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San Pedro House 1987—2004
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The greedy old landlord (age 74) sold this property to a developer and I had to dig up all my plants to move them.
Interestingly the developer gave up on the project and sold the land to another developer. As of 1-year later it was
abandoned and overgrown with weeds...NO TRESPASSING SIGNS posted...greed...greed destroys and greed kills.
Finally a new developer built 20 town homes just in time for the collapse of the California real estate market. Many
of the homes are unsold as of 2008. Asking prices is $925,000.00 for only 1800 square foot (including the garage).
(Scroll down to see the nightmare it is in 2008)
How time changes everything—Above is my cottage with San Pedro back in 2003.
Today, in 2008, there is a $900,000 town house built exactly where the San Pedro once lived.
The entire property today contains 20 such town homes.

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