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Cactus Log: 2011

Updated: Jan. 1, 2012

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With a real farm to run I do not have time to open numerous large image files as some sort of anonymous "specimen identification" service. Please understand the time limitation that precludes my having email chat with you. ( I have a farm to run, compost to make, animals and plants to tend...dogs to play with...)

Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2011 / From: John Butler <nnnnnnn....@gmail.com>

Merry Christmas Verne!
My cacti, cats, wife and I thank you for the hard work and wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.
Thank you! It is nice to be appreciated.
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 / Subject: Beautiful Cacti and more

Hi: I just stumbled across your site. I got interested in Trichocereus when I was in medical school >20 years ago. I have one specimen left in my backyard which is doing well with no help from me. I just wanted to say that you have some beautiful specimens and lots of good info on your site. Your dogs are also really beautiful. And you gotta love that tie-dye shirt from the 70's. I'm sure you're busy, so no reply is necessary. I'll probably contact you after the holidays and pick up a few specimens. Thanks, Jeff Roberts
Thank you! It is nice to be appreciated.

Winter sunrooms
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 / Subject: About trichocereus.com... / From: Dave <nnnnnnnnn....@gmail.com>

Hi, I purchased a couple of torches from you and I'm not too sure what to do with them now that it's getting cold outside, I live in the northeast.

It's it ok to leave them in their pots and bring them inside for the winter without watering? Do they still need sunlight?
Yes, they still need sunlight. We all do.

Consult a local nursery about your local growing conditions? There are local affiliates of the
Cactus & Succulent Society all over the USA and in other countries. Learn how people in your region care for their collections in the winter.


One of my website visitors, Jesse in Canada, sent the photo at right.

My inexpensive PVC pipe/wood frame sun deck was a worthwhile project. Later I learned to use white tarps that allow plenty of diffuse light,  cost less and last longer than 6 mil plastic.






(right) Paul Tureki moves his collection inside to avoid the
freezing temperatures of the desert where he lives.

(below) Paul's pit of cacti. He is the best customer I have ever had, but more significantly he is the most interesting & enlightened one as well.

Paul is an artist, wilderness guide, construction carpenter,
mountain climber, world traveler, and former Alaskan helicopter skier.

Scroll down to see the cougar tracks next to his own.

(right) Jesse in Canada has this sunroom. See the snow outside?
(above) Turecki collection
(below) Yates cacti sunroom
(below) Cacti collector Paul lives in a wilderness area. His desert hikes are shadowed by his cat spirit�a cougar.
December 22, 2011 / Spent the afternoon with the cougar, I'm quite sure we were within talking distance for a couple hours, these were seconds old on the way in, and he left a big shit for me on my track by the time I doubled back,,, I think we're beginning to get along, not terrified of being alone with it anymore,, I'm guessing around 200 pounds,,,,

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 / Subject: Hi Verne ! / From: Amy <aj@bohemiaprinting.com>

It's Amy in Michigan. We ordered 10lbs of san pedro from you in Sept. and they arrived beautiful and vibrant and are doing well. We would like to order san pedro as gifts this year, and wondered if we can get sections that count 7 this time. There was one seven sectioned cactus in our mostly six section order last time. I've heard the 8 are rare ?
We saw some in the market at Cuzco. Thank you SO much, and would love to talk with you sometime. If we can do a trade for some tee shirts for you to sell at your ebay store - please let us know, as I'm sure you've collected some nice art in the past few years. We have just returned from Chavin De Huantar, Cuzco, Ollyantaytambo, and spent lots of hours looking at mother plants growing in the wild in the Sacred Valley. Magical ! Looking forward to hearing from you!

"Speaking with kindness creates confidence,
thinking with kindness creates profoundness,
giving with kindness creates love."
~Lao Tsu

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 / Subject: help with book / From: MK cactus <nnnnnnnnnnn....@gmail.com>

Hello Can you help me please? I have littele question for you but it means so important for me. Book called Trout's Notes on: San Pedro & related Trichocereus species by Trout & friends was printed in full-color pages or only black and white?Please answer me, its so important for me.Thank you Martina from Slovakia. P.S. Sorry for my horrible english

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2011 / From: todd dattilio <nnnnnn...@hotmail.com> / Subject: RE: Glad you're happy

I appreciate it!....Maybe Wild Andes in the spring.....ill be returning mr. verne. Very nice plants! I think i got one grafted san pedro / bridgesii from you a couple years ago.... two tips are now over 5 feet tall with long golden spines on the bridgesii. XCELLENT PLANT.... and the doggie humor is also appreciated......Respect, todd
Thanks for taking time to appreciate the effort behind all this...Its always fun to have a happy customer.

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 From: nicholas arthur <nnnnn,,,@yahoo.com> / Subject: ***sacred cactus payment***
Hello, I did receive this package and i was under the impression it had been payed for. I think the bank closed the account during the transaction period...Calling me a deadbeat online is not the proper way to go about resolving this issue. I did not enjoy finding this page >>>http://www.sacredcactus.com/nick_palinkas_echeck.htm. I will send you the funds you are owed if you did not receive them but i will not do so until this page is taken down. Please contact me via this email thank you. Nicholas Palinkas

Dear Nick the deadbeat, You have owed me $39.55 for 5 years. There would also be a bounced check fee of... - oh what do other businesses charge for a bounced check? OK, say $20. So you owe $59.55 for 5 years - what do other businesses charge for interest? About 15%/year? That is less than credit card interest but no matter. OK so 5 years compounded is a total of $119.78. You go ahead and send that via PayPal to my email address: zircon6@matthewhenson.org. Thank you so much for contacting me Nick - just go ahead and pay what you owe. Thanks!

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 / Subject: Organic SEO / From: Ben Mulder <madeseolink@gmail.com>

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Dear Mr. Mulder, I am thrilled to learn my "Social Profile" is not available blah, blah, blah...

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 / From: "William " <nnnnnn....@gmail.com> / Subject: Your ebay auctions

Im really sorry to bug you, I get the message about this being a hobby.. that said, this is a new hobby to me and I found your site to be one of the more thorough and trustworthy sites to learn from and I decided I would bid on your ebay auctions, and come to find that Im not allowed to... I have been paying through paypal as a guest now for several months and bought nearly 700 worth of items through ebay, paypal guest... Your settings are such that you reqire the user to have an actual paypal account and I refuse to do so for safety reasons (I do not want my card info stored on the site where it could be hacked) anyhow... simply put, Im ready and willing to make offers on 2 or 3 or your items (I think Im Cacti Crazy) but I kepe getting the message when I try that your settings are such that you will not allow me to bid, even though payment would still get to you safely through paypal, and Im a 100% feedback ebayer... I appreciate if you tell me another way I can order and I was gonna ask you about combined shipping as well... Please tell me ur wiling to help a cacti amateur out... maybe you have similar specimens that could be worked out.. Im interested in All three of the Torches... The double deal for the Andes, The maybe kk242 (beautiful 32") and possibly a large glaucus if my cactus fever doesn't wear off... Thank you in advance for your assistance.and btw, they are all beautiful, I can tell you put alot of Love in your Hobby...William

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 / From: Naz S <nnnnn.....@hotmail.com> / Subject: Cacti questions...

Hey man... I'm a huge fan of your site and have had good luck using info from it to help grow my own small garden of San Pedros... but I had a couple of questions about them that I couldn't find on the site.

1. How do I recognize new growth on them? Is it the bright green, fresh looking part at the top, or does it push itself out of the ground from the bottom up?

2. At what age do they start to flower? What causes them to flower, and is there anything I can do to help them get to that point? And when it does flower, would it be helpful to get some bees or ladybugs to hang out around them so they can pollinate each other?

Any help is appreciated. I've bought one of your cuttings from eBay too... planning to buy some larger live plants from you after new years. :) Take care. ~ nazareth
Any help? How about this entire website? Or the 4 pages of literature sent with your order?

Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 / From: "phil milligan" <nnnnnnn....@calneva.org> / Subject: About San Pedro specimens

hey mr. cactus man � I can't get on to ebay to save my life. If you still have cuttings then call me at 775-625-1842 so I can place an order. I'm the guy who lives in Winnemucca and have ordered several times.

thanks phil milligan
Email me from your PayPal address quoting the same price charged on ebay with the same shipping cost and I'll email an invoice.

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 / Subject: Wild Andes supersize! / From: "Seth Farber" <nnnnnn...@gmail.com>

Just got my three beautiful wild Andes cacti. Very carefully packed, very big and healthy. I can feel the love and care that these plants received; they seem to emit an aura of cheerfulness ( cat and cactus heaven is right). Can't wait to see them grow next spring! Thank you Verne!!! Ps. If I ever make it to the west coast I'd love to help...

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 / From: Richard Renshaw <nnnnn...@vcnet.com> / Subject: Peruvianus?

