying to rif me off with soooo high prices. I was thinking if you could maybe send me some seeds over post for which i will pay no problem. If you would be so kind and decide to send them here is my address:
Matic magister
Milcinskega 3
3000 Celje
European Union

I understand if you do not wish to send the seeds, i just thought id give it a try and find you in a good mood. Looking at your page i see you really know what you are doing and i respect that. Thank you for your time and i wish you all the best regards Matic

I know Slovenia! In 1971 Virginia and I rode our Triumph motorcycle from England to Greece and back. We went through Yugoslavia to get to Greece because Albania was a closed communist country. If I lived there I'd move to California.

Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 / From: Clint
Subject: seeking info on san pedro cactus

Hi, I was looking over your very extensive site, learning about the San Pedro Cactus. We have a very large one (about 15 feet tall with a 3-4 ft diameter at the base). It has been planted in the ground for probably 30 to 40 years and appears to be in excellent health. Problem is, it is in a bad spot and we would like to take it out. The question is, would something this size be marketable and if it was, what would one sell it for? I would be very interested in any info you might be able to share with me. You may email me or reach me on my cell phone. thanks much,
clint 805-nnn-7247

I don't own a cell phone.

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012

Hello i was interested in getting multiple pedro and torches. i looked on ebay and was just wondering if you could do a lot for cheaper and cheaper shipping. Also if you could let me know what kind were available id appreciate it.

Thanks mason

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 / From: salvatore ccccc

Hi, I'd be interested to purchase pachanoi. I wanted to know your prices and if sent in Italian, thanks

Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 / From: Dave
Hey Raccoony, Mate I wont keep bothering you. I think soon enough I will just order some cuttings but had just remembered I once found this young cactus in a bin after it had been disgarded by a student who bought it as a prop for a photo. Can you believe that? Anyway I had to save him. Still been having a few problems trying to ID Peruvians but was wondering if this might be one. Just wasn't sure due to the spikes being different from most photos I have seen and the images on the link you sent me. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help.
All the best from Aus.

Not a Trichocereus

(below) Paul found an arrowhead in the desert around Joshua Tree

(right) Paul also saw chemtrails

(below) a Dali art tattoo

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 / From: "linnea"
Subject: San pedro getting tall but still skinny!

I've had this cactus for a few years now - it came from the top of a friend's plant, that was blown over and broken off in a storm. I rooted it in a pot, without any real research or trouble. I admit, the first pot I had it in was doubtless much too small,
and I waited too long before repotting it. But it has grown well, certainly tall, and I've taken cuttings from it twice. But all of them - my original plant and both the repotted cuttings, have stayed very skinny. I've attached a photo to show you. The tallest here is the original plant and it's in a 10-inch pot. You can see both times a cutting was taken, it grew an offshoot on the same side. At this rate, I'll be in bad need to cut it again this spring since it's so tall and skinny it will fall over soon if I don't! I would love it if I could get these guys to grow fatter, so they'd have more of a base to hold up the height if they grow tall.

I live in Oregon and they stay indoors near our sunniest window. They are planted in a mix that's about 40% perlite, 40% potting soil, and 20% sand. Any advice on making them fatter? Any advice on how to rearrange things when I am ready to take cuttings in the spring?  Thanks in advance!

... hummbleBee
Dear HummbleBee,

Cactus need light. Without enough light they just don't have the energy for photosynthesis. Your plants are "etiolated".

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 / Subject: Re: Google cactus / From: Linni

Thanks! I may add another one to the order since this will not go out till Monday. Just moved into a new home and was not able to bring my cactus with me (I bought a specimen from you a few years back that I really miss). Now i have the *perfect* spot that I can just envision creating a gorgeous grove and introducing a few of your cacti to :) So don't be surprised if you start seeing my name pop up over the next few months.

Thank YOU!!

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 / From: William  / Subject: Something Cool!