I am looking for this cactus. The guy called it "pitayo dulce". I like the taste of the fruit. Any idea? Thanks, Richard
Its a variety of Cereus

Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2011 / From: Joseph Shoker <nnnn...@gmail.com> / Subject: Rooting cactus in winter

Hi, I need your help and I'm not sure what to do. There was a nursery in foreclosure and I had the opportunity to go in and salvage some things before the new owners tossed everything in the landfill. I was able to get about 60-80 cuttings of different cactus (mostly Opuntia and columnar). I didn't have shovels or anything so I couldn't get any root systems, just I was able to cut and salvage as many as I can. Anyway, this happened about a week ago and it's winter time. I read on your site that cactus goes to dormancy in the winter time. So my question is can I just store these cuttings in a garage or a dark closet for a few months until the Spring (March, April?) or do I have to stick them in the soil under winter rains? I don't own a greenhouse. What would you recommend me to do? Respectfully, Joseph Shoker
Dry the cuttings and root them? Information on how to do that is all over the Internet.

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 / From: Burton page <nnnnnn...@hotmail.com> / Subject: purchase

hi there, i was interested in buying peruvian torch cacti, but i dont have a google account, and i would need to pay with a money order, if that would be ok, which i didnt see as an option, anyway. im interested in 2-Wild Andes, 1 pair = $24.95. is that ok? thanks for your time, and help, and hope to do business with you.-burton page
I have not accepted money orders since way back in the 20th century.

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2011 / Subject: Hi Verne ! / From: Amy <nnnnnn...@bohemiaprinting.com>

It's Amy in Michigan. We ordered 10lbs of san pedro from you in Sept. and they arrived beautiful and vibrant and are doing well. We would like to order san pedro as gifts this year, and wondered if we can get sections that count 7 this time. There was one seven sectioned cactus in our mostly six section order last time. I've heard the 8 are rare ?
We saw some in the market at Cuzco.

Thank you SO much, and would love to talk with you sometime.

If we can do a trade for some tee shirts for you to sell at your ebay store - please let us know, as I'm sure you've
collected some nice art in the past few years. This is one we are working on now: San Pedro: Since we are water based printers, we'll be reducing the colors of this one to 3-4.

We have just returned from Chavin De Huantar, Cuzco, Ollyantaytambo, and spent lots of hours looking at mother plants growing in the wild in the Sacred Valley. Magical ! Looking forward to hearing from you !

"Speaking with kindness creates confidence,
thinking with kindness creates profoundness,
giving with kindness creates love."
~Lao Tsu

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 / From: Kyle Adamski <nnnnnnnnnn....@hotmail.com>

Hi, first off, I love your site! Very informative and it clearly shows you have quite a lot of passion and love for your cacti...GREAT WORK! I have a question regarding feeding, I've had several potted indoors since April and they have been doing great, excellent growth through the summer. But I have some questions about feeding and repotting...

First, how often should I re-pot? Or would removing the top layer of soil and replacing it with fresh be sufficient? If so how often should I do that?

Also, I have concerns about what kind of food and how much I should dilute it since I've seen all sorts of answers from the internet...so what should I use to feed them, how often, and what ratio of food/water should I use? I've heard a lot of people recommend using liquid kelp/seaweed...any thoughts? Thanks Kyle
This website is all about how to grow big healthy cactus. Your order included my 3-page growing guide. You could also find a local cactus seller to see how others grow in your area.

Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 / Subject: Peruvianus maintenance / From: Omri Gross <nnnn...@gmail.com>

Hello Verne, My name is Omri and I just purchased a pair of wild andes peruvian torch cacti from your ebay store. I live in Columbus, OH and wanted to ask if I could consult you through the first growing seasons. I want to make sure I am doing whatever is necessary to ensure the health and subsequent growth of my new cacti. I have read and continue to read through all the resources on your website, but am sure I will have questions pertaining to maintenance in my specific climate/region. I'm excited to get the peruvianus in the mail and just wanted to open the channels of communication between us. I love your website and your whole operation! Definitely an inspiration! Thanks,
This website is all about how to grow big healthy cactus. You could also find a local cactus seller to see how others grow in your area.

Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 / From: Damian LeBlanc <nnnnnnnnn.....@yahoo.com> / Subject: skinny tips on P. Torch

I have several Peruvian torch cacti and they all have skinny tips and seem to be staying that way. I have had then for about 2 years now and have cut them once at the start they grew fat with nice thorns and healthy looking all around! They still appear healthy all except for the fact that they are barley and inch around at the top any advice? Thank you for your time take care and God Bless!!!! Damian J. LeBlanc
This website is all about how to grow big healthy cactus. I have no idea what you are doing for your plants or what you are not doing. Trichocereus need light and a large container of good soil. Then they grow like a tree.

Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 / Subject: Seeking your help about my cactus / From: Kevin Owens <nnnnnnn...@gmail.com>

Hello Verne,
I am very happy with the care that was obviously put in to shipping a happy, healthy cactus. Your website is very informative, and I have attempted to follow your advice, but there is still a learning curve I must get over, as this is my first trial with raising a cactus. So I have a few questions which I hope you can help me with. I will provide some background so you know how the problem developed. Once the cactus arrived, I waited a little over a week before watering. Several days later, I perhaps made the naive decision to remove a few of the spines which were directly on top of the branches (it appeared that these thick spines would hinder their growth). Which brings me to my first question:

1. Is it ever beneficial to remove spines for the growth of branches directly below them? I can imagine your answer might be something along the lines of saying doing so is similar to chopping off a finger. I know that they grow just fine without human interference, but still, it just made sense to me at the time to remove a perceived obstacle to further growth. Also, despite how careful I was trying to be, I still managed to inadvertantly scratch one of the branches. I believe this only happened once, yet problems developed on three of the branches.

I do not know if my intervention alone was enough to cause the stress/disturbance, or if it was added to by the heavy rains in the following several days. I have the cactus on my eastern-facing porch, which allows it to receive morning sun, and be shaded through the afternoon. That being said, it is under cover, yet when the rains are hard enough, it can blow through the screen (plus the increased humidity can persist in the Florida climate, which I have seen to be Zone 10 based on a map on your site). It was another several days before I first noticed the problems developing, but I would assume the stress I caused is what led to the problem, with a possible over-watering issue as well.

So now, it is a matter of handling the problem appropriately. I included a couple pictures, and with the high resolution, I hope it allows you to zoom in enough to see what is going on. I took more pictures if needed, but only included these two because of the large file sizes. The black area was first noticed on the bottom-most branch, as well as the third from the bottom (in the middle of the cactus, on the right-hand side of the DSC_4082 pic). These areas have slowly but surely grown, and within a few days of keeping my eye on these two areas, a third black area began forming on the second branch from the bottom. The area on the bottom is the worst, and I believe that is the site of the initial scratch. I have twice used 70% rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip on the black areas, but don't know if this is helpful. I also wanted to assess the roots to check for rot, so I removed the cactus and allowed a few days for the roots to dry (the bottom of the pot was found to still have wet soil; also, I knew I would eventually re-pot anyways, as the original had a corner bent in presumably through shipping which caused a significant lean). The roots seemed healthy, and there was no signs of rot in comparison to the pictures you have on your website. I have read that you would let some black spots heal on their own, and they would just leave a scar. But the fact that it has spread to another seemingly undisturbed branch makes me wonder if it requires surgery.

2. Should I be patient and keep on eye on the areas, allowing them to heal with time? Or should I cut off the affected branches? I would hate to destroy more of the cactus than necessary, but do not want it to cause more damage.
Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in trying to help me raise a healthy cactus. I hope to keep the torch burning of the quality job you have done thus far.

Sincerely, Kevin Owens

p.s. I tried a couple times to send this email with the pics included, but it did not go through, saying that your mailbox was full. So I am now trying to send the message without the pics. If you would like to see the pics for a better idea of what I am referring to, let me know of an alternative email to try, or whatever works for you. Thanks again.

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 / Subject: Tip on where to cut my disfigured San Pedro cacti?
From: Nicholas Fulton <lalalala...@gmail.com>

I first want to say fantastic website! I have spent the past hour or so browsing your website and the pictures are incredible. I am a newbie grower with a San Pedro cuttling in need of care. Long story short, when I first received the cacti cuttling I planted it upside down. It remained this way for 2 years until it was recommended I flip it right side up! I now have a funky looking arm (started growing while the cacti was upside down) and a brown tip (rot?). I assume the best thing to do would be to cut off and re-pot the funky arm and the dead rotted tip and allow the cacti to regrow. The funky arm is so disfigured though that planting would be difficult... I thought of maybe cutting the funky arm into two separate pieces so as to be able to re-pot each piece vertically right side up. I do not know for sure what is best action for the dried tip.I live in northern Illinois and have brought my cacti indoors for the cold season. What would you recommend? Pics are attached. Thank you, Nick
What do I recommend? I think its a reflection of your inner state of being. Do you have cats?
Fill up the pot with cat litter.