I got some seedlings last year (last couple months) and I was so happy, I checked them every day, when I woke up, when I went to sleep... I read for days to make sure I didn't water too much or not enough.. well, sometime in nov dec, I learned what too much attention means.. I had these in a terrible spot, a danger zone for little cacti... I was just getting them a drink but the motion I made caused a heavy bottle full of metal stuff to fall and chop one of my tender babies in half... was ironic, the day before I was reading about someone having issues with a wet cutting and they used a blowdryer on low to dry it out (to prevent mold) and there was more to the story ( this led to me just coming up with something to do in a panic).. my little cuttings (breakings maybe?) were about 1 inch a piece and about the width of a nickel, maybe smaller.. I had to clean some dirt out of the cut and since there no such thing as a sterile qtip, I just washed them gently and blew the water away gently with the dryer on low.. I put the rooted one back in the dirt and I let the top break dry for a week or so, til it was really dry... The rooted half, seemed to be okay in a few days, I left it dry several days and then got it back on the water schedule, then the ribs got fat...

As it says everywhere I researched, never water a dry cutting, even a tiny one (just mist them, I know, I know, til they have roots) ... So I stuck the top half in dirt but left it dry... well, not a month later I decided to take pictures of all my projects and my nature family... and it looked like the top half that had been in dirt for 2 weeks was shriveling away... I wasn't gonna water it yet, but I did by mistake meaning to water the one next to it... go figure, 24 hours later, it puffed up again and looks great... who would've thunk, with some tlc, a one inch tip, not even half inch thick, could be rooted with good soil and tlc... course it may be the strain, maybe the species, maybe the cacti gods (it's Gaia) but im just wow... I even think you would have told me its gone, course I understand you got lots and lots of babies and responsiblities and so I don't blame ya... (or maybe you would have told me to never give up!) but I wasnt' gonna give up on this little dude... look at these pics! 1/11 and 1/12... in case you post all of this on your page (that I just discovered, don't know how I missed your blog the last time I spent hours on there, perhaps a.d.d), I think this would be a great help for someone not so ready to give up on these little rugged boogers in the event of "special" divine intervention....

I hope you do post it, or maybe it'll inspire you to turn a frown upside down... another wierd thing.. I got some cuttings maybe a foot or so... they were cut in november in a zone 9 area (S. Texas) ... dried for a week, mailed and then put up in my closet for a wait until spring.. well... another go figure.. two of them just started shooting out root buds! They didnt' wanna wait for spring.. I didn't try to trick them I was just really nice to them, (didn't even spray them w/water tho) and made sure there was no mold... frankly, I just encouraged them to be themselves... and they did! Now I need leaf mold and more worm shit! Im not trying to prove you wrong, but in a way it means ur right, nature has its own schedule, and its own clock (no matter how hard they try to make a quartz into a time piece, it'll always be a quartz) Hope you enjoy my little short story and Goddess Bless!

P.S. thats one of the very few short stories I ever wrote in my whole life... did you see how I disguised two events as one story, (my new technique, COPYRIGHT) I wrote one in Kindergarten but it was never published cause somehow the cover was glued on upside down, and in spite of the material, it was not allowed to compete in the city finals :( --> :) < laff, that'll show them... I should design a line of books with the cover upside down to show the public school system what true originality is all about... smirk .. oh and last p.s. actually a p.s.q. can you tell i've been reading your site alot by my sense of humor in the last two emails? you are quite an influence Verne! :)
Hi Verne...I wasn't sure if you ever got my email b4, but aha, I found it on your blog! lol... Well, last time when I tried to bid on your ebay auctions, I was doing so w/out a paypal account ( but pd dozens of times as a guest)... and when I clicked "Bid" it said, user requires paypal acct or something... well , I didn't actually get to bid because of that but I purchased some gorgeous Andes Torches from you off of your site ( I didn't know your site existed at first and took me a day or so to realize it was the same auctions (thanks to your lovely blankets) ... Well... Im back, after gawking at your pics for over a month, I gave in and re opened an ebay account, verified address, account everything, 100% positive feedback (and I've only ever left one neg to a jackass who never responded to a missing item but anwered paypal in the first half hour)