From: Seth Dukes <nnnnnnnn@live.com> / Subject: grow in GA? / Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2011

I was wondering what you thought about growing trichocereus in central Georgia? I saw you said your fast growing cutting was from northern califronia, so I suspect it might be possible. They might even enjoy the thick clay soils. We do have some freezing temperatures in winter, but it usually isn't too prolonged or constant with the sun warming afternoon temperatures. I'd like to start cuttings in pots and if one reached a mature size and looked comfortable here in winter, I might try to plant it outside. Just wondering if you had any thoughts or tips and also wondering if you have any cuttings of that fast growing peruvian? 42" in one year is impressive growth. Im looking at which strains to try and I'm not sure which ones would be best suited for the conditions, I'm looking for fast growth and heartiness. Thanks in advance, I know your time is probably sparse as it is for all of us, but your years of experience wont go wasted on me. I'm very interested in inviting this ancient teacher into my home and want to do a good job. Peace and Love, Seth.
Never been to Georgia so have no clue about the growing conditions. All I know is the California Central Valley.

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 / Subject: Sacred Cactus seed cleaning / From: Mark Albert <lalalalalala,,,@pacific.net>
Hello Good People at Sacred Cactus,

Many thanks for the details on the practical botany of San Pedro as collected by Knize. The human labeling problem is everywhere in old plants. I have problems keeping my cultivars of everything really labeled long term, and I�m better at it than most people. Same problem in Fig cultivar synonymy, which goes back millennia. And it�s obviously very complicated due to the human relationship for how many 10s of thousands of years, and the ease of transporting the cuttings. Shamans would likely be collectors, so hybrids would occur in their gardens, just like ours.  I had a bumper crop of fruit this year of my 2 large friendly mother San Pedros, both distinct but from the same 1980 seed package, which New Mexico Cactus Research called T. scopuliculous. It�s a beautiful Pedro type, very friendly, with good enough activity.

My question to you is a practical one. Have you figured out how to easily clean the seed? Normally I would soak the a sticky sweet fruit like this and let it rot for a few weeks, before separating the pulp of and drying the seed. I�m just not sure if cactus seed can take that kind of soaking before drying the seed. This is not a good time of year to start the seed, that�s for sure.  Many thanks for a reply. I have a pretty nice little collection of San Pedros, and can send a few photos if you�re interested.

In Abundance, Mark Albert, Mendocino Permaculture
Very good question. A real problem. The fruit is like thick, sticky figs such that getting clean seed out - dry and all - is tough. Trying to pick out seed from San Pedro fruit was like trying to separate sand grains from old bubble gum. Sorry - I have no knowledge of how it is done.

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 / From: Vasya Pupkin <lalallalalala....@live.com> / Subject: Buy seeds?
Greetings! would you sell seeds (about 10 or so) or recommend a good source to buy them from?
I gave up on buying seed since several sources were actually buying it from the same jerk in Peru who simply shipped any old Peruvian Torch seed he had laying around...I have hundreds of Torches raised from seed that were supposed to be San Pedro. Takes years before you find out your San Pedro isn't a San Pedro.

No one documents the source plant and pollination process, etc. If they were a legitimate seed company they'd show photos of the their breeding stock including covering the flowers with paper bags to prevent cross pollination from other Trichocereus. Yada yada yada...

Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 / From: Jens Witt <yadayadayada...@yahoo.de> / Subject: About trichocereus.com...

Hello From Germany, my name is Jens Witt from Leipzig Germany You have a beautiful Site. I�m looking Information to Trichocereus argentinesis can you help me? I have not found Seeds or more Informaiton. My Site ist trichocereus-kakteen.de.vu

Thanks from Germany
Oh, you guys! You sold me Macrogonis seed two different years that had zero germination. You got that from... - oh let me guess...Karel Knize! He's famous for shipping crap. You purchase it wholesale. He tried that with me and I said "no thanks."

I even emailed you about zero germination (Macrogonis) and you said you'd do a test batch. Like you don't believe ME?Geez... So anyway I never heard back from you and you never gave me a refund. Then I ordered Macrogonis seed again in 2010 and again got ZERO germination. Probably the exact same batch of bad seed, right? You don't test your seed and keep selling it even when a professional alerts you it is bad?

So what is it you WANT ME TO DO FOR YOU?!

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 / Subject: Possible San Pedro Order / From: Robb Rusk <lalalalalalaa...@gmail.com>

Hi, I saw an auction in your ebay store for "withered" san pedro cuts, at 12.5 lbs. I'm interested in these, and possibly more if you have them. I have a few san pedro cuts from a different seller I purchased a few years ago. I love the look of the withered cuts and would love to have more of them. The perfect, round, tubular san pedro cuts are too boring for me I guess. My question is if you have more of the withered and or otherwise odball cuts of san pedro. I have a small greenhouse (getting bigger every year) and I'd love to fill it out with these if possible. I'm thinking maybe 50lbs would keep me busy this winter. Is this something you might have? Thanks for your time. I greatly enjoyed your website, by the way. Full of interesting pictures, I must have killed a half hour looking at everything!! Thanks, Robb
Next time try bidding. I don't make private deals. All sales are public.

Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 / From: Joseph Shoker
Subject: Interested in some San Pedro cuttings
Hello, I would like to know if you can sell small cuttings (smaller than 12 inches) from your different varieties. I am particularly interested in (trich. peru. "fastest", KK242, wild andes, and 4 tipped san pedro). Please let me know if you can do this and if you have other varieties of san pedro that you are selling. Thank you. Respectfully,

Joseph Shoker

Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011
Thank you! Hey just wanted to give you an update... I received a 27" or so "KK242" from you in March of 2010. I planted it in a 3 gallon, covered it with one of those round tomato support things with a white pillow case over the whole plant and stuck it out in full sun to root.  It is now 6 feet tall!!! And about 6" in diameter. Crazy growth.

I also got two of the Wild Andes seedlings and one of them is already two feet tall and about 6" thick. The other had root rot so I had to cut and re-root but is doing well. Your website is an awesome resource for me. I followed your soil recipe and put my own twist on it. You seem to have it nailed. Good job and thank you! Chris
Thank you!

Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2011 / From: "nophone"

If you have a chance to take a look at this new arm that is sprouting. have you seen this before?

the main arm was damaged by insects, then grew a small bud of an arm, then the tip was damaged again, then this unusual pineapple arm is now growing.


Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 / From: scott francis
hi bobcat, i bought some of your san pedro cuttings last year. i was lazy and busy, etc. and just put them on a wooden picnic/gardening table we have on the patio laying down on their sides and forgot them. now , over a year later, they are growing up vertically ( ie 90 degrees from laying down horizontal ). i picked them up and they have roots on the sides where they rooted onto the table through the dead leaves, etc. that were partially covering them. can i still root them in pots normally/vertically ? thanks, scott

Dear zircon6,
hello. my name is james. I have bought cactus from you in the past. I love cactus and think they are beautiful. I live in florida but i would like more cactus and i wonder, if i went out to california to meet you, would it be possible to sell me cactus there? would the price be different? Basically, i would like to have a cactus farm here on the east coast but i
dont want to start from seed. if the price is cheaper, i would like to buy ugly or cut pieces of cactus you have lying around, to hopefully get enough of a batch that could one day produce nice cactus like yourself. please  respond, maybe you have a better alternative for me? thank you - James
You want to travel 6,000 miles round trip to see if I'll sell you for cheap "...ugly or cut pieces of cactus you have lying around..."? What is the cost of a coast to coast trip? At 20 MPG and $3.79 for gas that is $1,137. Plus food, motels, automotive maintenance, etc. Then you'll camp out at my house?

My home is private. I have no pieces lying around. Maybe you smoked something and thought California is like the Gold Rush when the people back east believed potato sized gold nuggets lay on the ground waiting to be picked up. I'd advise you spend the cost of a trip buying specimens for your own collection. Verne

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 / From: Chad Kitchen / Subject: Re: Thank you/you're welcome!

Hi Verne (and 4-legged friends), Second order was excellent, just like the first! Good to know there ARE honest, down-to earth people out there !! Thank you very much, particularly for sending along the larger specimens.Following your kind instructions (except for the coconut husk, for which I will eventually find a good source) we have successfully maintained healthy Peruvians :)

Attached is a picture demonstrating both the good quality of your cacti and, hopefully, our developing skills in the garden. My phone camera is not the greatest, but you will be able to see a very happy/healthy pup. Also attached is a cute picture of our sleepy kitties.

I have been recording the growth of our cacti, and am pleased to report we see about 1/2 inch height gains each week (including the new pup). We'll keep nurturing them along, but it may be nice to procure from you some 3 to 4 foot specimens to fill up our 'drought-tolerant' garden space. Please let us know of any cactus stock you may have available, in addition to that listed on your very useful web pages,. Thanks again and happy weekend!

Chad and Em
Thank you!
I was raised to be honest - to always do a quality job...Cats- living alone in the country my cats were having to fight off wild animals from stealing their food; breaking into the house through the cat door. Finally I was able to afford a dog, then a second. With Tyler & Collie on the job not one cat has been wounded in 2 years.  Bobcat plays "Dog can't catch me" outside, yet will also walk over to either dog and lick their face. The two older girl cats like the dogs to keep their distance - but they know the dogs keep them safe. Very safe.

Dear zircon6, Another eBayer bought these for me as a birthday gift... I LOVE THEM!!!  They look fantastic and I cannot wait for them to get settled and growing.

From: Alex Thongboy Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011
Hi, sorry to bother you, but apparently nobodie is able to awnser my question I recently obtained 3 little peruvian torch, i've started watering them around every 5 days with tap water but now they are gettin relly green. is this normal?
kindest regards,ALEX

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2011 / Subject: hoodia plant
From: william mosley
I have seen your website and looked at most of your information regarding the Hoodia Plant. I am interested in purchasing some of your hoodia and I am curious to know if you or anyone that you know has tried eating the hoodia that you are selling, and did you or they experience any appetite suppression? You are correct about all of the scams and miss information out there. I was hoping that you might have a mature hoodia type that would have developed the active ingredient. I have been fighting obesity for decades and am very interested in growing hoodia for myself and family. Apparently the benefits of the plant take years of growth to develop. thank you for providing the information and energy to bring this plant to us. Bill

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 / Subject: buying sacred plant / From: arseni poopy
i am looking for buying some san pedro for my healing process but do not have much money in those times.
everything i've found on internet is very expensive, so i was wondering if by any chance you would like to sell me some plant with a delivery to europe? that would be very kind of you. thank you very much,

July, 2011 (Re: photo at right)

Customer Paul Turecki, an artist, lives in Joshua Tree, CA.

His studio is on the edge of National Park where Cougar, Bobcats, Big horn sheep, and even little squirrels visit him.
(Re: Tersheckii in back)

This is just hitting giantness,,,20+", at least 30 pounds

The torches live next to my favorite narley
Teddy bear cholla I've been tending,,,,,,

Re: Two terschekii

(below) This is my refuge ,,, most things are out here now, under a combo of the only pine tree, and a hollow in the creosote bush for about 30% shade, only the rooting cuts are in the pit now,,,,

Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2011 / From: John Butler <nnn@gmail.com>


You are the man! I purchased 3 cacti a couple years ago (kk242, Glaucus and pachanoi). A friend recently bought a pair of Andes... Then we both chipped in to buy a huge San Pedro x Peruvians hybrid ( we will each take a piece to log propagate when it grows enough ). I also recently bought a "fastest" that you wrote me a note about it possibly being a mislabeled Juul's giant or buutchers big boy. It's doing quite well. I would be happy to mail you back a cutting since I know you didn't mean to sell it.

These cacti make me so happy. So does your site. I think I've read every page. My favorites are the pages about your cats. My cats seem so interested in the cacti they always sit next to them when they are out on the porch.

Thanks again. John

July 2, 2011

I brought 2 Wild Andes from you last year.  They have turned into the most beuatiflul plants I have, they are spectacular. Don't give up on them.
Thank you for making my day! I'm glad you are happy.

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 / From: robert joesten <nnn@gmail.com>
welll first off thanks for the great cuttings, now 2 years on 7 tips are 10 plants with 13 tips (not counting the 9 new ones so far this spring, and 7 cuttings taken this spring to be rooted in late july). I have seen a number of folks post questions to you regarding how to take care of the kids during the cold months ( those of us where winter means so much snow that the roof may cave in, and 32 is warm in january) If I may presume to offer some advice for others in the colder climates.
1) If it wasn't already obvious get the kids inside once the temps drop below 39 at night.
2) less light is better during dormancy (my experience has been that giving them light at this point only results in etiloation) (no I can't spell, what of it).
3) remember that this is a tree and not a rock and it can dry out and die, when you are running heat in your home, you are also drying out the air, occasionally mist the cactus directly, and give small amounts of water. (I have had cuttings survive without doing any of this, however it has taken them a full year to catch up to where they should have been).
will note (I have heard some folks reccomend putting them in a basment or garage where they recive no direct light, not sure on this I have always wanted to be able to see my babies). Indirect light (as in putting the plant in the middle of the room away from the windows) seems to be just fine (no etiolation on those plants) Just don't put it on that sunny windowsill that was your 1st pick (trust me you will brown the tips and it will take much longer for your cactus to revive in the spring).
4) come spring remember that your cactus has been out of the sun for longer than you have, if you spent the whole day out in the sun you would be suffering for the next 5, so will your plant. Take baby steps and let nature take care of the rest.

feel free to publish this in its full form (or in a more coheriant edited mannor) hopefully my learning curve can benifit others as well. ( if only my parents had stayed in Redwood City instead of moving to Connecticut ;) )
rob J
No comment from me as this is outside my experience living and growing in sunny california.

Dear zircon6, recently i bought 2 of the wild andes torches #400201478482 on 5-15-11 and they r growing quite well. should these 2 cactus be nearly identical? one of them is growing in the shape of a club .the other one is growing more upright with what looks like segmented ribs like the ones pictured on your website that are growing in the wild .i am very happy with both of them and glad they are different but i was just curious if these r two different kinds. nnn@gmail.com
You missed two separate discussion of this topic on the website.

Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 / Subject: Your public response to my email- 10 days.
From: nnnBotanicals <nnn@aol.com>

Hi There, I'm not exactly sure why you have chosen to pick a bone with me for simply asking if you would be willing to ship your product to my customers. I came to you in a polite and respectful manner with a request to sell your product. For someone who has been involved with sacred plants as long as you have, I would not have expected for you to respond in the manner that you have. Regardless of the way that you have handled this situation, I am once again going to come to you politely and respectfully and ask that you remove my intellectual property from your website which you have used without my permission, along with your tactless, low class, response within 10 days or our next correspondence will be in the form of a cease and desist letter via certified mail.
Sincerely, Tyler, nnn.com
No private sales -and that goes triple to anyone wanting to wholesale my specimens by making me their farm slave who "drop ships" to their customers. Get real. I think you are smoking way too much medical marijuana.

Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 / From: brian <nnn@gmail.com>

Hi Matt, Brian, (nnn) on Ebay. I've emailed you a couple of times thru Ebay, don't know if you got 'em. U GOT KILLER SHTUFF! I'd like to deal w / you outside of Ebay, totally up to you, of course, to make purchases and to talk about (cactus), what else. I just want 2 pay 4 what I want, not 2 have 2 settle 4 what I can get. . Maybe F we could talk, again up 2 U, I think it would go much easier and faster, I'll send U my cell # and U could block F U want, what ever makes U comfortable. Bottom line, I just want 2 purchase a large, thick, rooted, healthy Tricho Pachi, maybe 12" to 20" tall, 2 start. I'd even, along w / the potted cactus, would like 2 purchase enough of your soil to repot and calculate new pot size. F you"re not interested at least send email saying so and I'll take what I can get, what I really don't want 2 do, don't worry I'LL PAY, I just don't want to settle buying something on Ebay only 2 C a couple F days later something I really want. We also need 2 make sure U ship 2 my correct address, since U can't ship 2 P.O. boxes like Ebay does. Thanx Matt, I'd really appreciate your co-op. Brian @ nnn, or nnn269.
No private sales

Dear zircon6, Hi,If you are interested, please send photos with measurements of each specimen. Then give me a price for all including shipping. If we can come to agreement I will buy them all. I wholesale thse cacti and can't get enough. I will buy all at a FAIR price. Gracias
No private sales/no wholesale. To send me an email like this I can only assume you smoke too much medical marijuana.

Dear Cactus man,

I had purchased two San Pedro Cactus from you on ebay around November of 2009. I live in South Florida and they have done amazingly well. Having received plants that were so well taken care of during the formative years has given them the strength to really take off! They have grown multiple pups at a rate of nearly 18 inches each for the year! The growth was so good that I have already planted new tips from the plants. I have had a learning curve during this process. I learned about over watering before root formation. I then learned something unexpected. The ribs of the tip I planted had "sucked in". It was becoming etiolated and it was not due to lack of water or lack of light. It did not show signs of sunburn. (I had it in a pot that faced AM sun) It still had a deep green color. So I moved it into the shade and the ribs started to fatten up. I then moved all the plants into a shady area. (they are all in clay pots due to the fact that I may move soon) You see, they would get direct sun in the morning up until around 2pm in the summertime. I think this has become too brutal for them. However I didn't see a very noticeable yellowing. The thing I noticed was a tendency to have some of the ribs suck in. Watering did not seem to solve it. I guess somehow I believed the Cactus was still a sun loving plant. Maybe South Florida is just too much direct sun for plants in pots. I would appreciate your input. Please don't be too brutal. I am trying hard to be a good parent and learn from my mistakes in order to have healthy cactus. Eventually I want to plant them in the earth.
Sincerely, Frank
RE: Sucked ribs / morning sun
I grow all my plants either under white tarps or 30% shade net - in fact I have a field covered with shade net. The plants love the cool California rainy season best and turn dark green, fatten up with rainwater. They hate the long, hot summers.

The Andes in Peru are cool, cloudy with equatorial warm Pacific Ocean on the west and the Amazon on the east.
http://sanpedrocactus1.com/peruvian_torch.htm I've seen a documentary where plants in the Andes were each morning drenched by clouds -dew drips from them that birds, lizards, rodents etc. drink.

The key to how much sun the plant can take is in the roots. Planted in earth a San Pedro can form deep roots like a tree. These specimens, [
http://sanpedrocactus1.com/landscaping2.htm ] my source plants, grew in cloudy/foggy Watsonville, CA on the Pacific coast where there are a lot of lettuce farms that take advantage of that cool climate. The San Pedro (my parent plants) had 14 foot high tips (I used a tape measure on a step ladder) were tough, slightly sunburned, yellowed, even have lichens growing on their north sides. They were tough old birds.