I really can't afford most of your stuff but I was charmed by your Fastest V. Ugly w/Brain Damage... I've seen that one expire b4... It kind of reminds me of me when I was growing up... The teachers, the schools, the churches the authority, just couldnt handle me... mama was very worried and put me in a lockdown psych place cause she was worried about me... Doctor said I had brain damage and would never function in society... Well. I did! I don't give two shits about society but I mastered it in my early 20's til I realized most of my friends are fakes, and that happiness has absolutely nothing to do with money (and if you think it does you aren't really happy)

Not all of my friends though.. nature (especially the dogs and Paul Lee the mouthy red headed conure) never let me down! I started out with trees, Japanese Maples, but luckily before I spent my life savings in 2009 on living art, I realized that the climate here is just not right for norther hemisphere trees with few exceptions... so now, I thought about that lovely fastest v. ugly and just a few minutes ago I decided that all the guy needs is some love, water and worm castings (and a huge rolling pot).. but now your ebay is telling me to screw off again! I've done everything you wanted Verne! Why Me! I Love you maaaaaan!

lol Im wondering , did I piss you off with my feedback or something? I hope not- being honest is not a virtue (it really isn't especially for getting chicks) , but things I say never seem bad to me until I read them 30 days later... I was only upset that I couldn't buy more from you!... (wait it still doesn't seem that bad@ what I said) ... Perhaps this is a protection mechanism designed by nature get me to think this through before I adopt another happy cactus instead of filling my tank with petrol so I can think of the good dictators that keep their pinky fingers on the price of oil and their thumbs on the red "nuke" button, as I ponder, on the way to anywhere, how much better life would be if we all had bicycles and were forced to make eye contact with ppl everyday....

oh well... sigh...

I hope you grant me the opportunity to raise this needy child... i'll try and bid again when theres a minute left, if not then maybe i'll just throw that money in a jar so I can save up and get back to Lima (I was Tupac Amaru in a past life)... if not, thats okay too! but I hope so :) Sweet Dreams :), ... one more :) just to balance things out... ttyl

Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 / From: Tom

The pictures on the web site are great! I've been growing some of my cacti for 18 years...and still no flowers! One day. Ive been a member (non-Indian) of the Native American Church for 43 years and love growing cactus. Good luck to you always ! You have my e-mail address should you want to contact me. I'd enjoy hearing from you, and I do understand your life is very full, but meeting other serious cactus people is a fruitful endeavor. Be well. Sincerely, Tom.

What you say about people is true enough...but there are a lot of folks around who have much to offer; goodwill, useful wisdom, comfort, love. Back in the 80's someone said to me, "A friend in need is a friend to avoid". Funny, sorta, but not how I like to be. Those are two great lookin' canine companions. I've got a mutt for the first time in my life. She's half corgi and half chihuahua and a fraction of terrier. Smart, funny, intelligent. Yeah, dogs just love unconditionally. Keep on keepin' on...Tom.

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 / From: Ross
Thank you Verne, and the others are happy and have grown as expected. Will send pictures soon. Your friend, Ross

Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 / From: Dave

Hello my name is Dave. I love your website,lots of great info.Unfortunately there is a border between us, so i cant order any (from canada). For christmas my uncle gave me this lovely cactus which I believe is a San pedro. Since your an expert in this area I was wondering if you could help me correctly identify this cactus. Thanks a lot!

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Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 / From: Maria / Subject: Cactus story

Hello, my name is Maria. I am a student in Sweden writing my thesis about Peruvian emigrants online participation and maintenance of transnational ties. I came across your website and was wondering if you or your family moved from Peru at some point or if you just like this Peruvian type of cactus ? :) In first case, if possible could write a bit about why you/your family moved and how and why you opened the cactus business. I would greatly appreciate your help.

PS Happy New Year!

All melted now, but was nice to see,,,

This is why Paul brings his collection of
Trichocereus inside his studio during the winter.

(right) Paul's collection moved indoors to prevent freezing.

2012 was another year of planetary devastation caused by global climate change.

It was the hottest year on record�record breaking heat waves in the midwest cooked the corn crop as it tried to mature.

Hurricane Sandy was the largest on record when it slammed into New York City.

What will 2013 bring?

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