In different northern California climate the same San Pedro grow differently - especially when they have full morning sun and shaded afternoon - with roots in the earth. Then they get darker green, glossy & smooth.
http://sanpedrocactus1.com/index23.htm Sunburn will happen to any cactus in a pot that gets direct sun - its roots are heating up. The plant cooks/burns. Pots have to be clustered to shade each other.

It is a myth that cactus like to grow in harsh deserts. Arizona - the home of the giant saguaro -has thunderstorms frequently. San Pedro is more like a fruit tree that loves rich soil, cool evenings, and frequent waterings.

Sucked in ribs can be poor root development during the rooting process of a cutting. But after rooting it may be a sign of root rot. Root rot can be by degrees. You have to just pull the plant out and see if it has root tips that are soft and fall off. Dry out the plant in a shady spot, then repot and hope it re-roots. Or cut the top and re-root the cutting. Or throw it out if it is a pathetic specimen. A few percent per year of mine get root rot and I deal with it as stated. As long as 90 - 95% of your stuff is healthy you're doing fine. Nature always has to get her share to recycle. I have a cactus compost pile for that.



Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 / From: Tarek Sakka <nnn@ajeej.com> Subject: FW: Sanpedro Cactus from Saudi to Dubai!

Hi Again, I am not sure if you got the below or not. I would really appreciate your help here. The packers will finish packing my home and I will need to decide if I should FULLY COVER my multiple San Pedro Cactus branches in fully with many papers and cover it fully in Carton or have to keep the top of the branches EXPOSED TO OPEN AIR to breath? Thanks. Tarek

Thursday, June 16, 2011 / Subject: Sanpedro Cactus from Saudi to Dubai!

Hi, I need your help! It seems that you are THE expert on San Pedro Cactus.  I have a San Pedro Cactus that I carried in my hand form Greece and brought to Riyadh, Saudi about 6 years ago. It is a beautiful one now with probably around 7 branches and the longest is around 1.5-2m long. I am moving to Dubai and my question is it ok that I pack the plant in a box with papers around it and between branches and will take around 3 or 4 weeks in hot weather till the box is opened. Or shall I keep half the branches open to air? Are they ok not to have much air for 2-4 weeks being in a box?

Best regards, Tarek Sakka
Tarek J. Sakka
Founder and CEO / T: +966 1 496 1166 x 1100 / F: +966 1 496 8806 / nnn@ajeej.com

Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2011 / Subject: About trichocereus.com.../ From: Jake Knaub <nnn@gmail.com>

Dear Cactus Farmer,

I hope this wasn't covered by your site, as i can see how taking care of so many cacti as well as your cat and dogs would be time consuming! I was wondring what a good starting cactus would be for myself. I live in Billings, Montana, so itll have to be indoors for a good portion of the year, and I'm not sure whether I should get a larger san pedro or some smaller one first in order to hone my green thumb. Thanks so much for your great website and service! Your expert advice is eagerly awaited. Kind regards,
-Jake Knaub

Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 / From: tim hills <nnn@hotmail.com> / Subject: San ped

Hey mate just Wondering why I'm getting new growths with different amounts of ribs on a trichocereus Log that I have cut tips off. What determines the number of ribs and can I influence it? Regards, tim

Dear zircon6, hello, great plant! thanks. I was also wondering if you had any of your
rimac strain available? please let me know if you get a chance. thanks Jim
Rarely for sale. I can't prove it is Rimac since I did not grow it from a verifiable seed source. Ressler labeled the photo "T.peruvianus form from Rimac Valley Paul Hutchinson 548" Looking at his macrogonis photo I can see how it is the same as Rimac since growing conditions (temp. & intensity of lighting), photographic considerations (color balance, lighting) and even time of year make these varieties look very different.

From: "Sage Magic" <nnn@myself.com> / Subject: Identifying cactus

I have been given some cuttings of cactus and i was wondering if you could help me identify them and i am not having much luck looking on the internet. I have been given one i know nothing about and three others that i know are teacher plants the one that looks like a fish in your photos (I think) and a san pedro (but what type). I've included photos of two cuttings that came of the same unknowen plant and a photo with the three plants i know to be teachers. unfortunately i do not know the proper names for any of them and i would love your help if you feel you can give it. Thank you Happy :)

Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 / Subject: Sacred Cactus website / From: Nilaf <nnn@nilaf.com>

Dear Verne & furry angels,
We're interested in growing cacti but wanted to enquire about hardiness to frost etc. We live in southern Oregon and we get a bit of snow and a few days of temps down to the low teens. Will we need to keep plants inside during the winter? Your website is great! Be well, -Olaf & Nina

Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 / From: Jonas Yates <jonasyates@yahoo.com> / Subject: KK242 Cutting

Hey Verne, I just received my KK242 cutting that I ordered last weekend. Super Fast shipping and excellent cactus. I didn't expect the cutting to be so large and mature. I will have a great time rooting this :) Keep up the good work! This is the best site on the net!! p.s. Don't be so hard on the noob growers, we were all that way once ;) Keep them healthy!! Jonas

Been moving my recently well rooted cuttings outside,"Tiny" has been helping clean up the pit,,,,, there really is just the last vestiges of nature left,,, amazingly we get to witness evolution in it's most inorganic form,, the question lies; what is the soul of engineered beings evolved far past their engineers,,, is it a legitimate evolution, or just a self perpetuating technology,cold and heartless,,,,,

perhaps humans were engineered, and obviously were misrepresented by the salesperson,, large thoughts,,,, the "natural" course of things has obviously been eliminated by those who have the ego to know better than the rest,,,,,, mass delusion helps complete that work,,,,,, for what ,is the real burning inquiry,,,,, the price to pay for world reknown ,,,,,

the intellects gather and say" look, were famous, we destroyed the unconquerable, the planet,,,, maybe I can get some French fries with that,,,". We all go out on hands and knees,,,,, walking fossils,,,, even a revolution won't help this one bit,,,,,,

the eyes of creation witnessing it's own faux pas,,,, at least there's some moments left to enjoy the occasional real connection,,,,,,

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 / Subject: A few questions if you have a moment / From: 1 <nnn@gmail.com>

Hey there, I have a few questions regarding organic fertilizers and some other general info. I changed my entire container gardening routine this season and quit using chemical ferts. I grow orchids, and have a container garden full of Veggies. My San Pedro and Cereus need a repot and they deserve the special care all the other plants are receiving. I have an organic soil blend I use for all of my container planters but im hesitant about placing my San Pedro in such a rich mixture. I dont want to burn it and I want it to be happy. How do you fertilize and what do you use for your cacti in containers? I have access to great organics sources of N, P, K, but I have no clue what Cacti prefer. I am familiar with proper drainage and dont have root rot issues. Just this last part I want to be sure about before I repot. Have you ever heard of or used a product called Azomite. Later in the year I will be moving from the city (hate it here) to the country (can barely wait) and I will have 2 acres that I hope to be on forever. I'm excited to move everything to the ground and out of pots. Since it will be late in the year, and the weather in the Houston area is totally unpredictable as far as winter temps go, should I wait until the spring to repot? My San Pedro survived 2 hard freezes last winter that killed the new growth tip on my Cereus and wiped out another cactus that was around 5 years old. It's going to be around Nov. Do you have any advice for anyone considering getting into the plant business? Growing plants and taking care of animals is in my blood. My grandmother grew and sold her own orchids for years in South Florida before becoming the largest tropical parrot breeder on the East coast. It's really wierd because ive always loved plants and started growing and collecting orchids around 3 years ago. I had no clue my grandmother even grew orchids until last year. It's always been a dream to have a business, like my grandparents, doing something i love. I dont expect to get rich. Thanks for taking the time and hope things are going well for you.

Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 / From: james m <nnn@hotmail.com>

Hi, my name's James, i've been a longtime avid enthusiast of this site, it so well laid out and full of damn handy information, i was hoping you might be able to take a look at photo and tell me what sort of cactus you think it is?
I'm purchasing it off ebay, and it is being sold under the name san pedro, but the seller admits she doesn't really know she's just guessing that's what it is.

It's not a huge deal as I still want to buy it, even if it's not san pedro, but i'd really like to be as sure as i can about what i'm buying. What's causing me a slight amount of doubt as to the veracity of her claim that is san pedro, apart from the fact she doesn't know, is that the spines seem a tad bit too big, they seem much bigger than the spine's on san pedro's i have in my collection.. just too thorny Do you think this a trichocereus plant? Don't mean to impose at all, but just wondering your opinion as you know your cacti very well, thanks heaps.
RE: Photo of San Pedro for sale in Australia on eBay
Dear James,
What can I say? I specialize in the Cactus Kate strain - but there are many variations and you are looking at one. There is no "one apple tree" or one variety of peppers, etc. Nature offers individual differences - look how different people look - so the botanical method is to identify the physical location of the wild plant from which seed was taken. The one you are looking to buy on eBay is gorgeous! Definitely buy it and dig our the root base, too. The plant could be a cross of two Trichocereus varieties - but it is certainly in the Peruvianus/San Pedro domain. Have fun.
REPLY Hey verne, thanks for your answer, i ended up going to collect it today, i'm 90% certain it was pachanoi, perhaps a peruvianius, the photos didn't do it any justice, much easier to gauge what sort of cactus it was when i handled it. I got an absolute beast of a base root structure out of it as well, really happy with it :) Thanks for helping me out much appreciated.

Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 / From: Luke Poteete <nnn@yahoo.com>

Hello, I just wanted to take some time to say how much I enjoy your website, as a cacti enthusiast it strikes me on a personal level how much dedication is put into taking care of your gems the way they are supposed to be taken care of. Thanks for all the useful information you've posted, it's been beyond helpful.

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 / Subject: Hello from New Zealand / From: Jon Colyer <nnn@gmail.com>

Hello bobcat, I have been admiring your website for some time now, and I think you are one of the best Trichocereus growers in existence. :) I live in New Zealand though, and cannot receive any of your plants as a result. I was wondering if you have any seed to sell however, as that can be sent. Also, I notice you show this plant on your website: http://www.trichocereus.com/thumb_comparisons/Trichocereus_glaucus.jpg
I was wondering you received that plant from KK, as a KK336? Thanks very much,
No, purchased Glaucus as cuttings from a Florida dealer. He sent a horrible box of moldy tips with etiolated tips.
These were all tossed in together so the spines punctured each other causing black infected soars. It required a couple of years to restore them and achieve propagation stock. But seed of T. Glaucus is readily available. To see what it produces I have many seedlings coming along. Will still be a few years though.

Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 / Subject: Thank you / From: Chad Kitchen <ckitchennnn@gmail.com>

First order was shipped as promised: Good to know there ARE honest, down-to earth people out there !! Any anecdotes about the cats and cacti? We have 4 (rescues) and they haven't "met" the new cacti yet...Cheers... Em & Chad

Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 / Subject: Unhealthy San Pedro? / From: Brett dddd <brett.dddd@gmail.com>

Hello, I recently received a rooted San Pedro plant from a friend. It was rooted but wasn't shipped in dirt and I didn't pot it till about 3 days after I got it. Its ribs are soft and have a bluish tint to them. Is this normal? I don't know if they are getting enough water or to much. Thanks, -Brett
This website is a reference resource of over 400 pages. Start here: http://sanpedrocactus1.com/index6.htm
Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 / Subject: P. torch / From: chris bbbbbb<bbb@gmail.com>

how to i find real san pedro or p torch. so many people say they have the real thing but all look differnt. will you sell some of yours? Or refer me to a place with real torch. yours look great. i bought one but i sent a photo and was told it was a kk246 not a pedro/torch. thank alot a friend of cactus

Try this page: http://sanpedrocactus1.com/peruvian_torch.htm

Dear zircon6,
Your Peruvian Torch cacti are the biggest, cheapest and most beautiful I found in the whole internet! :))
Unfortunately I am from Germany..Would it be possible for you to make an exception and ship to Germany for your
biggest fan if I pay 15$ additional shipping fee? greetings Kris :) -sauerwurstmann

Sorry I ship within USA only.
You can buy seed in Germany http://www.koehres-kaktus.de/index1gb.htm
Date: Sun, 8 May 2011 / Subject: Cactus Concern & Question / From: "AC.Syn1 AC.Syn1" <ac.syn1@nnn.com>

Howdy, I've a question for you, if you don't mind. I have several cactus in the ground, and one in particular is showing cause for concern. Its recently been cut back and has thus shot out 3 new pups, my concern is the pups are showing extremely slow and dwarfed growth, and the upper section of this cactus appears very dehydrated. I thoroughly checked for signs of rot along its base, short of pulling it out of the ground, and then assuming the new pups were simply thirsty and gluttonous I increased its water substantially, however it has yet to show any signs of recovery in over two weeks time. I'm now watering every other day. My only other theory is a possible mole making a meal of its roots...Do you have any advice for this situation? Thanks, G.
Moles? We have gophers around here. Rodent control is in the domain of animals such as cats & dogs. A Rat Terrier dog will hunt, kill, and eat all sorts of rodents. Maybe you should get a dog. My neighbor's border collie killed 8 gophers in one afternoon. My cats eat them. When they have too many they share them with the collie puppy. She loves gopher.

The way I keep gophers out of the field grown cacti is with cow poop. I heavily mulch the rows and the run off from watering is pretty bad tasting to gophers. My dairy farmer neighbor learned that there are no gophers around his piles of cow poop. So get animal poop for mulch. That's what I do.

Subject: Peruvian seeds / From: Andreas boss <andreaskreuzer@hotmail.com> / Date: Mon, 16 May 2011

Hello, I found you page in google and I hade se same experence with Karel Knize like you show in your page. Since some years I�m traveling to Peru sometimes with other Europen cactus colectors. I reed in your Page that you are not sure about the names with your Peruvian seed source. If you are Interessted I can sell you different kind of Peruvian seeds if you want from Chile too. my ebay name is: peru-shop*com
my ebay name is: peru-shop*com / andreaskreuzer@hotmail.com
0001 Trichocereus peruvianus
0002 Oreocereus hendriksenianus
0003 Corryocactus brevistylus
0005 Mila Pugionacantha
0006 Pigmeocereus biblii
0007 Haageocereus zenthneri
0008 Espostoa mirabilis Ritt.
0024 Armatocereus balsensis
0025 Espostoa nana
From Chile
Eriosyce aurata,
E. ihotzkyanae,
Trichocereus chiloensis .
De Cumulopuntia sphaerica,
Copiapoa coquimbana.
T. chiloensis var. borealis
Eulychnia breviflora

Date: Mon, 9 May 2011
/ Subject: question / From: Eric sssss<ericssssss@gmail.com>

Several years ago I purchased a cactus from you and due to overwatering it died. I would like to purchase another, but before I do I have a question. What is the difference between the wild andes and KK242 varieties? I was thinking about purchasing a KK242 but I can only find them in large sizes. I was hoping to find one in a smaller size like the wild andes you have for sale for $24.95.Thank you Eric

Date: Wed, 4 May 2011
Verne, I got these today - am very impressed. Thanks so much - can't wait to get them repotted and take care of them.& yes indeed - all too often we are caught up in reflections and still dead waters of our past - to no meaningful end. All that is forward is so bright and exciting. Surely will be in touch again,


Subject: Etiloation / Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2011

I really enjoy your webssite and own SPs and watch your Ebay auctions, thanks much. One question I have is how you keep your San Pedros from obtaining skinny necks? I keep mine in the sun or indirect sun for most of the spring and summer but worried about the winter. I live in Texas and we have 2-3 months of cold weather. I lost most of my SPs last winter with a 70 hr freeze so I am potting up my cuttings this year and need to place them somewhere either dark or with partial light over winter. Any help from you much appreciated! My cat named Charlotte who guards my cacti says hello. Best, Wayne
Can't tell you anything since I have no experience with your climate. I only know California where I grow everything out doors under 30% shade net.

From: T M <nnnnn@hotmail.com>

Hello, Sometime back I Purchased a San Pedro Cactus from Your Ebay Site. I just wanted to Report that I have had Unbeliveable Luck with it and Have just Taken 5 Cutting's and still have the Original Cactus, " at least 2' with 3 shoot's" in a 5 gal Container. This is going to turn into a Great Hobby if not Obsession for Me. Just wanted to say Thank You for Having this site and for the Introduction to such a Fun Time!! God Bless!! Thomas Moore

From: Henry / Subject: your website helped me raise these babies / Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011

Verne/furry angels/their estate�

I love your website, which has made my love for San Pedro cacti propagate itself by the warmth of an experienced and discriminating hand such as the site's pages contain.

The admirer of the species who made me one, my mother is proud to see so many grow so healthily from the few I had to start.

The new father of his cacti, Henry

Very nice! What a happy guy. Thank you.

Every year someone sends me a photo of this variety. It isn't a Trichocereus. This is not a website where people are paid to sit at computers waiting to have email chat with strangers around the world to identify their cactus. That is some other website that exists in your mind. Hey, not to be so glum - Italy has wonderful food. I motorcycled up Italy in 1971 from Brindisi to Turin. The green lasagna in Bologna was memorable, as were the frog legs. Ciao Max!

April 30, 2011
hey bobcat- my name is david, and i recently bought 6 peruvianus cactuses from your site. i quickly repotted them using screened soil composted from yard clippings (they give it away at our local dump). ...a small spot just about an inch above the dirt, the skin has turned a pale brown color and seems to be dead. under the "dead" skin, the cactus looks to be rotting. i dug down into the dirt, and this seems to have extended down below the soil towards the roots. i dug around the rest of the base, and the rest of it looks healthy... and overall, the cactus looks healthy and strong. it's just that one small area that is unhealthy.

do you know this is and what might have caused it? and most importantly... what can i do to prevent it from getting worse? thanks for your help...
My full length rant about the mistake of using "yard waste compost" and obsessing over a bruise on the plant is on this page. I emailed this customer offering the 100% satisfaction guarantee, i.e., pack the specimen for pick up and I'll issue a FedEx Call Tag preaddressed shipping label so you don't have to do anything and you'll get a 100% refund when it is back here. He never replied.

What I did not email him about I will now explain here in this public forum:
He said
"it's just that one small area that is unhealthy"� which makes me roll my eyes and shake my head. The plant got a bruise from being handled - unpacking or during repotting. Yet this "small area" caused him to pick at it, etc., worry and email me. He should just leave it alone. If he can't leave it alone I'll pay to ship it back and refund 100%. Over the years 2 or 3 people have done that. In each case the plant was fine, grew huge under my care and provided cuttings to sell that far exceeded the cost of buying the plant back from the obsessing customer. City dwellers think their one and only Trichocereus is a statue �failing to realize it is a living organism with the intelligence of nature. A plant that will grow to the size of a tree. Yet the city dweller stares and stares at the blemish...as if it was an expensive piece of furniture ruined by a scratch.

The only true solution is to flee from the urban death camps of the 21st century where nature is lost in an ocean of mechanical toys, and endlessly mutating possessions. Sell everything you can and get out. Move to the quiet realms of the country, get closer to mother nature and let her arms comfort you. Hope this is helpful to you. More about this at:

Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011
Thank you for the shipment of healthy Peruvian Torch. They've been transplanted and are ready to grow!
Sincerely, Ken
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 / From: nnnnn@comcast.net
Subject: Re: My cacti arrived
Just wanted to let you know that my 2 Torch cacti made it all the way to MA fine - got them this morn. They are beautiful! They will be living in my sunroom since it's too cold around here at night. I can control their environment better in the house. Thanks, Carolynn

Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2011 /Subject: Cacti are doing great!
From: Christopher  <nnnnn@gmail.com>
To: bobcat@trichocereus.com
The cacti arrived in great shape and I'm happy to have them! No need to respond, just wanted to say thanks! : )

...she pushes her little bunny off into the desert and comes back to the bowl, whereupon this giant ass bobcat that lives around here pounces, carrie screams I look and run out, bunny jumping straight in the air, cat in the air...not as scary as the cougars out where I hike often,,,,, I live on the border of a national park.
Amazing cacti, as always, it's evident the plants love you,, the terschekii is quite interesting with the dark short spines, that will be a beautiful specimen whatever version it is,, privileged,, stout looking bridgesii,,,, the wild Andes are proving to be something incredible, the blue green color tone is something you can really sink into,,,really girthy,,,those are the plants that inspired my current project,, in a dream they said if I took care of the cactus, they would protect me, so far so good. Being back in the states has made me a bit of a socialphob, I don't get why everyone wants to kill the animals and planet, so this garden is really all I have here, a small piece of reality that's tangible,,,I could have bought a car instead I guess, anyway, you're obviously a large part of that,,,,the first small cache of test plants goes into the wild this week for the summer, been scouting locations for a year,mostly pedros I've had for a while,,,,everything I've bought from you is in full grow mode, I hope to put their next generation in some safe places, before the shitstorm really
hits us....there is a certain resiliency to life that I hope can be encouraged...Thanks so much for everything,,,
today we witnessed a true act of selflessness,, our bunnies (desert cottontail) come to eat bunny food at a bowl outside the porch door, down a few stairs,, one we've know 3 years, jagged ear bunny,, she's a supreme being,,, her daughter crooked ear and it's new little bunny were at the bowl at sunset, I try to watch out for them then, ,, they always look up at the door with a funny look if they're threatened to see if we can help,, was at my table drawing, which looks out the door, bunny looks up with the look, but I was distracted so I kept drawing, I even said hey the bunny is looking up at us,,, carrie was sewing, stops ,watches,,, bunny looks up again, still drawing, duh,,, she pushes her little bunny off into the desert and comes back to the bowl, whereupon this giant ass bobcat that lives around here,( biggest one ever , almost as big as Tyler) pounces, carrie screams I look and run out, bunny jumping straight in the air, cat in the air, ,,, run the cat off, no bunny hanging from jaw, but I think she got hit, never saw it after,,she new the cat was coming, moved her little
bunny , and came back to use herself as a distraction, full line of fire, I hope she's alive, I'm such a dumb ass sometimes,,,,,, scientists say after a certain amount of weeks mother animals disregard they're young, but really they love them for life,,,,,, I'm totally humbled,,,,

All bunnies accounted for this morning,,, really amazing,,, I see animal miracles regular,,,,,, I deal with that cat quite a lot, it's quite bold,,,,, not as scary as the cougars out where I hike often,,,,, I live on the border of a national park, literally, in a 50's era shack converted(roughly) into an art studio, by some sort of weird fate,, it's so fortunate, which I realize whenever I go to town, which is rarely,,,,,,

Thank you so much! Nice collection you have going there.
Living on the border of Joshua Tree National Park sounds like the edge of Heaven itself.


Rodentus Turekii

(right) Tattoo Tureckii 

SECOND EMAIL / Date: 6 Apr 2011
Hello, I sent you an email about my San Pedro cactus the other day and I thought I would try again, in case my spam filter, filtered out your response or if you spam filter, filtered out my email. I have a patch of San Pedro and Peruvianus. Two months ago when it was cold one of the 8' tall Peruvianus bent over on to another cactus from about 3' up(bent at 3') so the top 5 feet bent over and was leaning on another cactus. I cut it at the base, slanted cut, and will replant later. Just the other day it was hot and one of the 6' tall San Pedros bent over from about 2' up. Peruvianus bent in the cold and the San Pedro bent in the heat? There was no rot on either of them but a number of remaining cactus are curved. I will send a pic, actually I did yesterday I think.

I don't have a very professional email so sometimes people think I am spam. The have been growing in this spot now for 9 or 10 years. I live in Santa Rosa, Ca. If there is any advise you could give me. . . I love the pics on your website and they all look so healthy.

P.S. is there anything you can do with the flowers?
My Peruvianus are 11 years old from seed and have still never bloomed. My San Pedro bloom 3 and sometimes 4 times a year and I try to cross pollinate them but the must all be from the same mother because I have never gotten them to fruit, I have a bee hive and they roll around in the pollen and seem to get drunk from the nectar. Have an awesome day! Sean
Evil is boring. Cynicism is idiotic. Fear is a bad habit. Despair is lazy. Joy is fascinating. Love is an act of heroic genius. Pleasure is our birthright. Receptivity is a superpower. --pronoia

FIRST EMAIL / Subject: San Pedro Question / Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011

Hello, I saw your website, a few years back just as you were getting ready to move. You had quite a few growing just outside your window and it looked like they covered your window eventually. The pictures on your website were truly Awesome! You have mastered the art of propagation!  I have about thirty of them just outside my glass door, a mix of san pedro and peruvianus. About 2 months ago it was very cold and ( I live in northern California, Santa Rosa.) and one of the peruvianus bent over. It was about 9 feet tall and it just bent from about 3 feet up on to another cacuts. I ended up chopping it at the base and will replant it. I cut the stump at an angle but it was still cold and wet and it is pretty much rotting down the center. Two days ago, when it was very warm, 85 degrees, a san pedro bent over. I am not sure what the problem is. Neither of them were rotten. And it you look at the picture I have attached, I have some leaners. I was wondering if you had run into this before or if you know how I could correct it. You can use my pic if you would like. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you, Sean

Evil is boring. Cynicism is idiotic. Fear is a bad habit. Despair is lazy. Joy is fascinating. Love is an act of heroic genius. Pleasure is our birthright. Receptivity is a superpower. --pronoia
Yes- they fall over. It is just the mechanics of the thing - look at how they naturally fall over in these photos from Peru.

You can harvest the top of a column - but shouldn't cut the whole column. To stop rot when you cut San Pedro in the rainy winter: pour sand on the cut. Just Home Depot course sand - dump it on.

Sand blocks fungus from taking up residence on the cut - slows it down anyway. Will buy you some time until warm, dry weather when the cut will heal up on its own. During cold wet, winter the plants immune system is sort of asleep.

(above) My house and San Pedro in 1990
(below) Same view in 2003 - these had grown for years without fertilizer.
RE: I cut the stump at an angle but it was still cold and wet and it is pretty much rotting down the center.

You should never cut one during the cold rainy season. You could have propped it up/left it leaning until the rains ended. Also, never cut it at the base. Cut high up so it has tissue to photosynthesize for energy to recover.
RE: Two days ago, when it was very warm, 85 degrees, a san pedro bent over. I am not sure what the problem is. Neither of them were rotten. And it you look at the picture I have attached, I have some leaners.

Your plants look fine to me...doing the best they can.

Leaning & falling over is natural. Look at the 1920 Britton & Rose photo of T. Peruvianus in Matuacana, Peru flopping over. Leaning can also occur from too much water & fertilizer causing rapid vertical expansion without the strong woody core developing.

A top heavy specimen it is an opportunity to harvest the upper 1/3 to root as a new plant. Allow the base to grow offsets. Never cut the whole column off because the base will go into shock and take a year to recover or die. Never cut during the cold rainy season as cuts will become slimy with fungus and rot into the core. Only cut during spring-summer during warm, dry weather.

Give your plants the largest root space you can. If plants are spindly they need more light. If they fall over that may be too much water, too much fertilizer. My potted specimens are strongest & healthiest during the cold, rainy winter months when they are drenched with pure rain water. Heat stresses them -these plants evolved in cool, foggy equatorial mountains.
From: jorg kemner <jorg@chacana.net> / Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011

hello mr cactus guy,

i just found out about your website today and i love it immediately. When i came home from work i showed it to my cactii and they love it as well ;) They insisted i send some photo's of them to you so can show them to your plants.

They also like to thank you for showing their boss (me) how to make good soil for them. After taking the photo's i went out to get perlite sand and soil and i think they enjoy it. I was always told not to repot them into much bigger pots, but this time i did it anyway. I almost bought worms to start making my own compost, but that is maybe a little to much trouble for my balcony with very limited space.

Also they were hoping you could take a look a them and maybe see what they need to feel healthier. You say on your website san pedros can grow 30cm a year, mine grow a maximum of 2 to 5 cm and my (others) dont feel happy at all (i dont dare show them).

Once again, i love your website, and i will be looking around regularly. oh yeah, also i would like to ask if maybe you could interest one of your cactii to travel to holland to join my cactus pack. Could you please tell me what the cost is for travel expenses and packaging.

Thanks and a happy start of springtime ;)

RE: "They insisted i send some photo's..."
I talk to my cactus, sure, -mostly to compliment their growth, etc. But yours are talking back to you? Telling you to do things, huh? I have no experience with that. Nor can I advise you about growing plants in Holland since I have no experience with that either. That 2 to 5 cm growth/year is too slow. Find a local cactus collector who can give you advice on that? Maybe they need more light, larger pots, or more regular watering/fertilizing? Check with an local; maybe your water is alkaline, etc.
Hate to rain on your parade but this is not even a Trichocereus.

From: mike <----@live.com> / Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011

Hey, I really really really love my purchase from you man. The four peruvian torches in one pot. I repotted all four into a bigger pot.....they are so healthy and good looking, I am very thankful I found you on Ebay man. Thank you very much. I look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Mike B.
Thank you!

From: ryan <----@gmail.com> /Subject: thanks for your website
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011

your website is a wealth of information! today i acquired a collection of healthy unrooted cuttings from a 20+year old mother. ive been reading your website off and on for months in preperation and just wanted to say thank you. Its amazing how much detailed information and documentation you have about these cacti. i love the layout of the website and its clear you enjoy your work (cool cats too!)

thank you - Ryan Martin
Wow. Thank you very much. Yeah, there are a lot of hours in this site. An unbelievable (to me) 400+ pages.

Always makes me happy to share my love of these plants with the world. Glad you enjoy my photos & text.

By the way, I also have really cool dogs, too.

(above) 6 month old pure bred collie. She is not standing on snow. That is almond flower petals - after the spring pollination.

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 / Subject: Thank you! / From: Jamie <----@gmail.com>

Hello! I have being doing an extensive amount of research on San Pedro and I want you to know that you have one of the most sincere sites I have ever come across. I feel like you really know what you are talking about and that you have a deep respect for this cactus. I will be ordering my San Pedro from you in the near future. Thank you for all of your work!

Luz y Paz, Jamie
Thank you!

Dear Sir,
I received a cactus from you not two weeks ago, a strain that goes by "Fastest" on your site. I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed I am with my cactus. My opinion may not mean much, I have never grown cacti before, but this is a beautiful cactus that inspires me to love and take care of it. It is clear that you are a man who takes pride in his plants, and I take pride in the one I have purchased from you. I live in Missouri, so right now, I am ever vigilant for temperatures and sunlight which are suitable for Atlatl(that's what I named the cactus) so I can carry it outside to the sun and then back in as the temp drops. Everyone that lives here makes it a point to stop by and focus strong positive energy on the cactus, and I touch and check Atlatl a few times a day, trying to get into a habit of taking careful notice of the plant's well-being. From all I can tell, your cactus is adjusting well to its home here, and all of your care guidelines have been followed as closely as possible. This is simply a cool plant. It is already obvious that it is adapting well to the new soil, as new growth has begun and I received and repotted it Feb. 25. I took a picture tonight so I attached it to this email, because the cactus was really looking very healthy today. I would like to ask you three questions about this cactus which I hope you will have the time to answer.
1. What is your predicted rate/style of growth for this plant for this year? I am curious if the cactus will branch off at some point or just be one stalk.
2. How do recommend I propagate this cactus? If I have to do a straight cutting (if it has no arms by fall) when would be best to do that? Now so the new cutting has time to grow during the summer?
3. What information about this plant did you use to name it as a Peruvianus? I am curious because on your site, you say you didn't really know what cactus this was and then that you thought it was a Peruvianus. I am curious about the attributes it shares with Peruvian Torch, because a lot of the Peruvians I have seen look a lot different than mine.

Dear zircon6,

Got my cuttings, totally fantastic, beautiful, put em in the indoor garden soon,, thanks so much, I can tell they're happy cactus and were well cared for. Interested in most of your varieties, will be ordering soon, trying to start a genetic cache here in the Mohave....... thank you so much for your work, inspiring......

Thank you for being happy without a punch line of asking me for something.

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011

You are true to your words and all the reviews I read. Very refreshing in this world.

All the Best, LC
Thank you. Today I replaced the flag of Tibet that has flown for a year over the deck. It was tattered and faded. As I replaced it with a fresh flag noticed the two dogs playing with their fiery ball on the flag. Looking down from the ladder I watched my two dogs playing together on the lawn. Then I said "Thank you Dalai Lama. Thank you for the dogs, and my cats, and the cactus, and everything." As I put away the tools I thought "I should mail the Dalai Lama another $20 with a photo of my new dog Collie." He'd enjoy that.

My German Shepherd pointed out to me that the flag of Tibet has two happy dogs playing with their toys. "Yes" I said to Tyler. "It sure does. Just like you and Collie."

January 27, 2011

In fine condition as always,,, the big blue cactus, amazing,,, thanks for the help on shipping and all,,, everything helps me a ton,barely making this garden happen, but some magic must be in my favor,,,, thanks so much, I appreciate the work and kindness,,,,
You welcome! Sent from my iHeart

Rotting in England
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 / From: skn <iloveumaryjane@nobrain.com>


I was given these two cacti. they have no roots and one of them has rotted..so i cut it and let it dry. is this black colour normal? it turned black in an hour after the cut. What can i do for the other one so that it can root?

Thank you
(above) This is not a trichocereus even though you think it is...
Dear "

Mary Jane is marijuana; thus your email address proclaims a love of the short term memory wrecking weed. It amazes me that a person would use such an email address, but no matter. You spell color with a "u" the way they do in England. OK - so you are a British person who likes to smoke weed. The user name skn preceding your iloveumaryjane is similar to the British expression "Skin up - to roll a joint".

This is all very helpful to understand why you are emailing a stranger 6,000 miles away instead of asking the bloke who gave the rotting cacti to you. England is a cold & foggy climate in the North Sea with so many fungus spores in the air that the walls of some pubs (beer dispensaries) have mold growing on them. In fact I was surprised to see houses with thatched roofs instead of shingles when I last visited. But no matter.

The picture you sent is not a trichocereus - which is what the website is about. My pages of info about cuttings, propagation, rooting, etc. would take too long for you to read. Without short term memory you'd never remember what you read anyway. In fact, I'll bet you have already forgotten you found my email from a web search.

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 Christopher <*******@gmail.com> wrote:
The purchase arrived today and was great as expected! Thanks!
Thanks Verne! : )

My dogs smelled yours!
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 / From: Arnea <**********@yahoo.com>

Thank you very much! I couldn't believe how fast it got here and the amount of care you took into wrapping it. I will definitely buy again! love the little robot personalization :) I think my cats and shepherds could smell yours, they wouldnt leave it alone! thanks again!
Dear Arnea,
That is funny that your dogs & cats smell mine from the package. In fact, my cat Raccoony lays on the packing paper when I work - I have to jerk it out from under her.
Thank you for being happy.

Subject: All orders to date received !/ From: Paul

Verne, just got the monster torch in the mail, thanks so much for everything,,,,, being a full time artist, I recognize fine art when I see it,,, your medium is these cactus,,,, your style and technique are on a high level,,, the plants are happy and full of life, that says it all,,,,, here's to ya, hope your new year is great
Thank you.

Trying to start a genetic cache here in the Mohave

Dear zircon6,

Got my cuttings, totally fantastic, beautiful, put em in the indoor garden soon,, thanks so much, I can tell they're happy cactus and were well cared for. Interested in most of your varieties, will be ordering soon, trying to
start a genetic cache here in the Mohave....... thank you so much for your
work, inspiring......
Thank you for being happy without a punch line of asking me for something.
"A genetic cache in the Mohave" is a wonderful idea. I love that part of California; the desert is magical after winter rains makes it bloom. You are fortunate to live amidst such grand geological scenery. Desolate enough to hear your soul...

After this apocalyptic era runs its course It will be good to know you have kept that genetic cache thriving. In dreams I will visit from time to time to see my children mature.

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